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Free Fire Sniper Guide: Snipe Between the Eyes of the Enemies

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Free Fire is one of the most played mobile battle royale games in the world. Not only that but in many of the South American countries like Brazil Free Fire is more than a game. It is part of people’s lives so much that Free Fire frequently adds playable characters in the game that are based on celebrities who are popular in those regions. Even in esports Free Fire has made quite a name for itself.

The game itself is like most mobile battle royale but unlike any other BR game that you have seen on android, Free Fire has one of the most complex and well-developed weapon mechanisms. The three best sniper rifles in Free Fire are the kar98k, AWM, and M82B. All three of them are excellent for long-range shots and deal with a huge DPS or damage per second in the game. Now, sniper rifles are very powerful in the game but to use that power you need to have excellent control skills.

Free Fire Sniper Guide: Snipe Between the Eyes of the Enemies

A good way to start your sniper training in Free Fire is by getting comfortable with the gun mechanics of the sniper rifle you prefer. If you are someone who prefers the M82B for sniping then starting with practicing the recoil and sensitivity of the weapon will let you be more in control of each shot you shoot. It goes without saying that when it comes to sniping in Free Fire, each map has its own rules.

The same way you snipe in the Bermuda map will not work in the Kalahari desert. Each map in Free Fire has its own ways of traversing the terrain. To become a good sniper in Free Fire you will need this guide. Even though you are using a keyboard and mouse to play the game you still need to understand how to leverage the bigger display and the precise control that a keyboard and mouse has to offer.

Free Fire Sniper Guide: Snipe Between the Eyes of the Enemies

Understand This Before Sniping in Free Fire

One of the most important things about being a sniper is to understand how the role of the player changes when you are playing solo Vs when you are playing with a squad. You may already understand this but in a squad match, the player who is designated to be the sniper is going to be the support player as well. Beyond sniping enemies in Free Fire, you will also have to communicate the position of enemy squads to your teammates and spot enemies.

Free Fire Sniper Guide: Snipe Between the Eyes of the Enemies

Free Fire Sniper Guide: Snipe Between the Eyes of the Enemies

Compared to that playing a solo match as a sniper is far easier but there is also the fact that you are the only player and if you get knocked in the game then there is no reviving you. If you are playing in the Kalahari map then always keep a lookout for enemies hiding in high places. Kalahari map is the most sniper friendly map in Free Fire. Now let’s begin the guide itself.

Free Fire Sniper Guide For BlueStacks Players

Get your guns right. Many players start using AR or assault rifles as a replacement for snipers when they start playing Free Fire on BlueStacks. Yes, having a keyboard and mouse for control is far better than touch-based input bear in mind that Free Fire has gun mechanics inbuilt in the game. Not even the best players can go against the rules of the game. So, always try to get a proper sniper rifle like an AWM, Kar98k, or M82B.

Free Fire Sniper Guide: Snipe Between the Eyes of the Enemies

Drag shots are such underused assets of a sniper in Free Fire and most if not all players either forget about them or just don’t know about it. To take a drag shot in Free Fire with BlueStacks just press and hold the left mouse button or fire button and drag the mouse while you are pressing the left-click. That is how you can easily take drag headshots in Free Fire. Always remember that Dragshots have a better chance of being headshots.

Free Fire Sniper Guide: Snipe Between the Eyes of the Enemies

Always get your positioning right as a sniper. You have to kill enemies from a distance so getting into a place that provides you a good view of the area while concealing you from the enemy’s eyes is a good idea. Hiding in double-story houses or high buildings will be ideal in this situation. Being at a higher position gives a sniper a huge advantage.

It is always a good idea to make sure that your screen brightness and color gamut are in order. Sometimes players will turn on the night light on their PC and forget to turn it off which leads to a yellowish tint in color. Make sure that your display settings are correct so enemy players become easy to spot.

Free Fire Sniper Guide: Snipe Between the Eyes of the Enemies

One of the moves players love doing with their keyboard is jiggle in Free Fire. Jiggle is basically moving side to side very fast and even faster when you have the WASD keys. When it comes to sniping in Free Fire, we would highly suggest that you don’t do the jiggle a lot. Even if the enemy player can’t hit they can still see you. One grenade inside is more than enough to knock you in the game. Instead, change your position when you are spotted.

Play Free Fire on PC with BlueStacks Smart Controls

Did you know that BlueStacks has a feature called Smart Controls that can improve your gaming experience in a big way? What this feature essentially does is improve and adjust keymapping not only between different games but also between different screens in the game. Take the example of Free Fire. If you are playing the game on BlueStacks then you might have already seen the change in keymapping that happens when you are in the lobby versus when you are in the match. This may seem like a small detail but makes a huge improvement in the game. Also, these smart controls change from game to game. So if you jump from PUBG Mobile to Free Fire and then CODM you will see how BlueStacks Smart Controls adjust for each change.

Free Fire Sniper Guide: Snipe Between the Eyes of the Enemies

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