Epic Seven – Moonlight Connections, Growth Improvements, and more in Epic Festival 2021 Update.

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Smilegate live-streamed a special Question/Answer Video and Epic Festival 2021 Update preview video on their official YouTube channelMany new revelations for the upcoming May 27th update were made during the Livestream, and also some major updates coming down the line in Q3 and Q4 of 2021.

Epic Seven – Moonlight Connections, Growth Improvements, and more in Epic Festival 2021 Update.

This update introduces a new moonlight selective summon which can be unlocked after clearing the first stage of Chapter 1. This moonlight selective summons provides the players a chance to start strong with a moonlight 5-Star hero from the following bunch of heroes – Arbiter Vildred, Martial Artist Ken, Ruele of Light, Dark Corvus, Spector Tenebria, and Judge Kise. New changes to Selective summon also got added for ease of new players. Massive changes to how farming and leveling up fodder units have been made for the convenience of players and to reduce the time wasted on farming. Improvements to connections and ease of starting the process are also expected. Improvements to specialty change are also coming. 

Epic Seven – Moonlight Connections, Growth Improvements, and more in Epic Festival 2021 Update.

A new penguin mileage system is being added which will reduce the farming time dramatically. Improvements for promotions are also being made. Major new guild content and existing content improvements are also introduced and discussed, respectively. Let’s take a look at the upcoming changes mentioned in detail. We will cover these updates in 3 different parts:-

  • Summon Improvements
  • Growth Improvements
  • Content Improvements

Summon Improvements

Smilegate is pulling out all the stops to make the game more exciting and accessible for new players. Making significant changes to selective summons which new players get right after clearing Stage 1-4 of chapter 1 of the main story/Adventure mode is a step in the right direction. The following changes are being made to Selective Summons:-

  • Guaranteed 5-Star heroes are being added. Players will be able to get a guaranteed 5-Star hero at the 1st/10th/20th/30th selective to summon roll. 
  • A record feature where players can record their summons which they feel are good but they can get better. If they are not satisfied with the any of summons after the one they recorded, they can choose to claim the saved summon. It’s like a failsafe method where players can guarantee a failsafe if they don’t get the desired summons.
  • New features where players can view the hero ratings for all the heroes in the selective summon pool. This will improve the burden on new players when they have no prior knowledge of which heroes are suitable for them to choose.
  • A new selective summons titled “Selective Summons Season 2” is coming soon. Players will be able to do a new set of selective summons after clearing Episode 3 with a different set of champions. 

Epic Seven – Moonlight Connections, Growth Improvements, and more in Epic Festival 2021 Update.

These changes are going to be coming with the 5/27 update and are being introduced for ease of new players and increasing the probability of satisfactory rerolls. 

Moonlight Connections are another new feature coming to the game after the 5/27 update. Players will be allowed to choose one of the 6 Moonlight 5-Star heroes after clearing Episode 1. The 6 heroes chosen are those who were released at the beginning of the game:-

  • Arbiter Vildred
  • Martial Artist Ken
  • Dark Corvus
  • Spector Tenebria
  • Judge Kise
  • Ruele of Light

However, there is a catch to this. Players will have to complete certain missions to fully unlock their chosen heroes to use them in all types of content. In the beginning, they will be only available to be played in certain areas like Adventure mode, etc. Further missions will be given to unlock other aspects to the others like 5-6 star awakening, 6-Star Promotion, Skill Enhancements, and Assignment to Guild War and Arena defense teams. After these growth missions are completed, players will be able to fully summon the hero and use it as a normal hero. If the players already have all the heroes listed, they will receive 10 galaxy coins instead which can be used in the Galaxy shop.

Epic Seven – Moonlight Connections, Growth Improvements, and more in Epic Festival 2021 Update.

Connections will be improved as well with the upcoming 5/27 update. Smilegate is making the following changes to Connections:-

  • Heroes which were very useful for new players like Montmorancy, Lorina, Alexa, and Furious for different areas of content in the game are going to be acquired more easily now. The difficulty level of obtaining them is being reduced so players can easily acquire these heroes. 
  • Angelica, the beloved PvE unit is now being added to Connections and can be acquired after doing the missions required for her connections.

Epic Seven – Moonlight Connections, Growth Improvements, and more in Epic Festival 2021 Update.

