Following a long wait, the heavily anticipated action RPG title ‘Aether Gazer’ has finally launched for Android and iOS devices. Crafted by the same developers behind hit titles like ‘Arknights’ and ‘Azur Lane’, Aether Gazer is set to be an anime-style role-playing game set in the dystopian future. You can also Play Aether Gazer in your browser on your PC or mobile without downloading. Click and Play instantly!

To celebrate the global launch of Aether Gazer, Yostar has announced a plethora of events that players will be able to indulge themselves in over the next few weeks. These events include login bonuses, limited-time missions, top-up bonuses, daily jobs, survey gifts, and much more.

On top of all the new events, if you’ve pre-registered for Aether Gazer in the past, you’re eligible to win even more pre-registration rewards including Ain Soph Coins, Divine Factors, and a lot of other enticing prizes. You can check the list of all pre-registration milestones and their respective rewards here. Now you can also Play Aether Gazer on Bluestacks in 120 FPS xperfmode.

Action RPG Aether Gazer Officially Launches on Android & iOS

Let’s take a look at all the exciting new events that the devs have got in store for the players.

Aether Gazer Global Launch: Events

Here’s a list of events that Aether Gazer players will be able to enjoy from the day of the game’s launch:

  • Sign-In Rewards: Players will be able to get free login rewards for tuning into the game for 14 days. These rewards include Modifier Scan Vouchers, Functor Scan Vouchers, and A-Grade Modifiers.
  • Course Missions: Upon logging in, players will get certain ‘Course Missions’ that they can complete to earn rewards.
  • Level Up Rewards: Players who hit level 60 will get the following rewards – ‘New Pact – Verthandi Intel’ and ‘Yggdrasil 5 Star Functor: Elf: Galadriel’.
  • Daily Jobs: Players will be able to get various rewards for completing certain daily jobs.
  • Top-Up Bonuses: Upon hitting certain top-up milestones, players will receive additional rewards.
  • Survey Gifts: Players who purchase C-obs will get 300 Shifting Flowers and 90 Shifting Stars per day for 30 days. Signing in a total of 25 days during the C-Obs period will further reward players with Exclusive Functor Voucher.
  • Contract Bonus: Any player who buys the Advanced Contract will receive Flurry – Leviathan’s Outfit “Back to School”.

Action RPG Aether Gazer Officially Launches on Android & iOS

In addition to these events, players will also be able to enjoy increased drop rates, limited-time outfits, and other exclusive items by tuning into Aether Gazer within the next few days.

So what are you waiting for? Get ready to download and play Aether Gazer on your PC and experience the game at high performance by simply checking out our guide on Bluestacks. If you’ve already been playing Aether Gazer but wish to further improve your skills, check out our tips and tricks for the game instead. Why wait? Play Aether Gazer instantly on your browser without downloading anything. Click, and start playing now.