Alchemy Stars – Eye of The Storm Event

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Alchemy Stars is currently one of the hottest global releases for this year. The game features beautiful 3D models and artwork for all its characters and a strategic yet fun to learn grid-based combat system. The game is not your classic run-of-the-mill gacha game but a well-developed game by Tencent Games. With over 10 million downloads globally, the game seems no signs of letting the players let go of the hype as they had just announced the first big event coming to the game since its launch titled – Eye of The Storm. The event is expected to bring some new characters to the game and diversify the lore even more. 

The new event is coming to the global version of Alchemy Stars on 7th July. The new event with the tagline “Fear, Pain, and Fury; where will they lead her to next” will be divided into the different limited type events, new characters Eve and Sinsa, and new exclusive event furniture. Apart from that, the previous targeted banner units Carleen and Uriel will be shifted to the mainstay banner. Let’s take a deep look into the event and the new things coming for Alchemy Stars.

Time-Limited Event Stages

During the period of the Eye of the Storm event, new time-limited stages will open for all the players. The requirement to access and complete these stages will be – cleared Main stages 1-16.

Players can access these time-limited event stages in 2 different parts – Where the Wind Rises and Homebound. A new concept of basic stage and challenge stage is introduced here in which Where the Wind Rises is the basic stage and Homebound is the challenge stage. Keep in mind that these 2 stages will not be available after the time-limited event ends. Let’s take a look at the timings of these events: –

Where the Wind Rises

UTC+0: 07/8, 09:00 to 07/22, 09:00

UTC-5: 07/8, 04:00 to 07/22, 04:00


UTC+0: 07/13, 09:00 to 07/22, 09:00

UTC-5: 07/13, 04:00 to 07/22, 04:00

Alchemy Stars – Eye of The Storm Event

During the Eye of the Storm event, players can get event currency called “Wrench Nut Emblem event token” for exchanging them for valuable materials in the Time-Limited Event Store – The Highway Store. The rewards included are the following:-

  • 5-Star Aurorian “Dawn” x1
  • Star Crest x1
  • Dawn Solamber x4
  • Volcanic Stone x1
  • Potted Dawn Flower x6
  • Thunder Crystal Cluster (2) x10
  • Fire Flare Tile (2) x10
  • Blue Order Box 3 (4) x15
  • Red Order Box 3 (4) x15
  • Green Order Box 3 (4) x15
  • Yellow Order Box 3 (4) x15
  • General Jasper 3 (2) x10
  • Jasper 2 Order Box (3) x10
  • Nightium (10,000) x30
  • Sublime (100) x20
  • Colossus Patch 3 (2) x10
  • Rediesel (3) x 10
  • Thunder Powder x5

Hence, we can see we can get enough materials to fully break through the event character Dawn as well as fully level her up. Apart from that, we can also use our extra event currency (if left) to exchange it for Nightium infinitely.

Log-In Rewards

During the Eye of the Storm event period, players can get additional premium currency as well as materials just for logging in. It is called the Convoy Sign-In in the official event terms and lasts for 8 days. These 8 days start from whenever you first login during the event period. However, these are available only till 22nd July so be careful to claim all the rewards within that time.

Alchemy Stars – Eye of The Storm Event

Here are the rewards: –

  • Day 1– Wrench Nut Emblemx500 + Nightium x5000
  • Day 2 – Lumamber x100 + Anonymous Gift 1 x2
  • Day 3 – Wrench Nut Emblem x500 + Recharger x1
  • Day 4 – Lumamber x100 + Anonymous Gift 1 x3
  • Day 5 – Wrench Nut Emblemx1,000 + Nightium x10,000
  • Day 6 – Thunder Powder x5 + Recharger x2
  • Day 7 – Lumamber x100 + Anonymous Gift 1 x4
  • Day 8 – Lumamber x500 + Dawn Blossom x1

Desert Bounty

These are the various tasks and missions assigned to all players upon completing which, they will be rewarded generously. Some of the missions and tasks are very easy and some are challenging. Players can complete these tasks to get rewards like – Rediesel Extract, Rediesel Essence, Star Flares, Jaspers, Rediesel Concentrate, and Special Star Flares. Some of the missions included are also related to summoning so be careful and try not to spend all your resources before the event even starts. 

