Alchemy Stars – Gram, Revy, and Allura Guide and Review

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Alchemy Stars, the hottest release from Tencent Games in the Gacha/RPG genre for 2021 is almost done with its current time-limited event Dunefire Strike. Alchemy Stars is a tile-based hero collector/gacha game which boasts its strategic gameplay with cute 3D chibi sprites of beautiful characters called “Aurorians”. Alchemy Stars always goes over the top for its players and community with its generous events and new content every month or twice a month. 

Alchemy Stars – Gram, Revy, and Allura Guide and Review

Dunefire Strike, the latest event by Alchemy Stars bought with it a new storyline for the event, new event-specific aurorians Gram, Revy, and Allura. It also bought with a new concept of Merit where players can easily get to the top of the rankings and collect their rewards, inherently getting rewarded for their grinding. Players can also get competitive by challenging some of the hardest difficulties in the Final Vanguard part of the event. This current hardest event boasts a minimum requirement to enter being Aurorian Ascension 5 Level 80. That’s quite the difficulty. In this article, we will give a brief overview of the new Aurorians coming with the Dunefire Strike event – Gram, Revy, and Allura. Gram and Revy out of the 3 mentioned Aurorians are available to be summoned through their special time-limited recruitment. Players can summon for them using the Special Star Flares.

Alchemy Stars – Gram, Revy, and Allura Guide and Review

Alchemy Stars gacha/summoning system is very straightforward and player-friendly. Banners are divided into event/time-limited banners and regular/rotating banners. Each banner uses up a different currency to summon – Special Star Flares and Star Flares, respectively for each type of banner. These Star Flares can be bought by using the premium currency Lumambers at an exchange rate of 300 Lumamber per Star Flare/Special Star Flare. They can also be earned via events, compensations, log-in rewards, and achievements in-game. As Gram and Revy are event Aurorians, they are available through their own time-limited banners. Players can summon them with the base rate of 2% just like any other 6-Star Aurorian in the game till 50 summons. After 50 summons, the rates will increase by 2.5% per summon for summoning a 6-Star Aurorian. There exists no pity for a specific character but at least players who have saved up enough summons can be assured to summon a 6-Star Aurorian with the rate up. 


Gram is Fire Thunder elemental type hero which is classified as a Detonator type. He has a high Attack of 3696 and an HP of 9603. Gram’s equipment ability states that he can grant himself stacks of Fury. Fury is a stackable buff that increases his base attack by 0.5% per stack. This Fury can stack infinitely but the effect clears after each turn. Gram can heal himself with his collected stacks of Fury at the rate of 5% MAX HP per stack of Fury. This Fury can be gained through his Active Skill. Coming to his Active Skill, he jumps to a selected tile and damages enemies in a surrounding cluster of 20 tiles dealing 150% damage. The damage increases by 1.5x to the enemies in the outer cluster. He gains stacks of Fury per enemy hit by this skill. This skill is also on a low cooldown of 1 turn pre-emptive. His chain skills are damaged in different shaped tiles increasing according to the number of tiles traveled. Here are his skills in detail: 

Active Ability: Teleports to any tile within 12 surrounding tiles in a diamond shape, dealing 150% damage to 20 surrounding tiles of the target location. Deals 1.5× damage to the outer cluster.

Passive Ability: Can accumulate Fury. Each stack of Fury increases Gram’s basic ATK by 0.5%. There is no limit to how much Fury can be gained from his Active Skill. This effect will be cleared at the end of each wave. For every stack cleared, Gram will recover for an amount equal to 5% of his Max HP.

Chain Ability (2/8/11 tiles) – Deals 170% damage to 8 tiles in a cross-shaped.

Deals 175% damage to 12 tiles in a diamond-shaped.

Deals 180% damage to 16 tiles in a radial shape.


Revy is a 6-Star Thunder Water elemental Aurorian which is classified as a Detonator type. She has a high base Attack of 3652 and medium/low HP of 8583. Revy’s equipment/passive ability states that she can stack a buff called Dauntless Heart. Each stack of Dauntless Heart increases her basic attack by 0.6% and her Active skill damage by 5%. Her normal attacks can also hit diagonally. Revy is a unique Aurorian that has the ability to hit enemies diagonally. This makes her tougher to the user in certain situations while easier to use in others where no tiles are corresponding to the enemies.

