Moco, also known as chat noir of Garena Free Fire, is getting a brand new event all to herself called Moco: Rebirth

The event spans a total of 20 days, starting from September 6 to 26; there are tons of rewards and exclusive items to unlock spread across multiple mini-events.

The genius hacker Moco Ortega is on a quest to save her graffiti artist friend Steffi from prison; on her journey, she meets an old friend, which eventually leads to her awakening.

In the Moco comic, she meets her childhood friend Leonard, who then guides Moco through the prison to save Steffi. The pair hack their way into the control room; then decide to save all the prisoners held there by Horizon, including Steffi. It’s actually a pretty good read for a game comic.

 If you want to read the full story, go to the Garena Free Fire website comic section and read The Runawayz: Moco & The Runawayz: Steffie to get the backstory then jump to The Runawayz: Decoded for the prison break.

The main event with the new interface, Coder’s Crib, starts on September 10, and we will see the Awakened Moco Bundle on September 18. Players will get Moco Rebirth-themed costumes and collectibles, not to mention an exclusive pet skin called the Cyber Falco.

The complete details of all events of Moco: Rebirth are given below.

All The Moco: Rebirth Events To Look Out For

As per the event calendar, Moco Rebirth is split into 12 exciting parts all with their own rewards. 

  • First, you have the Puzzle Event from September 6 to 12, where you receive the Moco Month Banner and the Turquoise Warning as rewards.
  • The Moco’s Free Swing event is from September 5 to 13; you just have to log in continuously for 5 days to get the skin; it’s basically free.
  • Then 3 main challenges begin on September 10 then end on the 26th; the Daily Login Rewards, the Coder’s Crib Event offers rewards such as a female bundle, the cyber Falco pet skin, a parachute, a grenade skin, and much more and finally, we have the Aftermatch Drop.
  • After that, there is the Moco’s Challenge from September 12 to 21, offering a skateboard skin as a reward.
  • Moco’s Pan Login Event from 12th September to 23rd, as the name, suggests it offers a pan skin as reward.
  • Then we have the Moco Jump Event from September 15 to 26 with a bag skin.
  • Then on September 18, we have 3 single-day challenges, the Sep 18 Login presenting you with Awakened Moco Bundle, Playtime on Sep 18 gives you a car skin, then we have the Peak Day Double Drop special. 
  • Then finally, players get a new game mode called the Stronghold Mode; it’s available from Sep 18 to Sep 22. 

Garena Free Fire: All About the Moco Rebirth Events

Apart from these, there are four bundles available from 7-13 September; the Flashing Spade Bundle, Eternal Diamond Bundle, Dreamy Club Bundle, and Blazing Heart Bundle. The Moco currencies earned from the events can be exchanged in the Horizon Store. 

How To Complete The Puzzle Event In Moco: Rebirth 

The puzzle has four parts:

  • First, you have to finish a simple retro-style dodging game.
  • In the next stage, you have to find the word “DOOR” from the sea of scrambled letters.
  • The next phase will show a computer requiring a password to log in. You just have to tap on the power button on the left side and enter the six-digit number displayed as time. (it may be different for each person)  
  • Then an antivirus program will start running, asking you for a 10 digit authorization code. Each two-digit number given as a hint indicates the location of a letter in the grid; the first digit denotes a row, the second a column. (HELLOWORLD is the code for this 22-15-26-26-33-45-33-36-26-14 combination)

And that’s it; it will take less than 2 mins to complete the entire challenge and get the Moco Month Banner and Turquoise Warning. So go and play right now to claim these rewards.