The New Hashashin Class Arrives in Black Desert Mobile

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Ever since its initial release on phones, Black Desert Mobile has only featured a handful of classes, at least when compared to the PC version. While its PC counterpart featured just under 20 classes, the mobile version had less than half of that when it first launched. Fortunately, the devs at Pearl Abyss have been slowly adding more classes to the lineup in BDM such as the Sorceress. And speaking of which, the latest BDM patch brought a brand new class to the mix, the Hashashin.

This is quite interesting for various reasons: Not only is the Hashashin a very cool class, but it’s also just released in the PC version, which means that it’s completely new for everyone. So with that being said, let’s take a look at the new Hashashin in BDM.

The New Hashashin Class Arrives in Black Desert Mobile

Hashashin Overview

Right off the bat, we can say that this is a very interesting class. Not because of his awesome looks; not because he can use sand in combat a la Gaara from Naruto, but because he’s an Ascended class from the very beginning. This means that the Hashashin already comes with his Ascension skills unlocked.

However, the Hashashin only begins with 4 skills available in the beginning, which may be expanded after reaching level 10. In order to acquire new skills, the player must first complete the story mission “The Boss, Red Nose”, which is fairly early in the game, and then initiate the “Remembering Power: Hashashin” questline. By progressing through these quests, the player will unlock new skills for the class.

The Hashashin fights using his Shamshir as his main weapon and his Haladie as a sub weapon. He dives into combat using a combination of martial skills and his mastery over the sands to confuse and assassinate high-value targets, and then gracefully make his escape.

The New Hashashin Class Arrives in Black Desert Mobile

Hashashin Skills

His initial skills are very powerful, but leave a bit to be desired in terms of sustainability. Nevertheless he offers plenty of offensive capabilities in the form of Super Armor as well as Forward Guard from his “Eye of the Storm” and “Whirlwind Slice” skills, respectively. Later on, he can expand his repertoire with plenty of other powerful skills with both Forward Guard and Super Armor, as well as cripple the enemy with stuns, knockdowns, and other types of CC.

His four starter skills are the following:

  1. Whirlwind Slice: Deals AoE damage around the character to up to 3 enemies.
  2. Eye of the Storm: Jumps up and crashes down, dealing multiple hits to up to 5 enemies. Can knock-up and bind enemies in the 1st and last hit, respectively. This skill has Super Armor during the animation.
  3. Geo-Pulse: Inflicts massive damage in the target area. Knocks up enemies on hit.
  4. Sand Saber: Emits sand blasts from his sword at distant targets. Inflicts knockback on hit. This skill has Forward Guard during its animation.

If anything, while we don’t really know how strong the Hashashin will be for endgame content, he definitely looks fun to play. His effects are flashy and impactful, and his general playstyle is very fast and engaging. And the fact that he starts off already ascended gives us lots of incentives to just jump in and start leveling up.

What do you think of the new Hashashin in BDM? Let us know your thoughts in the section below!

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