Alchemy Stars has just released their newest event coming to the tile-based RPG game titled “Sands of Time”. Alchemy Stars just finished their last event Aurora Aeterna and have announced their newest event Sands of Time with its complete PV and Trailer to go with it. The new event starts from 23rd December 2021 as stated in the notes released on the game’s official website which lists the details for the event and the new Aurorians coming with the Sands of Time time-limited event.

Alchemy Stars – Sands of Time Event

Sands of Time is the latest event for the Google Play Best Innovative game of the year awarded title Alchemy Stars. Players are excited as this will present them with the new Aurorians Bethlehem, Novio, and Lola which were teased with their silhouettes on the game’s various social media outlets. The game saw a simultaneous global launch in July 2021 and currently boasts an active player base of more than 10 million players. The latest event coming to Alchemy Stars features its Preview and cinematic trailer for the new heroes coming with it, which is becoming a standard for the Tencent backed RPG title. Sands of Time’s event description read the following – “Though time may pass without end, the past and the future will always be in your hands.” 

Alchemy Stars – Sands of Time Event

The event has already started and has all the stuff expected from an Alchemy Stars event – Daily Check-In event, Special Event Book, New Aurorians, and their Trials, New Event Stages and Story, and a lot more! Let’s get into the details!

Sands of Time – Time-Limited Event

Sands of Time is a limited-time event that brings with it new content and heroes as well as their story. This whole event will run till 13th January 2022 and start on 23rd December 2021. The event itself brings with it an 8-Day Log In/Check-In Event, a new themed story for the event, and new Aurorians. It will also bring a new Special Event book for this new event which players can complete to obtain more rewards. Players can also purchase the advanced rewards pages of the book by paying the real money via a transaction or keep the free rewards as it is. Sands of Time is a new type of event that combines the usual event currency farming as well as clearing the main story to gain more event currency. Players use the new energy called “Action Point” specifically for playing the main story stages of this event and can earn event currency called “Mistletoe” by clearing these stages. Each Action Point recharges overtime at the ratio of 1 Action Point per 4 hours and a maximum of 30 Action Points can be stored at a time.  The requirement to access and complete this event will be – cleared Main stages 1-16.

Alchemy Stars – Sands of Time Event

This event has an event currency store and redeeming store where players can exchange their collected event currencies through grinding stages for prizes. Players can do this by going to the event and clicking on the Cedar Market tab which will lead the players to the event exchange shop. Players can collect the event currency called Mistletoe by farming the various main story stages as well as event story stages in the Northland Journey. Players can further exchange this in the Cedar Market for juicy rewards like the event exclusive 5-star Aurorian Lola and her Solambers. Additional rewards include the likes of Special Star Flares, Star Crest, Holiday-themed Decorative items and furniture items, different colored order boxes, sublimes, and lots of Nightium. Let’s learn everything about the Sands of Time event in detail.

Special Event Book

Battle passes in games give players rewards at each level. The same concept is applied to “Special Event Record”. This book consists of different pages where each page unlocks a specific reward at every page. This book consists of different tasks which are further divided into daily, weekly, and event-related tasks. Completing them will give players the required task points to advance in levels in the Special Event Records. Apart from the guide for quests and rewards, new purchasable packs themed for the new event will also be available to purchase in the store using real-life money. 

Alchemy Stars – Sands of Time Event

In the special event book, players can complete several quests listed in the Event Book which will grant them Book EXP. This EXP will contribute to leveling up your Special Event Book. The book contains a total of 60 levels with each level requiring 1000 EXP. The quests are divided into 3 parts – Stage 1, Stage 2, and Permanent Quests. The Stage 1 missions were the ones that are introduced to the players during the currently ongoing event – Sands of Time.

Alchemy Stars – Sands of Time Event

Completing the event is included as some of the missions in the special event book, hence, a good way to combine 2 rewards is by completing the event itself. Players are incentivized by getting free rewards as well for the joy of our free-to-play players in the form of Star Flares, Lumamber, General Jaspers and skin for Nails called The Stoic Coachman.

Rewards

During the Sands of Time event period, players can get additional materials and premium currency just by logging in. It is called the Daily Sign-In in the official event terms and lasts for 8 days. These 8 days start from whenever you first login during the event period. However, these are available only till 10th January 2022 so be careful to claim all the rewards within that time.

