Garena Free Fire Elite Pass Season 47: Rewards, Release Date, Prices, and More

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Like many other popular free-to-play games, Garena Free Fire also introduced a monthly pass that granted paid grindable rewards to users. Garena Free Fire’s subscription model for access to premium in-game rewards is known as Elite Pass, which comes with a new iteration and theme every month.

Generally, Garena Free Fire Elite Pass starts on the first of every month, and players get to pre-order before the launch, which grants an additional reward. Following the previous trend, Garena released the latest Free Fire Elite Pass season titled “Scrolls of Azure” in the game during April 2022’s first week. 

Here are the complete details about Garena Free Fire Elite Pass: Scrolls of Azure that include launch, end date, pre-order, rewards, and more.

What is the launch and end date for Garena Free Fire’s Elite Pass: Scrolls of Azure?

Garena Free Fire Elite Pass Season 47: Rewards, Release Date, Prices, and More

Elite Pass Season 46 ended on March 31, making way for “Scrolls of Azure,” the 47th iteration developers launched on April 1. Like the previous seasons, the new Elite Pass: Scrolls of Azure will also last for the entire month of April and culminate on the 30th of this month.

Was there a pre-order reward for Garena Free Fire Elite Pass Season 47? 

Garena gives a free reward to every user who pre-ordered the Elite Pass Season 47 between March 29 and March 31. In advance, players who ordered the Elite Pass got a free “Sheer Hat.” However, unfortunately, the users who have purchased the Elite Pass or Bundle after the pre-order phase will not be able to claim any free exclusive reward.

Garena Free Fire Elite Pass: Price and rewards 

Garena Free Fire Elite Pass Season 47: Rewards, Release Date, Prices, and More

Survivors, who are willing to purchase Elite Pass or Bundle, can buy the same in the game right now at the following prices:

  • Elite Pass: 499 diamonds 
  • Elite Bundle: 999 diamonds  

Garena Free Fire Elie Pass unlocks the Elite challenges that allow users to claim more badges. In addition to that, it also increases the daily gold limit. On the other hand, Elite Bundle includes all privileges of the Elite Pass and additionally provides 50 badges. Thus, users can unlock the first 12 rewards, including the Inktail Duchess costume, via Elite Bundle. 

The complete list of Garena Free Fire Elite Pass rewards that unlock after a specific number of badges is given as follows:

  • 0 Badges: Jeep – Sky Legend
  • 5 Badges: Five Summon Airdrops
  • 10 Badges: Azure Myth (Avatar for profile)
  • 15 Badges: Faraway Fog Jacket
  • 20 Badges: Weapon Royale Voucher
  • 25 Badges: Resupply Map Card (expires after 24 hours)
  • 30 Badges: Ink of the Past (Banner for profile)
  • 35 Badges: 500 Gold
  • 40 Badges: Diamond Royale Voucher
  • 45 Badges: Bounty Token Play Card (expires after 24 hours)
  • 50 Badges: Inktail Duchess Bundle
  • 55 Badges: Three Pet Food units
  • 60 Badges: Diamonds Royale Voucher
  • 65 Badges: Double EXP Card (expires after seven days)
  • 70 Badges: Two Evo Gun Token Boxes
  • 75 Badges: 100 Universal Fragments
  • 80 Badges: P90 – Porcelain Rush
  • 85 Badges: Five Resupply Maps
  • 90 Badges: Weapon Royale Voucher
  • 95 Badges: Three Pet Food units
  • 100 Badges: Bamboo Scroll
  • 105 Badges: Scan Playcard (expires after 24 hours)
  • 110 Badges: 500 Gold
  • 115 Badges: Azure Muth (Banner for profile)
  • 120 Badges: Three Scans
  • 125 Badges: M60 – Porcelain Rush
  • 130 Badges: 100 Universal Fragments
  • 135 Badges: Ink of the Past (Avatar for profile)
  • 140 Badges: Evolution Stone
  • 145 Badges: Double Gold Card (expires after seven days)
  • 150 Badges: Scenic Pond Loot Box
  • 155 Badges: Summon Airdrop Playcard (expires after 24 hours)
  • 160 Badges: Three Pet Food units
  • 165 Badges: 100 Universal Fragments
  • 170 Badges: 10 Cube Fragments
  • 175 Badges: Bonfire Playcard (expires after 24 hours)
  • 180 Badges: Lotus Throne Backpack
  • 185 Badges: Five Bounty Tokens
  • 190 Badges: Discount Coupon
  • 195 Badges: Evo Gun Token Box
  • 200 Badges: Dusted Facepaint
  • 205 Badges: 100 Universal Fragments
  • 210 Badges: Three Pet Food units
  • 215 Badges: 900 Universal Fragments
  • 220 Badges: Five Bonfires
  • 225 Badges: Brushtail Duke Bundle
  • 250 Badges: Elite Pass Exclusive Chest

Garena Free Fire players will have to grind hard in the game and complete the Elite challenges alongside daily missions to unlock all mentioned rewards. 

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  • What are Free Fire: The Chaos PC requirements?

    Minimum requirement to run Free Fire: The Chaos on your PC

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