Alchemy Stars has just released their newest event coming to the tile-based RPG game titled “Ocean Sovereign”. Alchemy Stars just recently finished with their previous limited-time event Cloud Blossom Destiny and they are already started with their newest Summer themed event “Ocean Sovereign” that is now live. It introduces with itself new heroes, a new story, lots of freebies including summer costumes and is underway to be the most favorite event for all players.

Alchemy Stars – Beryl, Bonacie, and Fleur Arrive with Ocean Sovereign Event

Ocean Sovereign Event features new exclusive summer-themed skins for Vice, Eicy, Carleen, Uriah, and Kleken. Players can purchase the summer outfits by directly spending their LumoCrystals in the costume shop or by purchasing the new Special Event Book. This Special Event Book can be considered like a Battle Pass system where players have to complete several quests and they rank up their levels to earn rewards. Players can get tons of free rewards as well as paid rewards if they choose to buy the battle pass using real money in-game. 

Alchemy Stars – Beryl, Bonacie, and Fleur Arrive with Ocean Sovereign Event

New heroes Beryl, Fleur, Bonacie, and Pasola are available in-game with Bonacie being the free 5-Star event hero obtainable from completing different quests, gathering event points, and redeeming them in the exchange shop. The 4-Star unit Pasola is also being given for free from the Summer Check-In event which runs for 8 days and gives players lots of freebies just for logging in daily. Let’s see how the new heroes and events unfold.

Time-Limited Themed Event

Ocean Sovereign Event is a time-limited summer-themed event that starts on 19th August and runs till late September, effectively making it the longest-running event yet in Alchemy Stars. During the period of the Ocean Sovereign event, new time-limited story stages, exchange/redeem store, and event quests will open for all the players. The requirement to access and complete these stages will be – cleared Main stages 1-16.

Alchemy Stars – Beryl, Bonacie, and Fleur Arrive with Ocean Sovereign Event

We already covered most of the details on our previous Ocean Sovereign Event Preview, however, since then more details are here with the event being launched. Ocean Sovereign Event will consist of a new battle pass type system called the “Special Event Book”. This Special Event Book is divided into 60 different levels and can be leveled up by completing different quests available. These quests are divided into 3 different parts – Permanent Quests, Stage 1 Quests, and Stage 2 Quests. Permanent quests are available for the whole duration of the event while Stage 1 and Stage 2 quests are available till the time these Stages are active. Special Event Book contains different rewards which are divided into free and elite, with elite rewards being available only when you purchase the elite special event book using real money. The rewards including elite rewards are: –

  • Vice – Ray of Sunshine Costume
  • Uriah – Sea Voice Costume
  • Lumamber x1200
  • Star Flare x4
  • Special Star Flare x4
  • Coconut Water Sofa
  • Cool Jet Inflatable Sofa
  • Upgrade materials for Aurorians
  • Nightium x220,000

Summer Check-In Event

During the Ocean Sovereign event period, players can get additional premium currency as well as materials just for logging in. It is called the Summer Sign-In in the official event terms and lasts for 8 days. These 8 days start from whenever you first log in during the event period. However, these are available only till 5th September so be careful to claim all the rewards within that time.

Alchemy Stars – Beryl, Bonacie, and Fleur Arrive with Ocean Sovereign Event

Here are the rewards: –

  • Day 1– Pasola (4-Star Unit) + Anonymous Gift 1 x2
  • Day 2 – Lumamber x100 + Nightium x5,000
  • Day 3 – Prinny Voucher x500 + Recharger x1
  • Day 4 – Lumamber x200 + Anonymous Gift 1 x3
  • Day 5 – Prinny Voucherx500 + Nightium x10,000
  • Day 6 – Oracle Scroll x5 + Recharger x2
  • Day 7 – Prinny Voucher x1000 + Anonymous Gift 1 x4
  • Day 7 – Lumamber x500 + Masked Warrior Taki x1

Summer Crusin’

