Call of Duty: Mobile Season 3, Tokyo Escape, is in its second half. The first half saw the release of popular maps and Epic blueprint additions along with Legendary level in-game lucky draws. Similarly, the second half also brought new exciting events, featured multiplayer mode additions, and new Legendary items. Since Call of Duty: Mobile is marching towards the closure of Season 3, there have been new community updates that have teased various upcoming additions in Season 3 and Season 4. Here are the details and reveals that were the primary focus of the latest community update.

The Updated Public Test Build

Call of Duty: Mobile latest update brings Tank Battle Mode, New Seasonal Challenges, and more

Activision revealed Public Test Build for the upcoming Call of Duty: Mobile Season 4 in the previous community update. The main focus of the Test Build was to gather user feedback from more than 30k users regarding the new features and additions, apart from the other optimizations that will make their way to the game in the next season. 

The same Public Test Build will go offline soon, and the developers have provided the players with another opportunity to join its updated version via new links for more updated features added this week. As the Test Build ends, developers will delete all the saved user data taken during the testing period. The exact end date has not been revealed yet; however, it will end this week.

New Multiplayer Modes 

Every week features new Featured MP Modes, and this week, four new MP modes made their way to the Call of Duty: Mobile; here’s the list of them:

  1. Group Combat: Playable from May 5 to May 11 (UTC)

Maps: King, Reclaim, Saloon, Pine, and Gulag

  1. Capture the Flag: Playable from May 5 to May 13 (UTC)

Maps: Shipment and Shoot house

  1. Swords and Stones: Playable from May 5 to May 13 (UTC)

Maps: King, Reclaim, Rust, Shipment, and Nuketown Russia

  1. Shoot the Ship 24/7: Playable from May 5 to May 13 (UTC)

Maps: Raid, Standoff, Rust, Hijacked, Highrise, and Crash

New Events

Call of Duty: Mobile saw the dawn of new seasonal and featured events this week, with one of them featuring the much-awaited secondary weapon, Renetti Pistol. The list of the latest events is as follows:

Seasonal Events

  1. Royale Fanatic Seasonal Challenge: Valid from May 5, 2021.

All of the missions are to be completed in Battle Royale, with the task varying from playing Battle Royale matches to earning specific in-game medals and winning games in BR Mode. 

Missions and Rewards:

  • Weapon XP Card x5, Battle Pass XP x1000 – Survive for 25 minutes in Battle Royale
  • Mechanic – Paper Star, Battle Pass XP x2000 – Enter the top 18 in BR 5 times
  • Clown – Paper Star, Battle Pass XP x3000 – Enter the top 15 in BR 4 times
  • Boat – Paper Star, Battle Pass XP x4000 – Earn 30 medals in BR matches
  • Calling Card – Surf’s Up, Battle Pass XP x4000 – Earn Pacifist Medal twice in BR matches
  • HVK-30 – Birthstone, Credits x1000 – Enter the top 3 in BR once
  1. Quick Hands Seasonal Challenge: Valid from May 7, 2021.

The event features Renetti Pistol as a significant reward and can be earned by completing Pistol related missions like killing enemies with MW11 or J358 with specific attachments equipped. 

Missions and Rewards: 

  • 200 Credits and 1,000 Battle XP – Play three matches in any mode: 
  • Knife – Paper Star and 1,000 Battle XP – Kill 15 enemies with pistols 
  • Spray – Dragon Delight and 2,000 Battle Pass XP – Kill 30 enemies with any MW-11 equipped with the FMJ Perk and four other attachments (FMJ is added in the gunsmith menu)
  • Avatar – Mecha and 4,000 Battle Pass XP – Kill 30 enemies with a pistol equipped with four attachments
  • ICR-1 – Birthstone and 4000 Battle Pass XP – Kill five enemies with headshots using pistols equipped with three attachments
  • Renetti and 6,000 Battle Pass XP – Win seven MP matches with any J358 equipped (The J358 must be equipped in-hand at the end of the match): 

Renetti Pistol’s Stats:

  • Damage: 43
  • Fire Rate: 46
  • Accuracy: 64
  • Mobility: 107
  • Control: 42
  • Range: 42

The gun features burst fire mode, and it is more than enough to kill off enemies quickly in close-range combat.