Alchemy Stars – Gram, Revy, and Allura Guide and Review

This certainly makes the game’s mechanics more diverse. Her Active ability is a directional hit ability that states she launches 3 thunder waves with each having damage of 250% of her attack. However, if the enemies are hit by the same wave consecutively, then the damage is reduced by 40% for the consecutive waves after the 1st one. Her chain skills hit enemies in a column with the columns increasing up to a maximum of 3 depending on the number of tiles traveled. Here are her skills in detail: –

Active Ability: Selects 1 of 4 directions around the unit and launches 3 thunder waves forward in a 3-column range, dealing 250% damage. After each thunder wave hits a target, subsequent thunder wave damage is reduced by 40%. Can hit up to 3 times.

Passive Ability: Can stack Dauntless Heart. Each stack of Dauntless Heart increases Revy’s basic ATK by 0.6% and Active Skill damage by 5%. Normal attacks can hit diagonally.

Chain Ability (5/9/13 tiles) – Deals 135% damage to 1 column.

Deals 135% damage to 3 columns.

Deals 150% damage to 3 columns.


Allura is a 5-Star Water Thunder elemental aurorian which is classified as a Sniper type. Allura is the Aurorian that is available to every player for free if they can grind up to the required points in the Dunefire Rankings. She is a Sniper classified unit with a base Attack of 3160 and HP of 8542. Allura’s equipment ability/passive ability states that she can obtain a buff called Blessing. This Blessing buff is stackable and each stack increases her active ability skill damage by 10%. Her bread and butter is her Active Skill that is on a 2-turn cooldown. Her Active Skill states that she does 200% damage in a 17-tiled radial shape. This is pure damage that ignores Defense. It also states that when Allura has 10 Stacks of Blessing, this skill’s range changes from radial shape to the maximum-radial shape. 

Alchemy Stars – Gram, Revy, and Allura Guide and Review

Her chain skills deal damage to 2/3/4 enemies within 3 surrounding clusters, depending on the number of tiles traveled on. She is a great Sniper class hero as a free-to-play aurorian. Her stats are on the lower side with her base Attack of 3160. However, she might do insane damage when her Blessing is stacked. She also ignores defense when she does damage, hence she might be a good pick against boss fights that can last long. Here are her skills in detail: –

Active Ability: Deals 200% damage to 17 tiles in a radial shape centered on 1 selected tile. Damage dealt with the selected tile ignores DEF. When Blessing reaches 10 stacks, the active skill range becomes the maximum radial-shaped span.

Passive Ability: Can obtain Blessing. Each Blessing stack increases Allura’s Active Skill damage by 10%.

Chain Ability (5/9/13 tiles) – Deals 165% damage to 2 enemies within 3 surrounding clusters.

Deals 170% damage to 3 enemies within 3 surrounding clusters.

Deals 175% damage to 4 enemies within 3 surrounding clusters.

Alchemy Stars – Gram, Revy, and Allura Guide and Review

That is everything to learn about the new Aurorians – Gram, Revy, and Allura that came with the ongoing Dunefire Strike event. If you would like to learn more about Alchemy Stars, check out our blog section for the Alchemy Stars community. We recommend playing Alchemy Stars on a PC with BlueStacks using a keyboard and mouse for the best experience.

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Alchemy Stars - FAQs

  • How to play Alchemy Stars on Windows PC & Mac?

    Play Alchemy Stars on your PC or Mac by following these simple steps.

    • Click on 'Play Alchemy Stars on PC’ to download BlueStacks
    • Install it and log-in to Google Play Store
    • Launch and play the game.
  • Why is BlueStacks the fastest and safest platform to play games on PC?

    BlueStacks respects your privacy and is always safe and secure to use. It does not carry any malware, spyware, or any sort of additional software that could harm your PC.

    It is engineered to optimize speed and performance for a seamless gaming experience.

  • What are Alchemy Stars PC requirements?

    Minimum requirement to run Alchemy Stars on your PC

    • OS: Microsoft Windows 7 and above
    • Processor: Intel or AMD Processor
    • RAM: Your PC must have at least 2GB of RAM. (Note that having 2GB or more disk space is not a substitute for RAM)
    • HDD: 5GB Free Disk Space.
    • You must be an Administrator on your PC.
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