Great news for JRPG fans who also happen to spend time playing AFK Arena: The newest crossover that is coming to the popular gacha game will be with Persona 5, the latest and most popular game in the Shin Megami Tensei spinoff series. The AFK Arena x Persona 5 collaboration is bringing two new characters to the gacha game, as well as a special themed PvE mode where players can score all sorts of unique and valuable rewards.

In this article, we’re going over everything you can find in this crossover.

Two New Characters From Persona 5 in AFK Arena

The two new heroes that are coming to AFK Arena are Joker, and Queen. The former doesn’t come as a surprise to anyone; he IS the protagonist of Persona 5, after all. However, we’re curious to know why the team chose Queen out of the other characters in the Phantom Thieves. Regardless, both of these characters are fine additions to the roster in AFK Arena, considering how powerful they are, especially when used together in the same squad.

Joker is meant to be a DPS character with lots of AoE skills, while Queen is similar in terms of offensive repertoire, but with several additional support abilities. Furthermore, one of Joker’s skills is enhanced if he has Queen in the squad, which means that you’ll always want to keep them together whenever possible.

AFK Arena x Persona 5 Collaboration - Two New Characters From Persona 5 Are Making Their Way to the Popular Idle RPG

Here is an overview of Joker and Queen’s skills:

  • Joker

  1. Maeigaon: Deals damage to all enemies.
  2. Adverse Reaction: Gains a type-advantage over the enemy directly across from Joker at the beginning of the battle. When he deals damage to the said enemy, he’ll knock them down and weaken them.
  3. Concentrated Fire: Deals additional damage every few basic attacks.
  4. All-Out Attack: After inflicting control effects on a number of enemies, Joker will deal damage to all enemies.
  5. Widespread Attack: Whenever Joker uses his ultimate, his AoE and damage increase for a few seconds.
  6. Leader’s Enlightenment: Joker has a chance to remove any control effect inflicted on him every few seconds. This chance is increased if Queen is in the squad.
  • Queen

  1. Stationary Drifter: Deals damage to the enemy team multiple times and gains invincibility for the duration of the skill. The final hit deals increased damage.
  2. Freidyne: Deals damage and inflicts the Nuclear status to the enemy team. Those afflicted with this status will get stunned after receiving a number of critical hits.
  3. Attack & Defend: Increases Queen’s critical hit and defense every few seconds. This skill can stack.
  4. Ms. Post-Apocalyptic Raider: Deals multiple instances of damage, with the final hit knocking back and stunning all enemies.
  5. Edge of Death: Whenever she summons her Persona, Queen gains a shield that scales based on her max HP.
  6. High Morale: Whenever Queen attacks an enemy afflicted with a control effect, all allies will restore a bit of HP corresponding to the damage inflicted.

New Events and Themed Dungeons

Aside from the two new characters, which is already impressive enough, we’ll also be getting a new Pve Dungeon with lots of challenges to complete. The objective of the main themed dungeon will be to choose from either Queen or Joker, and to progress through many levels to unlock many different rewards and earn useful items.

AFK Arena x Persona 5 Collaboration - Two New Characters From Persona 5 Are Making Their Way to the Popular Idle RPG

The AFK Arena x Persona 5 collaboration event will be kicking off this December 30th, so make sure to login on that date and start unlocking everything it has to offer!