Featured Modes and Events

  1. Swords and Stones: Mode is available from May 5 to May 13 (UTC)

Evident by the name, players can pursue the event’s tasks only in the new MP mode, Swords and Stones. The updated mode has added katanas, and along with this, it features only melee weapons and grenades along with the operator skill – Sparrow available to pick from care packages. The player taking the maximum number of kills wins the game.

All of the tasks in this event are about finishing off a certain number of enemies in a certain way and playing matches in the Swords and Stones playlist. Players will need mastery in Melee weapons to complete these missions.


  • Weapon XP cards
  • Credits, M4 – Paper Star
  • Street Trouble Sticker
  • Baseball Bat – Birthstone
  1. Class Act: Event valid from May 5 to May 13 (UTC)

All of the tasks in the Class Act event are executable in MP or BR Ranked matches. Missions vary from killing a specific number of enemies to firing a particular number of bullets.


  • Weapon XP cards
  • Credits
  • Side Scale skins for Backpack 1 and Arctic .50 sniper.

New BR Mode

Apart from additions in MP mode, Battle Royale mode has also featured a new mode called the ‘Tank Battle’ mode featuring the ‘Isolated’ BR map. The temporary BR mode is valid till May 13, 2021 (UTC).

Legendary Mace Character

Call of Duty: Mobile latest update brings Tank Battle Mode, New Seasonal Challenges, and more

Another legendary level lucky draw featuring second-ever Legendary Character Mace – Final Guard has made its way to Call of Duty: Mobile. The Forged Steel Draw features a total of ten items with different rarity and odds. Each item can be procured only once from the prize pool and will cost a random price in accordance with its odds in the prize pool.

Items of the Lucky Draw

  • Mace – Final Guard
  • Renetti – Metal Phantom
  • DR-H – Metallurgy
  • ‘Now What?’ emote
  • Wingsuit – Metallurgy
  • Axe – Metallurgy
  • ‘Into the Fire’ calling card
  • Backpack 3 – Metallurgy
  • The charm of ‘Memoriam.’ 
  • Combat axe – Metallurgy

Legendary Character Mace – Final Guard consists of similar features to the previous legendary character Dark Nikto. Along with getting Mace – Final Guard, players will also get an AR watch to broadcast kill count, customized loot boxes in BR, a customized skin for scorestreak predatory missile, and a unique pose for BR Mode drop.

Credit Store Update

Call of Duty: Mobile latest update brings Tank Battle Mode, New Seasonal Challenges, and more

The new Credit Store update includes a bunch of new in-game items that players can buy with an exchange of credits. Here are the latest additions that have been made to the Credit Store:

  • M4 – Color Process
  • Sticker – Cleaved
  • Charm – Sushi
  • Functional Grenade: Thermite
  • DR-H – Revolt (Epic weapon Blueprint)

500 Million Downloads

Call of Duty: Mobile recently hit a milestone of 500 downloads since its launch back in 2019. As a thank you gift from the developers, players were sent rewards that can be claimed from the in-game mails.

User Feedback

After the previous community update, developers received various inquiries about various in-game changes and future updates. Activision has revealed some updates regarding a few of them:

Accessible Sword 

An event later in Season 3 might feature a sword as a reward, as promised by developers previously. A Seasonal event might arrive next week or before the event of Season 3 featuring Hachi.

Season 4 Update 

Call of Duty: Mobile Season 4 update will arrive in the upcoming weeks, including new weapon balance changes revealed in the previous community update and a lot of new features, including maps, modes, and more.

Unique Helmets/Body Items 

Call of Duty: Mobile has rarely featured the unique helmets and torso or body attachments till date. This time, Activision is planning to add a new helmet along with body attachments that players once saw on Firebreak Operator.

Bug Reports and Fixes

There have been a few bug reports from the users which have either been taken into account or fixed. 

Monthly Calendar Bug

The bug related to Day 6 of the in-game calendar reward redemption has been fixed, and now users can easily claim their rewards.

In-Game Text Issues

There was an issue with in-game texts for various languages, and the same has been fixed now as per the users’ feedback.

Radioactive Agent Redemption: Warzone Tokens 

A number of users reported that they had not received the Warzone Token for the time-limited event Radioactive Agent Redemption. Developers took the reports into account and have sent the tokens to the users who had previously made the claims, despite the ending of the event.