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Black Desert Mobile: The Complete Guide to Character Improvement

As we’ve already mentioned in our list of tips and tricks for beginners, the most significant way to improve your character in Black Desert Mobile is to increase his or her CP (Combat Power). If you’ve downloaded the latest version of BlueStacks ( and installed the game on your PC, you’re one step closer to faster progression. Beyond this, however, there are over a dozen different things you can do to boost your CP quickly.

Black Desert Mobile: The Complete Guide to Character Improvement

In what follows, we’ll go over some of the most common character upgrades. Some of these are hero-specific, such as the different skill levels, but others are shared between all the heroes in the same family (on the same server). The latter are particularly important because they allow you to level multiple characters with greater ease.

Level Up Quickly

Like with most mobile MMORPGs, your level determines what content you can access in Black Desert Mobile. Levelling up your character is not only a direct way to gain CP, but also a way to unlock new activities and skills that can then offer even more boosts.

Of course, levelling up quickly is easier said than done. If you ever get stuck on your adventure, don’t forget to check out our guide to XP gain for a few ideas on what to do next.

Improve Your Character’s Skills

One of the best ways to increase your character’s CP is to upgrade their class-specific skills. You can do this from the Skills menu, which you will find at the top of the screen, but you’ll need more than just Silver to complete an upgrade. If most MMORPGs require nothing but a high level and a ton of soft currency to max out your character’s skills, BDM also asks you to acquire and use books that are specific to certain abilities.

Black Desert Mobile: The Complete Guide to Character Improvement

For example, if you want to level up your Valkyrie’s Shield Throw, you need both Silver and an increasing number of Basic and Advanced Shield Throw Skillbooks. Although you can get a modest number of such books from quests, the best way to obtain them is to farm monsters that are weak enough to die without chipping away at your health, but still high-level enough to drop loot. Getting enough Skillbooks can take hours on end, so feel free to let your character farm while you run the game in the background, on BlueStacks.

Obtain Better Gear

Gear is the second-best way to boost your CP quickly, but, like character skills, it requires a lot of work. You can obtain modest pieces of gear simply by farming monsters in the world, but the chances of getting a rare item this way are extremely slim.

Black Desert Mobile: The Complete Guide to Character Improvement

Your most reliable source of decent gear will be Shakatu’s Gear Shop, where you will be able to trade Ancient Coins for a shot at a high rarity item each day. To obtain Ancient Coins, use as many Stamps as you can to start Boss Rushes from inside your Camp. The higher the difficulty of the boss, the more coins you can get per run. The same holds true for Ancient Ruins, although you’ll need a party to access these.

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Black Desert Mobile: The Complete Guide to Character Improvement

Find and Fuse Better Crystals

Most of your items can be embedded with one or two Crystals, depending on the item’s rarity. Provided that you use +ATK crystals, this is yet another way to quickly boost your CP. The reason you want to use +ATK crystals rather than anything else is because this maximizes the item’s contribution to your CP. As you know already, gear adds to your character’s CP mainly through ATK and DEF stats.

Black Desert Mobile: The Complete Guide to Character Improvement

Crystals can be obtained from the shop, Boss Rushes, Ancient Ruins, as well as in the Alchemy Lab at your Camp. To get better graded crystals, all you have to do is to fuse same-grade crystals and hope for a lucky result. Needless to say, you’ll waste hundreds of green crystals before your gear is properly embedded.

Find and Fuse Better Lightstones

Lightstones are 4-part artefacts that provide a CP boost and a number of little perks when slotted. Their effects can range from higher success rate during Crystal fusion to less expensive gear enhancement, as well as more damage from your Black Spirit during combat.

Black Desert Mobile: The Complete Guide to Character Improvement

Like Crystals, Lightstones can be obtained from the shop or from defeating powerful bosses. They can also be fused into better-graded Lightstones, but the chance of this happening is fairly small.

Feed Your Black Spirit

This is also a great way to improve your character’s CP. Although feeding your Black Spirit does not necessarily provide the highest boost, it does share this boost across all the heroes in a single family.

Black Desert Mobile: The Complete Guide to Character Improvement

In other words, if you have levelled your Black Spirit to 30 on your main character, the generous CP boost will apply to any secondary character you create on the same server. This is a great way to transfer some of your prowess to your alts, which can then help you defeat particularly difficult story bosses that are more suited to their class.

Gain More Knowledge

The Knowledge System is an important source of CP in Black Desert Mobile. You can gain more Knowledge in a number of different ways. These include meeting new NPCs, discovering new areas, defeating powerful bosses, but also killing a given number of regular mobs.

Black Desert Mobile: The Complete Guide to Character Improvement

One handy thing to do when you visit any new town is to check the list next to your map. Any NPC with a book displayed by his or her name will give you Knowledge if you talk to them. Making sure to talk to all such NPCs in every town you visit will save you lots of time in the long run because you won’t be forced to return to all the low-level towns to do this in one go.

When you start playing Black Desert Mobile on PC, these are the most important methods that you can use to quickly boost your Combat Power. Once you gain more levels, however, you’ll find more complex ways to improve your character and obtain better gear. Don’t forget about your Camp along the way because upgrading your buildings and levelling your workers can also add to your character’s overall power!

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