Specialty Change improvements are coming as well where players who obtain the heroes like Montmorancy, Kluri and Lorina can easily Specialty Change them for better stats and easier progression. The changes are as following:-

  • Specialty Change will now unlock after clearing Episode 1 – Stage 10-10.
  • The required level for heroes to unlock their specialty change is now being reduced to LVL 30 from LVL 50 previously.
  • Players will also now get a free 3-Star Kluri after completing the tutorial of Specialty Change.
  • Runes will be given for the first Specialty Change skill tree enhancements. These runes will be of every element.
  • The difficulty level of some of the Specialty change missions is going to be reduced for easier and faster completion.
  • Some UI improvements for the Specialty change menu are also implemented.

Epic Seven – Moonlight Connections, Growth Improvements, and more in Epic Festival 2021 Update.

All of these above-mentioned changes will take place after the May 27th Update.

Growth Improvements

Smilegate has released its schedule for the upcoming major changes in all areas of the game. We talked about the summoning changes above and now we will talk about the growth changes for increasing the strength of your heroes. Improvements to every area of the game from farming and promoting heroes to acquiring more MolaGora for their skills are scheduled in the update. 

Let’s take a look at some of the major highlights in this section:

  • Penguin Improvements
  • Penguin Mileage
  • Potions of Ascension

Penguin Improvements – Major new penguin changes are scheduled which will make them easier to acquire and beneficial to use. Players usually sell penguins for lots of gold and transit stones (for 3-Star penguins) and they do not serve their role properly. Some of the changes to improve their acquisition and use are as follows:-

  1. All the penguins will now share a single same element and will not occupy hero slots when acquired. Due to the limitation of hero slots and the upcoming changes, penguins will now be a separate currency of their own like charms and will be placed into the general inventory.
  2. Players will now have no limited number of penguins and they can stack. Players can also now sell these penguins from their inventory itself.
  3. Improvements to Hero UI to make them easier to use penguins for leveling up.

Epic Seven – Moonlight Connections, Growth Improvements, and more in Epic Festival 2021 Update.

Penguin Mileage – New system called Penguin mileage is coming to Epic Seven. This is going to bring ease to players by reducing the time consumed in farming. Let’s see the system in detail:-

  1. If max-level heroes are used in stages, the excess amount of EXP gained by them will go towards a new mileage called Penguin mileage. Once this mileage is full, the players can hatch these penguins which will surmount to an equal number of EXP gained. 
  2. This system will change the way players can farm as they do not need to bring low-level heroes to give them EXP as they can just bring max-level heroes to clear the stages faster and provide EXP to lower-tier characters by feeding them penguins.
  3. This change will also enhance the efficiency of repeat battles as players will not have to constantly switch out heroes after the max level is obtained and can continue their battles regardless of max level or not.

Epic Seven – Moonlight Connections, Growth Improvements, and more in Epic Festival 2021 Update.

Potion of Ascension – A new item called the “Potion of Ascension” will be added to help with the promotion of Heroes. Using this item will instantly promote any Hero to 6Star. The areas where this item can be obtained will be limited, but one will be given out for completing the Adventurer’s Path. 

Rewards and missions for the Adventurer’s Path will be adjusted along with the 5/27 update. Players who have already completed all parts of the Adventurer’s Path will get this item delivered to them in-game via their in-game mailbox.

Content Improvements

Content improvements are going to be made so that they affect the development of players more effectively and positively rather than being a chore to get to. The 3 areas of content which will see these improvements are the following-

  • Basic Content Improvements
  • Side Story Content Improvements
  • Quality of Life Improvements
  • New Content

Basic Content Improvements – Some changes to how various content and QOL features unlock are being changed for ease for new players. Here are some of the changes proposed:-

  1. Pets will be unlocked at Player Level 25 from Player level 35 previously. This will let newer players unlock auto-repeat battling and give them a chance to build their pet storage earlier.
  2. Abyss tokens and labyrinth tokens will be given to players after certain player ranks to enhance their experience with these content areas. Abyss rewards below level 40 will be improved so that players can obtain equipment and charms easier.
  3. All of the above-mentioned resources will be given to existing players in their in-game mailbox if they have cleared the requirements for them.

Epic Seven – Moonlight Connections, Growth Improvements, and more in Epic Festival 2021 Update.