Summer Crusin’ is the official event story event where players can farm and collect the event currency called “Prinny Voucher” which can be later exchanged in the Tir’ Collezioni which is the exchange shop. Players can play these stages using a separate currency called Action Points which are full at 20 and recharges 1 point every 4 hours so make sure you are using them as soon as possible. This is the 1st stage of the Ocean Sovereign Event and lasts till 5th September, after which the remaining Action Points will be converted to Prinny Vouchers at a ratio of 1:100. Players can complete different stages to earn the event currency as well as get Lumamber. Players can also get Lumamber by trying out the new heroes Beryl, Fleur, and Bonacie in the Summer Tryout. 

Alchemy Stars – Beryl, Bonacie, and Fleur Arrive with Ocean Sovereign Event

The Tir’ Collezioni is the official Exchange Shop for Ocean Sovereign Event where players can exchange their collected event currency Prinny Vouchers for juicy rewards including the 5-Star Event hero Bonacie. Here are the major rewards available: –

  • 5-Star Aurorian Bonacie x1
  • Bonacie Solamber x4
  • Star Crest x1
  • MkV Model x1
  • Tir’ Hotel Surfboard x5
  • Blue Order Box 4 x4
  • Red Order Box 4 x4
  • Green Order Box 4 x4
  • Yellow Order Box 4 x4
  • Blue Order Box 3 x8
  • Red Order Box 3 x8
  • Green Order Box 3 x8
  • Yellow Order Box 3 x8
  • Blue Order Box 2 x16
  • Red Order Box 2 x16
  • Green Order Box 2 x16
  • Yellow Order Box 2 x16
  • General Jasper 3 x15
  • Anonymous Gift 1 x20
  • Nightium (10,000) x30

New Recruitment Banner and New Heroes

Ocean Sovereign will be a long event by Alchemy Stars own accord with it starting on 19th August and ending sometime in late September. With this new event, new heroes and recruitment banners are bound to happen and that’s exactly what was teased to the players. The new event will feature 2 separate sets of recruitment banners depending on the part they are going to be released in. The Stage 1 Summer Breeze recruitment banners include separate banners for both the 6-Star Aurorians Beryl and Fleur.

Alchemy Stars – Beryl, Bonacie, and Fleur Arrive with Ocean Sovereign Event

All the new Aurorians will be available for recruitment from their exclusive event recruitment banner. Beryl is available to be summoned in her limited-time recruitment banner “Crystal Bloodline”. Fleur is available to be summoned in hi limited time recruitment banner “Homme Fatal”. Players can summon them with the base rate of 2% just like any other 6-Star Aurorian in the game till 50 summons. After 50 summons, the rates will increase by 2.5% per summon for summoning a 6-Star Aurorian. There exists no pity for a specific character but at least players who have saved up enough summons can be assured to summon a 6-Star Aurorian with the rate up. 

Alchemy Stars – Beryl, Bonacie, and Fleur Arrive with Ocean Sovereign Event

For the units, Beryl is a 6-Star Forest Fire elemental Aurorian that is classified as a Detonator in the game. She is a great nuker for forest teams as she can deal massive damage to enemies in a particular area. Her damage increases when there are fewer enemies available with her acting ability. This ability also marks her current position and if her equipment ability is also triggered then she will perform this area damage to the marked position as well. Beryl generates crystals around her chain combo before the enemy takes around. Enemies who walk through these crystals will take damage equal to 40% of her attack and this damage will ignore defense. Let’s take a look at all her skills: –

Active Ability: Deals 250% damage to all enemies on the screen 1 time. The fewer the number of enemies on the board, the greater the damage dealt. Damage can multiply by up to 1.6x. Marks the current position after this skill is cast. If the Equipment Skill triggered this round generates crystals, the Equipment Skill is also triggered 1 time at the marked location.

Passive Ability: Before the enemy takes action, if Beryl has launched a Chain Combo this round, crystals are generated on tiles within her Chain Combo range for 1 round. When enemies touch her crystals, they take damage equal to 40% of Beryl’s ATK (this damage ignores DEF).

