Genshin Impact has recently launched a new exciting event called the Kaboomball Kombat in the 1.6 update. The game is pretty simple, a bit like dodgeball; all the player has to do is dodge the Kaboomball and destroy the Dodo fortress.

The event started on July 2nd and will end on July 12th; players have a ten-day window to score maximum points. Players are rewarded with Enigma Gears, which can be exchanged for precious materials such as the event name card, primogems, talent enhancement materials, Hero’s Wit and moras, all at the Event Shop.

You can find the event near the Golden Apple Archipelago, just go to the Archipelago’s final island, Minacious Isle and interact with Albedo’s painting to start it.

Players need an adventure rank of 21 or above to be eligible for the challenge; you can play it in solo mode or with friends in multiplayer mode(team of two). Players need to use their dodoguard (a floating ball of light that works like a bat) to reflect the Kaboomball into the Dodo fortress to inflict damage. Players will either get a normal return or a perfect return based on the timing, and two perfect returns in session will deal additional damage to the cute dodo fortress.

As the dodo fortress gets hit with these return balls, its fury meter slowly fills up. Once full, the fortress goes into a Fury Faze state increasing the firing rate of the Kaboomballs and mixing more special Kaboomballs into the mix. In Fury Faze, some fortresses also put up a force field type shield, on which normal returns would just bounce off, so players need to get perfect returns in order to destroy the shield. Apart from the various Kaboomballs, players will also be able to randomly pick up Shazamfurits (works like character boosters); details are mentioned below.

Types of Kaboomballs

Super-Simple Ball, like the name, suggests it’s just an ordinary ball. Foggy-Groggy Ball creates a dust smoke screen when the player is not able to dodge and gets hit. The Chilly-Frilly Ball slows the movement of the characters whose weakness is Cyro.

Natter-Chatter Ball, when the player returns this Komboomball, it prompts the Dodo fortress to fire three quick shots in session.

Twisty-Turny Ball, an unpredictable ball with an unusual flight path, it’s hard to return and dodge. And finally, the useful Komboomball, Breezy-Burny Ball, when returned, deals a considerable amount of damage to the dodo fortress.

Genshin Impact: The Kaboomball Kombat Event

Types of Shazamfruits 

Players can find these on the court; they provide buffs and nerfs, depending on the type. Best keep an eye out for these fruits because if you snag the wrong one, it could cost you the game.

The green, Zoom-Zoom fruit increases the character movement speed for a short amount of time. The yellow Ping-Pong fruit activates the automatic dodoguard; it returns the Komboomball without the need for player intervention. 

Last but not least the red Fury fruit, you do not want to pick up this one as it will extend the Dodofortress’s rapid Fury Faze duration. 

A Few Tips On How To Beat The Dodo Fortress In The Kaboomball Kombat Event

  • Try to get out of the ball’s direct path and use your sides to return it; in this way, the players won’t get damaged if they miss.
  • Stay at the back when the dodo fortress enters its Fury Faze; this will give the player extra time to react.
  • Use characters with better movement speed; also, keep an eye out for the Shazamfruits; they can give you some breathing room.
  • Change the in-game time to 12 noon, it will bring the sun directly overhead, and you can use the shadows to more accurately gauge the ball.
  • Play in solo mode; your connection is not stable, as the co-op option may lag a bit, but if you have low pings, then go for it and play as a team like in tennis.