miHoYo revealed a lot of information regarding the Genshin Impact 2.1 during its live stream, including the release date, the live stream date, new characters, new weapons, a new area to explore materials to farm, and new bosses and enemies to fight that will be introduced in the upcoming update. There is a lot of anticipation as the 2.1 update also contains the ending to the ongoing Archon Quest. Let us take a look at what the new update has to offer in greater detail.

Release Date, Bosses, and Regions

Genshin Impact 2.1 update will be released on September 1, 2021. miHoYo will introduce two new bosses and one weekly boss with the 2.1 update along with a new mob character. Along with all these, a new Island will also be available to the player to explore. The names of the bosses are as follows :

  • Hydro Hypostasis – Normal boss 
  • Electro Oceanid – Normal boss 
  • Signora – Weekly boss 

With the 2.0 update almost done, the new 2.1 update is being looked forward to along with the new roster of characters, the new weapons, and the new content that is going to come with it.


Genshin Impact 2.1 Update: Release Date, Characters, Weapons, Events, and more

The new Genshin Impact 2.1 update will introduce four new characters in the game; here are some of the details regarding the characters who are going to be introduced in the upcoming update:

Five-star Character: Shogun (Electro Archon)

The Electro Archon is going to be the next five-star character who is going to be introduced in the game. She is the leader of Inazuma and can wield the power of the Electro. She uses a Polearm and changes to a sword while using her Elemental Burst like Tartaglia; her Elemental Burst also gives energy to her party members. Her elemental skill will deal electro damage and will give the eye of stormy judgments to the party members. When a character with the eye of stormy judgment attacks and hits opponents, the eye will deal AOE electro damage at the enemy’s position. 

Four-star character: Sara Kujou

She is a member of the Tenryou commission. She has Electro Vision, and she uses a bow to deal damage. Her Elemental Burst will do AOE electro damage and splits into four consecutive bouts of more AOE electro damage. These provide the character within their AOE with an ATK bonus based on her attack, and the attack gained is the same as her elemental skill. Her Elemental Skill buffs her and causes her next aimed shot to deal electro damage and, after some time, grants the active character within its AOE ATK bonus based on her base ATK. Her passive reduces the time for an expedition in Inazuma. 

Five-star Character: Kokomi 

She is the leader of the resistance. She possesses a Hydro Vision and uses a catalyst. She is a healer, and her heal is influenced by her max HP. Her elemental skill will summon a Bake-Kurage that deals hydro damage to surrounding enemies and heals active characters at fixed intervals. Her elemental burst deals Hydro damage to her surrounding enemies and will increase her normal attack, charger attack, and Bake-Kurage damage is increased based upon her max HP, and when her normal and charged attacks hit opponents, she will restore HP for all nearby party members. It will also allow her to walk on water surfaces and will increase her resistance to interruption. 

Five Star character: Aloy

Aloy will be the first character to be introduced in the game to mark the collaboration between Genshin Impact and Horizon Zero Dawn. Aloy is a cryo bow user. Her elemental skill deals AOE cryo damage by dropping cryo bombs which split into smaller bomblets. Each explosion of her bombs grants her coil stacks which increase her normal attack damage, and on max stacks, imbue her attacks with cryo. Her elemental burst deals AOE cryo damage. There are no constellations for Aloy.  

Genshin Impact 2.1 Update: Release Date, Characters, Weapons, Events, and more


A total of five weapons are going to be introduced in the new 2.1 update. Here are the details regarding the upcoming weapons in the Genshin Impact 2.1 update

Luxurious Sea-Lord

It is a four-star greatsword with attack percent as its secondary stat. Its passive increases elemental burst damage, and when elemental burst hits the opponents, it summons a Titanic Tuna that deals AOE damage. It will be available as an event reward. 

The Catch

It is a four-star polearm with energy recharge as its secondary stat. Its passive increases elemental burst damage and elemental burst crit rate. It will be available as an event reward.  


It is a four-star bow with attack percentage as its secondary stat. Its passive will increase her normal and charged attack damage every time she deals cryo damage but will work exclusively on PlayStation, and the bow can not be refined.

Engulfing Lightning / Grass Cutter’s Light

It is a five-star polearm with energy recharge as its secondary stat. Its passive increases attack based on energy recharge over 100% of a character and grant energy recharge after using elemental burst.

Diamond Visage / Fumetsu Gekka

It is a five-star catalyst with HP% as its secondary stat. Its passive increases the healing bonus while increasing the normal attack damage is increased by 1% of the max hp of the character. After using elemental burst, a normal attack that hits opponents will restore some energy.   


There are three events that are going to be available to the players that will be introduced in the new Genshin Impact 2.1 update.

Lunar Realm

This event will introduce fishing to the game. The players will help a fisherwoman help fish. The event will take place in all three regions and it will give players ornamental fishes to keep in their Serenitea pot. The event will give the weapon The catch as a reward for completing the event.

Moonchase Festival Event

This event will grant a lot of rewards to players who complete the event. There will be three parts to the festival. There will be the Moonchase tales, Moonlight seeker, and the trail of delicacies. The Luxurious Sealord will also be given as a reward for completing the event. 

Hyakunin Ikki 

The players will enter a fighting tournament with teams of two trial characters or characters owned by the players. 

Spectral Secrets 

Players will need to send their characters on expeditions to get the rewards that they need from this event. The rewards include mora, primogems, and other things. 

Daily login event 

This will give the players ten intertwined fates along with other rewards. 

The new island and genesis crystals 

The live stream revealed that there is going to be a new island that the players can explore. There will be more world quests on the island which the player can finish. The bonus while buying genesis crystals is going to be reset.