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Z Day: Hearts of Heroes – How to Optimize Your Farming

Gathering resources is really important in Z Day, since they enable you to grow your base, recruit better units, as well as take on higher-level challenges. The problem is that there are so many things to do in the game – events and missions you can complete to get more power – that farming is not necessarily a priority for anyone.

Z Day: Hearts of Heroes – How to Optimize Your Farming

Take, for instance, the event that is taking place right now, Burn the Commandant. Taking part in it can give you so much value through the rewards in the event store that you really don’t want to spend your time farming resources. Not to mention that it’s also fun.

Z Day: Hearts of Heroes – How to Optimize Your Farming

And yet, resources can be a game-changing factor, so much so that many people start up one or two parallel accounts dedicated just for farming.

Farm for Life

Farming is basically sending your troops to a resource node, which they then occupy and start gathering materials. Once their resource load is maxed out, they return home with the bounty. You can get tremendous amounts of resources for your research, construction, and troop training by farming these world nodes. You can even find bot services online willing to take this part of the game upon themselves… for a fee, of course.

Z Day: Hearts of Heroes – How to Optimize Your Farming

You can’t really farm during a kill event if you’re over level 8, since you’ll be attacked by other players nearby. However, you can research various technologies in order to optimize how much you can farm at a time, when you wish to do so – basically, when you’re not busy doing something else, like hunting threats in order to get those mats for crafting gear.

Z Day: Hearts of Heroes – How to Optimize Your Farming

If you go into your research lab, under the Economy tree, you’ll see that you have Food Gathering, Oil, Iron, and Alloy gathering that you can unlock if you spend a bit of your time researching these. It might not seem like they’re worth your attention, but, trust us, they’ll make a huge difference for your base development later on.

Z Day: Hearts of Heroes – How to Optimize Your Farming

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You can further augment your farming capacity by means of the research skills in the Development tab. Here, what we’re truly interested in is Troop Load, since it effectively increases the total amount of resources your trained units can carry home, regardless of where it came from. If you pair the bigger load with shorter construction times, you’ll start to develop much faster than your opponents.

Farm Smarter, Not Harder

When you get into an alliance, you have access to Alliance nodes. These are significantly better than regular ones since 1) your troops are safe from enemy attacks while harvesting loot and 2) they give significantly more resources than their open-world counterpart. The issue with Alliance resources is that your group has to be a certain level for these to become farmable. We cannot emphasize enough just how important safety during farming is. Any stronger player can attack, obliterate your force, as well as take everything you worked so hard to get.

Z Day: Hearts of Heroes – How to Optimize Your Farming

Unfortunately, the Alliance has to be level 4 for the Food Factory and Oil Well to become open, level 6 for the Ironworks, and level 8 for the Alloy Plant. Consequently, it’s up to you to become strong enough to join a decently leveled group, otherwise, you won’t draw many benefits from being allied with that particular team. Also, only one of these can be placed at a time.

Z Day: Hearts of Heroes – How to Optimize Your Farming

Among your troops, some will be able to carry more resources than others. This also depends on the particular level of the building where you’re training them. However, as a general rule, the siege weapons and the infantry are capable of doing most of the heavy lifting given equal amounts of recruited units, as well as similar upgrade ranks.

One thing you should always do, though, is to store your resources in the Warehouse whenever this is possible. This is necessary both when you go farming, as it will maximize the total amount of goodies you can have at a time, as well as when you log off, since they’ll be protected from enemy raids.

Z Day: Hearts of Heroes – How to Optimize Your Farming

Another noteworthy way you can farm loads of resources is by joining rallies against enemy New Race bases. The higher the level, the more goodies you’ll get from them. When you’re attacking with two or three other alliance members, it becomes much easier to defeat stronger opponents, so keep that in mind when planning farming attacks.

Z Day: Hearts of Heroes – How to Optimize Your Farming

Owning Z Day with BlueStacks

As we’ve mentioned in our guide to playing Z Day: Hearts of Heroes on BlueStacks, the emulator allows you to run multiple instances of the game with the instance manager feature. Basically, you can have as many Z Day accounts running at the time as your PC can handle. The reason why you’d want to do this is to grow accounts that are entirely dedicated to farming, from warehouse improvements to building focus, as well as research lab initiatives.

Z Day: Hearts of Heroes – How to Optimize Your Farming

The best way to do it is to have the farming account either untagged or in a different alliance. Afterward, you gather as many resources as possible, take your troops out of the secondary account’s base and attack the latter with your main. When you’re playing on BlueStacks, advancing your base can be ten times easier than otherwise. More importantly, the farming account(s) are expendable. You don’t care about their troops or anything else for that matter. The main reason they’re around is to help level your primary.

Becoming a top general will demand all of your knowledge and dedication, not just in terms of winning battles, but also when it comes to proficiency in resource management and base building. The increased performance and functionality, both in-game and outside of it, make it so that playing Z Day on anything else but BlueStacks is simply not worth it. Better, faster farming is just one of the most outstanding examples of why this is the case.

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