Lilith Games have recently unveiled the upcoming v1.117 patch for their casual action RPG ‘AFK Arena’, and fans of the title are excited to know more about what the new update will bring to the game. As confirmed in a patch preview video posted on the official AFK Arena YouTube handle, the v1.117 update is set to introduce a bunch of new content to the game. From a new hero to some much-needed game optimizations, there’s a lot to uncover from the patch notes.

AFK Arena v1.117 Update Brings New Heroes, Optimizations & More

Without further ado, let’s take a look at everything that the AFK Arena Patch 1.117 is expected to add to the game.

AFK Arena v1.117 Update: Patch Notes

Here’s everything we know so far about the AFK Arena v1.117 update from the preview video:

New Hero – Daemia

  • A new Celestial hero: Daemia – Lady of Summer will make her debut in AFK Arena v1.117 update.
  • Daemia is an Intelligence-based Mage hero who uses her Floral Staff to manipulate the battlefield.
  • Her ult enables her to purify her allies while simultaneously dealing damage to her enemies.

AFK Arena v1.117 Update Brings New Heroes, Optimizations & More

Game Optimizations

  • Added a personal wall of fame that will display items likeBadges, Stickers, Skins, Animated Avatars, and Avatar Frames.
  • Guild Name Rank Plates and Avatar Frames have been added to the game – When a Guild reaches a specified level, they will unlock the corresponding Name Rank Plate and Avatar Frame.

Store Updates

  • The Labyrinth Store and the Legends’ Challengers Store have been updated to include new heroes and resources.

Other Updates

  • Added the Athalia – Harbinger of Truth themed narrative video, “Blade of Conviction: Chapter 3”. Players can check it out by going to the Library’s “Echoes of Time” and selecting the” Heroism to Behold” collection.

That’s everything you need to know about the AFK Arena v 1.117 update. If you’re looking to download and play the game on your PC, be sure to check our guide on how to play AFK Arena via Bluestacks.