Side Story Content Improvements – The requirements to unlock side stories and their rewards will be improved. Let’s see some of the proposed changes:-

  1. Players currently can unlock side stories at Player rank 9 but, at this rank, it was observed they were very weak to complete them in time. Hence, to ensure fair participation and completion of side stories, side stories will be unlocked after the player clears Episode 1.
  2. A new side story tutorial called “Dear Mentor” will be available for all players as a tutorial for side story content. It will also be a side story for the hero Alexa. Players can earn MolaGora and covenant bookmarks by completing this side story.
  3. The overall difficulty of side stories will increase as the unlocking conditions also increase.
  4. The rewards for the future side stories will increase the overall energy consumption to obtain the rewards from the main story are expected to be decreased by 25% approximately.
  5. MolaGora challenge and Goblin challenge will be a part of all the exploratory side stories which span for multiple weeks. This will give players more Gold and MolaGora.
  6. New friendship items which were introduced and distributed in the 2020 Christmas Side story will return and be added to every side story’s exchange shop permanently. The element will follow the Main hero’s element of the story.
  7. The drop rate for charms will increase and the drop rate of low tier equipment will decrease for better acquisition of charms and decrease in inventory issues.
  8. Epic and Rare Catalyst Selection Chests will be added to Quest Rewards and the amount of obtainable Gold will increase.

Epic Seven – Moonlight Connections, Growth Improvements, and more in Epic Festival 2021 Update.

Quality of Life improvements – Some new QOL changes are also proposed in the update notes. Let’s take a look at the improvements:-

  1. Fail Guide is a new feature being added to the game where players can see the heroes other players used to clear the same content. It will also show the improvements which can be made to the player’s current roster of heroes to clear the stage which was failed.
  2. Catalyst Location improvements will take place. Earlier, players would have to go to a Catalyst information page and select the desired catalyst as well as region which was a tedious process. This will be improved as players will be now able to view the catalyst locations from inventory itself and UI are enhanced for better visibility.
  3. AP shop improvements are also coming which will allow players to see AP shops of all the regions in the particular Episode instead of individually going to every stage and checking them. They will also be able to buy them from this single modified UI. The number of catalysts that can be bought will also get doubled. For example, rare catalysts which were earlier limited to 5 will now be doubled to 10. Epic Catalysts 2->4.
  4. Catalyst selection chests will also be added to side stories and quests for better acquisition of catalysts.

Epic Seven – Moonlight Connections, Growth Improvements, and more in Epic Festival 2021 Update.

New Content

Finally, Smilegate ended the notes by dropping the big content bomb for all the players. A new type of side story called Advent is being introduced. A new guild PvE content called Ancient Inheritance is also coming soon. Let’s take a look at some of the new content coming for the popular turn-based RPG Epic Seven.

Advent Side Story

A new type of side story called Advent is being developed for advanced players with a diverse roster of heroes to choose from. In Advent side stories, players will organize 3 parties, each of 3 heroes to fight a boss which gets stronger in each phase. The battle will last for 3 phases and each party will be assigned to a specific phase. 

Epic Seven – Moonlight Connections, Growth Improvements, and more in Epic Festival 2021 Update.

Buffs will be granted according to the element and hence, it is wise to have a wide variety of roster of heroes having different elements. This side story, like others, will also include an Exchange Shop where rare items like Substat modification gems can be earned. Smilegate has also hinted at very rare items that can be exchanged from advent exchange shops which will not be available from normal side stories. As this content will be tough and require a wide variety of heroes, the unlocking conditions for these types of side stories are to clear Episode 2. Players will also get a whole week’s worth of preparation time to deal with the boss and making strategies for it. 

Guild PvE Content –Ancient Inheritance

New guild Player V/S Environment content Ancient Inheritance was also teased which will be coming in the latter part of the year where guildmates will have to collaborate to investigate and explore the ruins. As the description reads “A gate leading to a lost dimension has been found in an isolated area of the Shandra Ruins. Huche, a Memory Chain researcher has requested help from your Guild to conduct an investigation”. Players must strategize with other guild members to effectively explore the ruins. The more guild members participate, the easier the exploration will be. It is also stated that the Guild which explores the deepest area first will get better rewards and will be commemorated on the Great Achievement which is another system planned to be implemented later.

Epic Seven – Moonlight Connections, Growth Improvements, and more in Epic Festival 2021 Update.

Players will need to play specific roles like treasure hunter or boss tracker and hence, even lower-ranked players can contribute and participate. Smilegate concludes by saying that they hope this new content will improve the Guild bonds and give another reason for Guilds to compete. It is scheduled to release with its 3rd-anniversary update and more details will be shared in future live streams.

Epic Seven – Moonlight Connections, Growth Improvements, and more in Epic Festival 2021 Update.

So, that is everything for this upcoming major update of Epic Seven. Keep in mind not all these updates and improvements will come on May 27th but some like the summon improvements and growth improvements will come. This update was more of a timeline given to players by Smilegate of what to expect in the coming months. Make sure to read the official update notes. Share your thoughts with us in the comments below!

We highly recommend playing Epic Seven on PC with BlueStacks using a keyboard and mouse.

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