Alchemy Stars – Sands of Time Event

Here are the rewards: –

  • Day 1– Mistletoe Event Currency x 500 + General Jasper 2 x 5
  • Day 2 – Lumamber x 100 + Nightium x 5000
  • Day 3 – Mistletoe Event Currency x 1000 + Recharger Pack x 1
  • Day 4 – Lumamber x 200 + Anonymous Gift 1 x 3
  • Day 5 – Robyn 5-Star Aurorian x 1 + Nightium x 10,000
  • Day 6 – Chromera x 5 + Recharger Pack x 2
  • Day 7 – Mistletoe Event Currency x 2000 + Anonymous Gift 1 x 4
  • Day 8 – Lumamber x 500 + The Queen’s Astonishment Limited Edition Avatar x 1

Trial of the Aurora

Trial of the Aurora is the challenge mission in the Sands of Time event where players can complete different tough maps to earn premium currency. There are no clear conditions except clearing the stage. Players can earn up to 50 Lumambers per exploration stage. There are currently 2 difficulties included in the Trial of the Aurora challenge missions – Normal and Nightmare. Each difficulty contains 6 different playable stages.

Alchemy Stars – Sands of Time Event

Players can challenge the stages on any difficulty and the recommendations are only given to give players an idea of the basic minimum expected requirements. All of the stages take 0 prism to play and can be forfeited at any time. Hence, we recommend at least trying to complete them to get bonus Lumambers. 

Cedar Market

As discussed above, the Cedar Market is the area where players can exchange their collected Mistletoes (the event currency) for generous rewards. The rewards include the likes of the event limited 5-star Aurorian Lola and her solambers to max her out. Players can see the limit of the items they can purchase at the top right-hand side along with the total number of Mistletoe they have. Let’s check out all the items listed in the exchange shop along with their price:

Alchemy Stars – Sands of Time Event

  • 7000 Mistletoe Each – 5-Star Aurorian Lola x 1
  • 4500 Mistletoe Each – Lola Solamber x 4
  • 8000 Mistletoe Each – Star Crest x 1
  • 2000 Mistletoe Each – Special Star Flare x 3
  • 3000 Mistletoe Each – White Reindeer Head x 1
  • 1000 Mistletoe Each – Mistletoe Wreath x 5
  • 500 Mistletoe Each – Red Order Box 4 x 3
  • 500 Mistletoe Each – Blue Order Box 4 x 3
  • 500 Mistletoe Each – Green Order Box 4 x 3
  • 500 Mistletoe Each – Yellow Order Box 4 x 3
  • 120 Mistletoe Each – Blue Order Box 3 x 6
  • 120 Mistletoe Each – Red Order Box 3 x 6
  • 120 Mistletoe Each – Green Order Box 3 x 6
  • 120 Mistletoe Each – Yellow Order Box 3 x 6
  • 30 Mistletoe Each – Red Order Box 2 x 12
  • 30 Mistletoe Each – Yellow Order Box 2 x 12
  • 30 Mistletoe Each – Green Order Box 2 x 12
  • 30 Mistletoe Each – Blue Order Box 2 x 12
  • 100 Mistletoe Each – General Jasper 3 x 10
  • 60 Mistletoe Each – Nightium x 10000 (Limit: 15 times)
  • 25 Mistletoe Each – Anonymous Gift 1 x 20
  • 60 Mistletoe Each – Sublime x 100 (Limit: 20 times)
  • 50 Mistletoe Each – Colossus Patch 3 x 10
  • 30 Mistletoe Each – Colossus Patch 2 x 20
  • 20 Mistletoe Each – Colossus Patch 1 x 40
  • 1 Mistletoe Each – Nightium x 15 (Limit: Can be exchanged infinitely)

Northland Journey

Main Story is aptly titled as it showcases all the background stories of Bethlehem, Novio, and Lola. Players can earn the premium currency Lumamber by clearing these stages and meeting the clear requirements. Apart from that, players can earn the event currency called Mistletoe which we discussed above is needed to obtain the rewards from the Cedar Market. Players can also collect Mistletoe by playing the regular main story stages as well as resource stages. Clearing Northland Journey stages are also very important for gaining levels in your Special Event Book as they make up a significant number of quests for the event book. Players can also experience and test the new Aurorians coming with the event while earning 50 Lumamber just for trying them.

Alchemy Stars – Sands of Time Event

That is everything coming with the Sands of Time event in Alchemy Stars. If you would like to learn more about Alchemy Stars, check out our blog section for the Alchemy Stars community. We highly recommend playing Alchemy Stars on a PC with BlueStacks using a keyboard and mouse for the best experience.