Yulgang Global is an exciting new MMORPG based on the eponymous Korean comic IP that has over a billion subscribers worldwide. In this game, players will be able to experience the thrills and excitement of the comic series, while also playing and interacting with the gameplay elements. The result is a very fulfilling experience, which can also reward players for their efforts thanks to the game’s P2E model. In other words, gamers can not only have fun in Yulgang, but also make money in the process.

However, aside from the P2E model, Yulgang Global poses the same difficult initial choice as the one in other mobile MMORPGs, revolving around the timeless question, “What class should I start with?” Of course, this decision will vary depending on many different factors, mostly related to your own personal preferences and play style, but this isn’t to say that each class doesn’t have its own strengths and weaknesses.

In this guide, we’re going to talk about the eight different classes in Yulgang Global, their pros and cons, and our personal recommendations on which ones to choose based on your play style.

Warden – Frontline Fighter

Wardens in Yulgang are the typical beefy warriors with tons of HP and survivability, as well as plenty of abilities to excel when fighting against large groups of enemies. Their superior defenses make them a very beginner-friendly class, especially since players won’t be overly affected when making mistakes.

Yulgang Global Class Guide - The Best Classes in the Popular P2E MMORPG

If you’re looking for a class that you can simply leave farming without having to worry about surviving, the Warden would be a good choice. On the flip side, if you’re looking to deal maximum damage, then you’d be better off with another class such as the Sabre, Lancer, or Archer.

Sabre – Unsurpassed Melee DPS

And speaking of massive DPS, the Sabre is the counterpart to the Warden in the sense that, while it’s just as easy to use as our previous entry, this class is more about dishing out tons of damage rather than surviving. As such, the Sabre isn’t half as tanky as the Warden, but what it lacks in defense it more than makes up for with sheer damage. After all, your enemies can’t fight back if they’re dead, right?

Yulgang Global Class Guide - The Best Classes in the Popular P2E MMORPG

The Sabre is the best choice for players who enjoy DPS classes, but also like to keep things simple.

Lancer – Big Weapon, Big Damage

Lancers are arguably one of the most technical DPS classes, perhaps second only to the Assassins. This is because aside from dealing tons of damage, they also have some AoE stuns and other types of debuffs to help keep the enemy under control. This moveset merits putting some thought into the gameplay, which makes the Lancer a class better played manually than relying overly on the auto-combat.

Yulgang Global Class Guide - The Best Classes in the Popular P2E MMORPG

This isn’t to say that the Lancer can’t AFK farm just fine; it’s just that a player would probably be able to make optimal use of its skills, at least better than the CPU ever could.

Archer – Massive Damage From Miles Away

Archers are basically one-person armies that have a variety of different effects in their kits. From dealing tons of damage, inflicting crippling debuffs, and even summoning allies to aid in battle, this is a very formidable class. The problem with Archers is that they’re very squishy, so players need to always be mindful of their positioning to avoid getting overwhelmed when fighting against large groups.

Yulgang Global Class Guide - The Best Classes in the Popular P2E MMORPG

In terms of difficulty, this class is just about as complex as Lancers, but has the advantage of being able to deal damage from safe distances. In group content, Archers excel at being among the top DPS, as long as there’s a tank to hold aggro while they freely dish out the pain.

Doctor – Widely Sought-After Healers and Supporters

As the only dedicated healers in Yulgang Global, Doctors are one of the most popular classes in the game, particularly when it comes to group content. Their awesome buffs and heals are a very welcome addition to any party, though they’re a bit lacking in the damage department. Nevertheless, they do have some damaging skills with which they can get through the solo missions in the main campaign.

Yulgang Global Class Guide - The Best Classes in the Popular P2E MMORPG

In case it wasn’t already obvious, Doctors are great for players who enjoy a support playstyle.

Assassin – Crippling Poisons and Debuffs

One of the most technical and rewarding classes of the game, excelling not only at dealing direct damage but also at whittling enemies down with a variety of poisons and damage-over-time effects. Assassins also have other tricks up their sleeves like invisibility, snaring traps, stuns, AoE burst, and even effects that can reduce an enemy’s max HP.

Yulgang Global Class Guide - The Best Classes in the Popular P2E MMORPG

Though they’re quite complex and difficult to master, Assassins are the class of choice for those who enjoy a more technical playstyle. In other words, if you like thinking before acting, then this class is for you.

Warlock – Master of AoE

No MMORPG class lineup could ever be complete without a spellcaster class flinging deadly spells from the distance. And in Yulgang Global, this slot is occupied by the Warlock class.

Yulgang Global Class Guide - The Best Classes in the Popular P2E MMORPG

The Warlock’s kit is quite straightforward: they specialize in AoE damage with a variety of spells, and can also inflict many different debuffs and debilitating effects. This kit makes them very capable fighters on their own, but a much better asset when dealing with challenging group content.

Boxer – Quirky But Fun Unlockable Class

Boxers are a weird class that somehow offer more complexity than Assassins, but without doing as much damage, nor being as tanky as Wardens. They specialize in martial arts techniques using their fists, and can buff and heal themselves which, in theory, sounds great. However, both their damage and healing are meager in comparison to other classes.

Yulgang Global Class Guide - The Best Classes in the Popular P2E MMORPG

The Boxer is a class that you choose because you enjoy the concept—a beefy brawler that engages enemies with his bare fists, which admittedly sounds pretty cool. However, to unlock this class, you first need to reach level 60 with another character and complete the Abell training in the Kwarim Plain Chosungha.

What is the best Yulgang Global class in your opinion? Leave us your thoughts in the comments below!