Apex Legends Mobile is a popular character-based battle-royale game for Android and iOS devices by Respawn Entertainment. Since the game launched, the developers have been pushing various updates for Apex Legends to keep the game entertaining and exciting for the players. On 23rd August, Apex Legends will launch their next season Distortion, featuring a new agent and a new map.

Crypto – Apex Legend Mobile’s New Legend 

Tae Joon Park, also known as Crypto, is the new secretive legend introduced in Distortion. He has aerial drones to spy on his opponents and get information. He was an orphan who was abandoned at a very young age and joined Apex Games to track down people who wrongly accused him of murder.

Apex Legends Mobile Presents Hyperbeat Update with New Game Modes, Characters etc

Crypto: Abilities –

  • Passive Ability: Neurolink – Crypto has a surveillance drone that can mark detected enemies and traps within 30 metres of range.
  • Tactical Ability: Surveillance Drone – Crypto’s drone helps monitor the surroundings. It is capable of detecting battlefield hazards and enemies. 
  • Ultimate Ability: Drone EMP – Crypto’s ultimate ability provides an EMP blast resulting in shield damage, slowing enemies, and disabling traps.

Crypto in Apex Legends Mobile is redesigned from its PC counterpart. Crypto’s drone follows Crypto and automatically tracks enemies nearby for some time.

Apex Legends Mobile Presents Hyperbeat Update with New Game Modes, Characters etc

Crypto: Perks 

The following are the various perks that Crypto possesses in Apex Legends Mobile:

  • Hidden User: Crypto is semi-transparent while controlling drones.
  • Self Destruct: Drones that are destroyed explodes, dealing damage and slowing enemies.
  • Shut Down: The Drone EMP can damage the HP of an enemy but cannot kill them.
  • System Scan: The drone reveals the HP and armour of the enemy three seconds after getting scanned.
  • Salvage Operation: The drone can retrieve items.
  • Lag Bomb: The drone can launch an EMP bomb that deals damage to enemies and slows them.
  • Battle Adaptation: Players will get 100 points added to their EVO Shield after using the finisher.
  • Interrogator: The finisher reveals the location of your targeted enemy’s squad on the mini-map.
  • Restart: On using the finisher, the drone is instantly repaired. The ultimate cooldown is also reduced by 30%.

Other Updates 

The new update in Apex Legends Mobile comes with various other changes and additions in the game:

Apex Legends Mobile Presents Hyperbeat Update with New Game Modes, Characters etc

  • Kings Canyon Updates: The old Kings Canyon is back and features a new theatre called Pythas Theatre.
  • VIP Supply Bins: VIP supply bins are now present across the map. Players can open VIP Loot Crates to collect VIP passes and access crates containing powerful gear.
  • Changes to Ranked: The rank will reset for all the players at the start of Distortion season. The game will feature new ranked rewards for the skilled players at the top ranks.
  • New Battle Pass: The new update comes with a new battle pass in the Hyperbeat update.

Apex Legends Mobile Presents Hyperbeat Update with New Game Modes, Characters etc

Changes to Store Vault

The Hyperbeat update features changes to the Store Vault that will boost the drop rates for Eternal items. The drop rates increase as the players draw from the Store Vault to a certain cap. After pulling a successful Eternal cosmetic item, the higher drop rates will reset and accumulate as players start drawing from the Store Vault again.

What do you think about Apex Legend Mobile’s Hyperbeat update featuring the new legend Crypto and other changes in the character-based battle-royale game? Let us know in the comments below.