Free Fire’s 4th Anniversary celebrations include a ton of new content, events, rewards, and cosmetic changes to the game. One of the most notable additions in the anniversary update is the new theme song Reunion by Dimitri Vegas, Like Mike, DJ ALOK, and KSHMR. Not to mention the two new characters, ‘Dimitri’ and ‘Thiva,’ who are based on the DJ duo.

The full version of the theme song will be released soon on 20 August, along with new rewards and items later this month on the 29th Aug. Free Fire has planned a massive overhaul for their 4th anniversary; as stated in their recent Twitter post, they’ve got free skins and outfits to offer, along with many more. First, let’s cover the overall cosmetic feel of the game: 

New Updates Changes To Free Fire

There is a new anniversary-themed lobby to look forward to and an exclusive spawn island. And the location will feature a new annual party mode with DJs, light shows, and a lot of dancing. 

There will also be areas for mini-games and a small shooting range, all techno, of course for players to enjoy themselves. Apart from the themed lobby, there is also an anniversary-themed airship, airplane, spray cans, airdrops, vehicles, weapons, and other items like guitar, themed Grenade thrash G skin, and parachutes. 

There are also four outfits for the players to enjoy:

  1. Sonictroop Bassrock
  2. Enharmonic Treblerock
  3. Amplified Bassrock 
  4. Cadencia Treblerock

Garena Free Fire 4th Anniversary New Patch Updates, Free Character & Much More

Items And Events 

The main events are:

  • Anniversary Quiz
  • Memory Album
  • Annual Party 
  • Memory Jigsaw
  • Fragment Royale 
  • Anniversary Album
  • The New Anniversary Themed Disc Hover Skateboard can be claimed through the Fragment Royale Event (Active from August 20 To September 5). Players need to collect anniversary tokens for a spin and can earn them from playing regular matches.
  • Memory Jigsaw Event(From August 20 To 5th of September) has six total levels starting from 0 to 48 with an interval of 8. Basically, the jigsaw puzzle has 48 pieces, and they are divided into 4 categories of colors, each consisting of 12 pieces. 

So, players need to find these 4 types of tokens: green tokens, blue tokens, purple tokens, and yellow tokens.

  • The Anniversary Quizalso has the same timeline from August 5th to September 5th and will offer players the Crimson Neon Parachute skin.
  • The Anniversary AlbumEvent offers players a chance to win the themed Grenade thrash G skin. Players need to capture the photos of NPCs in the game; there are a total of 12 characters whose photos players need to take.

That’s all for now; stay tuned for more cool  Free Fire updates and be sure to check out these events once they are up and running.