Alchemy Stars – Eye of The Storm Event

Players can also get additional resources like Lumamber and Star Flares by completing all the tasks and missions in the order of 10,20, 30, and 40 respectively.

New Heroes Eve and Sinsa

The 2 new Aurorians available for recruitment are Eve and Sinsa from their exclusive event Eye of the Storm. These are the 2 main featured characters on the banner titled “The Red Eye Tempest Time-Limited Recruitment Banner”. Players can summon them with the base rate of 2% just like any other 6-Star Aurorian in the game till 50 summons. After 50 summons, the rates will increase by 2.5% per summon for summoning a 6-Star Aurorian. There exists no pity for a specific character but at least players who have saved up enough summons can be assured to summon a 6-Star Aurorian with the rate up. 

Alchemy Stars – Eye of The Storm Event

Coming to the characters, Sinsa is a Fire Thunder elemental type unit that is classified as a Detonator in the game. His skills are more relatable to a brawler-type unit as he deals more damage to units that are closer to him when he uses his Active Skill Sinsa’s Shatterstrike. His passive or equipment skill Killing Sand states that he can attack units diagonally and apply a Shatter mark on them which can stack up to 5 times. Each mark of Shatter reduces their defense by 5% of Sinsa’s defense and lasts for 1 round. His chain ability SplatterFire is just flat-out damage in a diamond/radial/max radial shape according to the number of tiles traveled on. Here are his skills in detail: –

Alchemy Stars – Eye of The Storm Event

Active Ability: Selects 1 tile from the 8 tiles in a cross shape around you and deals 180% damage in a fan-shaped area in this direction (the closer the enemy is to Sinsa, the higher the damage. Can deal up to 2.5x damage). If you select an outer tile, Sinsa will move forward 1 tile to cast this skill.

Passive Ability: Normal attacks can hit diagonally. Diagonal normal attacks, Active Skills, and Chain Combos afflict the target with 1 stack of Shatter, which stacks up to 5 times. Each stack reduces the target’s DEF by an amount equal to 5% of Sinsa’s basic DEF, lasting for 1 round

Chain Ability (4/9/13 tiles) – Deals 160% damage to 12 tiles in a diamond shape.

Deals 165% damage to 16 tiles in a radial shape.

Deals 165% damage to enemies in a radial shape to the maximum range.

Alchemy Stars – Eye of The Storm Event

Eve is a Thunder Fire elemental type unit that is classified as a Detonator in the game. Her skills are very short-ranged but she hits multiple times and very hard. Her Active ability Red-Eye Tornado hits the nearest target within surrounding 3 clusters 25 times, increasing her damage by 1% every time she hits up to 25% of all the hits are taken into account. This skill might make her very useful for boss fights are they usually have very high HP and can tank these hits. Her passive ability states that whenever she attacks either through normal attacks, chain attacks, or active ability attacks; her 8th attack will always deal additional damage equal to 100% of her attack to the nearest enemy. Her chain ability Lightning Ball deals damage in a cross shape/ max range cross shape/ max range radial shape depending on the number of tiles traveled on. Here are her skills in detail: –

Active Ability: Deals 50% damage 20 times to the nearest enemy within 3 surrounding clusters, increasing damage by 1% each time. Reselects a target after eliminating an enemy. After the casting has ended, stuns the last target attacked.

Passive Ability: When normal attacks, chain combos, and active skills inflict damage, every 8th instance of damage also inflicts 100% damage once to the enemy nearest to Eve

Chain Ability (4/9/13 tiles) – Deals 150% damage to 12 tiles in a cross shape.

Deals 155% damage to enemies in a cross shape to the maximum range.

Deals 160% damage to enemies in a radial shape to the maximum range.

Alchemy Stars – Eye of The Storm Event

That is everything covered in the Eye of the Storm event for Alchemy Stars. The game is still very fresh and released globally on the same date. The game is quite popular among the RPG audience and continues to grow. If you would like to learn more about Alchemy Stars, check out our blog section for the Alchemy Stars community. We recommend playing Alchemy Stars on a PC with BlueStacks using a keyboard and mouse for the best experience.

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