Character Strength: A Guide to Units in AFK Arena on PC

Character Strength: A Guide to Units in...

As we’ve mentioned on numerous occasions, much of the entertainment in gacha games is derived from experimenting with different team compositions. It is this very experimentation that keeps us glued to the screen and coming back for more. That feeling when you create a team that can destroy absolutely everything that stands in its way cannot be adequately put into words. In that sense, we’re going to talk about exactly what makes a team good. Particularly, we’re going to address character stats, attributes, skills, and other individual factors about a hero that could potentially make them a good fit for a specific team.

While team composition is of the utmost importance in this game, and there are already suggested team setups  floating on the web, it’s vital that you learn to identify powerful champions on your own. In this manner, you can make your own team comps for all the world to see.

The next time you want to create your own awesome team, keep in mind the following factors:

Character Roles

In its core, AFK Arena is an RPG game , and no title in this genre is complete without the famous “holy trinity.” In this game, you will find three main character roles, including the sturdy tanks, the vital healers, and the versatile DPS.

The first role, as its name suggests, corresponds to those heroes who dive into battle head-on, gaining the attention of their enemies and absorbing their blows, keeping their allies safe. However, the job of a tank is futile—if not impossible—without healers, whose sole task is to ensure the wellbeing of the entire group. Meanwhile, the cunning DPS are heroes who focus entirely on dealing the highest amount of damage possible.

Some argue that the best defense is a good offense. In this sense, a party with good DPS has nothing to worry about defensive-wise as the enemies will be dead before they get the chance to attack. Nevertheless, it’s always important to strike a balance between the roles in your party. Too many DPS without mitigation nor healing would spell disaster for any group. Conversely, a party of pure healers won’t have the damage necessary to make a dent in the enemy’s defenses. Similarly, a group of mostly tanks simply doesn’t function since they are not designed for dispatching enemies, but rather to attract their attention and shield themselves.

Character Types

While roles in RPGs are something intrinsic in the genre—that is, not always explicit in the tutorial—most games feature another concept to formally classify their characters. Furthermore, depending on their type matchups, some characters might have an advantage over others. In some games, character types are divided into elements, for example. In AFK Arena, however, characters are divided into Lightbearers, Graveborn, Maulers, and Wilders. Each type interacts with the others in the following ways:

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  • Lightbearers are strong against Maulers
  • Maulers are strong against Wilders
  • Wilders are strong against Graveborn
  • Graveborns are strong against Lightbearers

As you can see, each type is strong against one, and weak against another. To create a good team, you need to strike an appropriate balance between your character types. However, these type differences are not limited exclusively to damage advantages as there are other bonuses that can be obtained from combining several units of the same types.

Faction Bonuses

Adding several characters of the same type to your team, despite leaving yourself vulnerable to enemies that can exploit your weakness, is sometimes a good strategy. This is mainly because, if you have at least 3 characters of the same faction (type), you will receive awesome passive bonuses such as increased HP and attack power. If you have 5 heroes of the same faction in your team, you will receive a whopping 25% increase to both attributes, which can usually signify the difference between life or death on the battlefield.

Most players spend their time in this game trying to create balanced teams. However, only the boldest players create teams that rely on faction bonuses to destroy their opponent, before they get the chance to counterattack and exploit their weaknesses.

Invested in the Wrong Character? Reset Their Progress with Gems!

As we’ve been mentioning in this article, one of the best parts about AFK Arena is experimenting with different characters to see which one is a good fit in your team. However, leveling them up and unlocking their true potential is always necessary if you truly want to measure the extent of their power. This investment is sometimes lost if the hero turns out to be weak or suboptimal. Luckily, if you were one of the unfortunates that accidentally invested in the wrong character, there’s a way to get all your experience and materials back.

AFK Army has a feature that allows you to reset any character back to level 1, refunding everything that you invested on the said character. This feature is available after you complete level 1-12 and unlock Ramhorn, the main hub. By visiting the Rickety Cart, you can interact with an NPC that, for a fee, allows you to reset any character back to level 1. It costs gems to reset a character, though, so make sure you have enough before proceeding with the transaction.

The reset feature is an amazing addition to this game as it encourages players to experiment without the risk of permanently gimping their setup. With this tool, you can even experiment with common heroes, and create wacky team compositions that can dispatch enemies in unique ways. The sky is the limit when it comes to creating awesome teams in this game.

What are your favorite team comps in AFK Arena? We’d love to hear your suggestions, so leave a message in the section below and help out the gamers that are struggling to create a decent team!

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