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BlueStacks Multi-Instance Features for AFK Arena

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There’s just something about these AFK/Idle games that keeps us coming back for more. Titles like AFK Arena belong to a special subgenre of gacha RPG games, in which the player can make steady progress through the story and in unlocking their different features, even without having much time to actively play it. This is mostly due to the fact that, even while offline, your crew of loyal characters keep farming and gathering experience so that you can power them up and prepare them to face increasingly-harder challenges.

BlueStacks Multi-Instance Features for AFK Arena

Suffice to say, AFK Arena has tons of automation features in place, and that’s without including the tools that BlueStacks offers. In this sense, it’s possible to reach even the endgame after playing only for a few hours, which is something mobile games can seldom boast about.

We already wrote about how you can use our BlueStacks macros in AFK Arena to further bolster the game’s automation. However, today we’ve come to talk about another of BlueStack’s most powerful features when it comes to gacha games, the Instance Manager.

The Instance Manager and Multi-Instance Sync Features

The BlueStacks Instance Manager is certainly nothing new, and if you have been gaming with us since the release of BlueStacks 4, then you’re already probably familiarized with it. With this tool, you can open multiple instances of BlueStacks using different Google accounts on each one, and access your favorite games from multiple simultaneous iterations. For gacha games, this means that you can play with different accounts and progress with each of them as you see fit.

BlueStacks Multi-Instance Features for AFK Arena

You can use multiple instances for many different purposes. For gacha games like AFK Arena, you could use different accounts for rerolling purposes. Alternatively, you could also raise several accounts to create a guild and challenge the game’s toughest content without relying on other players. Furthermore, you can fill your friendlist with your different accounts and send each other friendship points to speed up your friendship summonings.

Whatever your purpose may be, there’s always something to gain from using the Instance Manager. However, in the past, you always needed to manage every instance one by one, which can get old REALLY fast. Imagine doing the same boring daily quests, but instead of only on one account, you have to do it on two, three, or even four different instances. What a slog!

BlueStacks Multi-Instance Features for AFK Arena

Luckily, with the introduction of BlueStacks version, we implemented the Multi-Instance Sync feature. This powerful tool allows you to synchronize the actions you perform on your main instance, and replicate them on all your other active windows. In other words, while you play as you normally would on your main instance, BlueStacks plays for you on all your other instances.

Using Multiple Instances in AFK Arena

However, just like with our BlueStacks Macros, setting up multiple instances in BlueStacks takes a bit of know-how to achieve, as well as a lot of creativity to use properly. In this section, we’re going to list a few scenarios where you could greatly benefit from these features in AFK Arena. If you’re looking to excel in this popular gacha game, then consider the following:

Scenario 1: Leveling Up Multiple Accounts, Creating Your Own Guild

When playing on multiple accounts, most players opt for abandoning their weakest accounts and focus exclusively on the one with the strongest characters. This method is very common in players who reroll until they get a great hero in the initial summoning. However, in AFK Arena, there’s much to gain from keeping multiple accounts, including access to bigger challenges, trading friendship points across your multiple accounts, and much more.

BlueStacks Multi-Instance Features for AFK Arena

However, maintaining several accounts is tough, and it only gets worse as you add more accounts. Completing the same challenges every day is already a slog, and doing it on two or three instances is even tougher. However, with the Multi-Instance Sync feature, you can easily progress with multiple accounts simultaneously, without the added hassle of maintaining each of these individually.

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For this to actually work well, we recommend starting fresh with several accounts so that you can effectively sync your efforts. If you have accounts that are in different spots, you may have trouble synchronizing them to complete daily missions, defeat certain levels, and so on. Then, we you reach the point where you’re comfortable with your power, you can start your own guild and have your alt accounts join in, turning you into a one-man army that can surpass any obstacle without relying on others.

Scenario 2: Rerolling For Powerful Heroes

The main purpose of our Instance Manager in gacha games is to assist players in rerolling to summon powerful characters from the very start. When it comes to unlocking the best heroes in AFK Arena, it’s much more feasible to summon with two or three accounts simultaneously, than with only one and rerolling when you don’t get what you want.

BlueStacks Multi-Instance Features for AFK Arena

With the addition of the Multi-Instance Sync feature, however, rerolling has never been easier. Especially in games like AFK Arena where the tutorial is very straightforward, you can easily synchronize your actions on your main instance, and have BlueStacks help you to progress in all your other active instances, up to the point where you perform your initial summoning. From there on, it’s just a matter of repeating the process until you’re satisfied with the results.

However, as we mentioned above, there’s much to gain from keeping several accounts in AFK Arena. In this sense, even if you get good characters on one of them, while summoning average heroes in the rest, consider maintaining all of them so you don’t miss out on all the benefits. Trust us; your guild will thank you.

Scenario 3: Completing Your Daily Challenges In One Sitting

Regardless of your decisions in this game, you’ll need to complete your missions on a daily basis if you want to make steady progress. If you decide to keep multiple accounts, then you’ll need to do the same missions every day, but on several different instances. Luckily, in AFK Arena, the daily missions are always the same, which means—you guessed it—that you can easily sync your efforts across all your instances using the Multi-Instance Sync.

BlueStacks Multi-Instance Features for AFK Arena

For this to work, all you have to do is open all your accounts simultaneously, activate the Multi-Instance Sync, and just play as you normally would on your main instance. Thanks the BlueStacks, you can easily make steady progress on many accounts, while only playing in your main instance. In this sense, there’s literally no excuse not to keep multiple accounts as this is a great way to increase your power and gain access to many of the game’s challenges without ever having to rely on other players.

Scenario 4: Never Miss a Friendship Point

In AFK Arena, there are many ways to perform summonings for a chance to unlock powerful characters. One of these methods is the friendship summoning in which you can use your friendship points as resource to unlock new characters.

BlueStacks Multi-Instance Features for AFK Arena

You can receive these points from the people in your friendlist, up to a maximum of 30 each day. However, you rely on people in your friendlist hopping online and manually sending you the points for you to receive them. Unfortunately, in these gacha games, people come and go, and if they suddenly stop playing, then you won’t receive any points. Sadly, you really can’t control when or if this happens, but you can add your secondary accounts to your friendlist to receive a guaranteed amount of friendship points each day.

It only takes 10 points to perform a friendship summoning. If you have three accounts, it’ll take you around 5 days to save up for this, which means that you get a guaranteed summoning every week from using the Instance Manager and Instance Sync features. With these powerful tools, you can start depending less on others, and take your fate in your own hands.

The scenarios we mentioned above are only a handful of the things you can achieve by playing AFK Arena on BlueStacks. Your creativity and resourcefulness are the limit for how much these tools can help you in your quest to become the strongest fighter in the server. Feel free to share your own experiences with using these tools in the comments below!

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