Chain Ability (3/9/13 tiles) – Deals 145% damage to 1 surrounding cluster.

Deals 160% damage to 12 tiles in a diamond shape.

Deals 165% damage to 16 tiles in a radial shape.

Alchemy Stars – Beryl, Bonacie, and Fleur Arrive with Ocean Sovereign Event

Fleur is a 6-Star Water Thunder elemental Aurorian which is classified as Sniper in-game. Fleur is a ranged sniper unit that deals massive damage to enemies marked by him and those that are under 50% of their MAX HP. He does this using his Active ability which marks targets and deals additional damage to them when he does chain combos. Also, if his active ability is ready for the next round, he will do a bonus 35% damage this round. His equipment/passive ability lets him deal 6% more damage to enemies under 50% HP and 12% more damage to enemies under 30% of their MAX HP. Let’s take a look at his skills in detail: –

Active Ability: Fleur deals 200% damage to 1 selected enemy and marks the target, and can damage marked targets 1 additional time when using Chain Combos this round. If the Active Skill is ready to last round, the final damage this round increases by 35%.

Passive Ability: All damage Fleur deals to enemies with less than 50% of their Max HP is increased by 6%. If the target’s HP is less than 30%, double the damage bonus.

Chain Ability (4/8/11 tiles) – Deals 145% damage to the nearest 2 enemies and 30% Splash damage to 4 tiles in a cross shape around.

Deals 165% damage to the nearest 2 enemies and 30% Splash damage to 4 tiles in a cross shape around.

Deals 180% damage to the nearest 2 enemies and 30% Splash damage to 4 tiles in a cross shape around.

Alchemy Stars – Beryl, Bonacie, and Fleur Arrive with Ocean Sovereign Event

Bonacie, the event farmable 5-Star Thunder Water elemental Aurorian is classified as a Support type in-game. She is a great supporter/ damage dealer type unit with the ability to increase her defense, give thunder elemental aurorians a boost in damage when they do chain combos as well as displace enemies in a particular direction. Her equipment/passive ability states that she gains a Divine Mark at the start of the battle or when she uses an Active ability. This Divine Mark increases her Defense by 120% but can be lost when she takes damage. She also gives all thunder aurorians chain combos a damage boost of 10% when this mark exists on her. Let’s take a look at her skills in detail: –

Active Ability: Selects 1 of 4 directions around the unit and displaces all non-boss enemies who occupy a single tile in the selected direction, while dealing 250% damage to all enemies on the board. If the number of enemies hit is 2 or less, this skill will be cast 1 more time this round.

Passive Ability: Gains a Divine Mark at the start of battle or upon using an Active Skill. While this mark exists, Bonacie’s DEF increases by 120%. This mark disappears once Bonacie loses HP. When this mark exists, the Chain Combo damage dealt by Thunder Aurorians increases by 10%.

Chain Ability (5/9/13 tiles) – Deals 130% damage to 1 row.

Deals 130% damage to 3 rows.

Deals 145% damage to 3 rows.

Solamber Dismantling System

Apart from the new events and Quality of life changes, a new system for dismantling the surplus solambers of units already maxed is here! The system states that after an Aurorian reaches max breakthrough then their additional Solambers can be dismantled in the Colossus Workshop for Star Gems and Stellar Gems. The following rules are to be followed while dismantling: –

  • 6-Star Aurorian Solamber  – 20 Stellar Gems
  • 5-Star Aurorian Solamber – 5 Stellar Gems
  • 4-Star Aurorian Solamber – 25 Star Gem

Alchemy Stars – Beryl, Bonacie, and Fleur Arrive with Ocean Sovereign Event

That is everything that is coming to Alchemy Stars in their new Ocean Sovereign Event. If you would like to learn more about Alchemy Stars, check out our blog section for the Alchemy Stars community. We recommend playing Alchemy Stars on a PC with BlueStacks using a keyboard and mouse for the best experience.