Epic Seven’s latest February update sees the release of a special side story, Bittersweet Dessert Festival Week 2, which features heroes from Ritania and Cidonia as part of the bittersweet story, with the said heroes taking part in a special festival that takes place in Perland.

Epic Seven release special Side Story in Bittersweet Dessert Festival Week 2 update

Players can access the special side story once they complete the ‘Food Comes First’ stage in Chapter 1 in Easy difficulty. The side story will unlock Crozet & Jena and Elena & Ray routes while also giving the players access to two new albums.

The Week 2 event currency is the Scavenger Hunt Treasure, which is related to a treasure used in the Scavenger hunt game that Crozet partakes in, with players able to earn this event currency throughout Week 2.

There are buffs to certain heroes and Artifacts as well in this Epic Seven update. The likes of Vivian, Elena, Pavel and Cerise have received a 50% increase in their Attack, Health and Defence while a 30% increase has been provided to the Health and Attack of Khawana, Cidd, Crozet, Jena, Ains and Tamarinne. 5 star artifact Guiding Light and 4 star artifact Golden Cocoa Cookie have received enhancements in the way that players who equip these artifacts will earn additional event currency depending on the level the artifact manages to reach, with Guiding Light providing a maximum of 70% increase in event currency revenue and Golden Cocoa, a maximum increase of 40%. Also, the players can equip the said artifacts without incurring any fee.

Story Stages will neither require any Energy to enter into nor will they provide the players any event currency upon completion of the said stage. Your choices made during the Story Forks will help you unlock one Story Stage. However, players are free to go back and choose different options to unlock a different Story Stage after completing the conditions of the previously unlocked Story Stage. Players can also select varying levels of difficulty for each Stage once they cross the previous level of difficulty. There is a Goblin Challenge as well that will be unlocked once players complete all the stages available in the Second Chapter of the Bittersweet Festival.

Epic Seven release special Side Story in Bittersweet Dessert Festival Week 2 update

There is a limited-time Valentine Pet release wherein players can choose from 8 different Bittersweet pets right in time for the Dessert Festival in Cidonia. Players can avail the pets by going to the Pet House and clicking on Adopt. The species of pets available are as follows:

Mousemallow (Lobby Type): Cream Cheese, Smoked Cheese, Blue Cheese (Normal Pets); Mac n Cheese (Special Pets)

Cupid (Battle Type): Amoria, Ergonia, Petisia (Normal Pets); Fantasia (Special Pets)

Exclusive Equipments have been released for 5 star Pavel and 4 star Clarissa. Pavel has received a Silver Belt of Determination that, when equipped, gives Pavel a chance to deal a Critical Hit between 6-12%. Clarissa has received the Hidden Nature Mace that, when applied to the hero, gives an Attack buff between the range of 7-14%. These Equipments can be equipped by the players at the Hall of Trials Exchange using Wisdom’s Gaze. Once purchased, the effects of the exclusive equipments will be applied randomly to the respective heroes. There are exclusive Equipments for 5 star Mui and 4 star Assassin Coli will be added to the Alchemist’s Steeple.

Epic Seven release special Side Story in Bittersweet Dessert Festival Week 2 update

The latest Drop Rate Up event welcomes Fire Elemental Mage Tenebria, inflicter of powerful debuffs and Crimson Moon of Nightmares, an Artifact that can equip players with a Dual Attack chance.

There are some Quality of Life changes as well, with several improvements and additions done to voice lines of heroes like Charles, Mort, Seaside Bellona, Alencia, Baal & Sezan, Kayron and Magic Scholar Doris. Issues caused while switching media pack from English to Japanese have also been resolved.

An Artifact Usage status page will be added to the screen to make it easier for players to equip and/or unequip Artifacts. There are miscellaneous Battle changes, changes to Monsters and more in this update.

Changes to monsters include Faithful Hunting Dog’s Powerful Roar, which will now be correctly displayed as a passive skill. Issues plaguing the appearance of Julevee Council in Raid Labyrinth Azmakalis (Hell), the Raid Labyrinth Azmakalis in general and the Muhr High Priests have also been resolved.

5 star Haste can not use Envoy’s Sycthe to steal Berserk, an effect from Mort’s Dragon’s Armor anymore. The skill effects of Ervalen’s Vow of Revenge will now be correctly displayed in-game, with no functionality changes to the skill.

Epic Seven release special Side Story in Bittersweet Dessert Festival Week 2 update

The next week will also see the release of a new side story named Seven Sweethearts – Our First Spring. The preview for the same has been added to the game allowing players to view the prologue as they prepare to take part in the event held by the Reingar Student Council.