As the Genshin Impact 2.2 update is underway and a new event called the Labyrinth Warriors has begun that will provide a lot of rewards which can be obtained from completing the event such as free Xinyan, a Crown, Primogems, Talent Level Up Material, Character Level Up Material and many other things from completing the event. Players will need to clear different Mystic Onmyou Chambers with the help of Shiki Taishou to get the rewards that are available in the event. Let us take a deep look at the gameplay overview, rewards, and other things which will be there in the Labyrinth Warrior event.

Gameplay overview

Players will need to complete a quest given by Katheryne in Inazuma which will lead the players to the Mystic Onmyou domains which the player needs to clear. Players will need to select a team of four characters and select four support characters which can be switched while the players are clearing the domain. Players will also need to carry three Shikifuda which grant additional bonuses to the players.

There will be different chambers within the domain, each of which has a distinct challenge/powerup which the players can utilize; there are also bonuses that the players can get by clearing the chambers; the type of chamber will be shown on the map. The players will need to explore the domain clearing chambers as they move forward.

Trial Preparation

Before starting the event, players have to make two teams: a combat team and a support team. Players can switch between the members of the combat team and the support team at curative emplacements in the Mystic Onmyou domain. Players can also carry three Shikifuda at a time. Each Shikifuda can be used a certain number of times while exploring the Mystic Onmyou domain. There are nine different Shikifudas to choose from.

Exploring the domain 

The players have to explore the Mystic Onmyou domain. There are different paths and chambers which the players can take. The type of chamber can be seen from the map. There are seven different types of chambers which will let the players get different challenges/power ups or heal or change the party members. Different emplacements have different effects such as, Charm Emplacement allows the players to draw a charm with a chance of negative effect, Curative Emplacement heals, revives characters and allows the player to configure the team.

Genshin Impact : Event “Labyrinth Warriors”

When players complete the challenges for Arrayed Emplacement, Ferocious Emplacement and the Decisive Emplacement for the first floor, players can draw a charm that will provide the players with various buffs for the battle. Battered Shikifuda can be obtained from the Mystic Onmyou Dungeon which can be consumed for redrawing the charms.

The trial objective is to clear the Decisive Emplacement after which the players can advance to the next floor; the trial is counted as completed if all the Decisive Emplacements have been completed. 

Enhance Charm Magic

Players will obtain damaged replicas from exploring the domain (from the sparkling investigate spot) as well as clearing the domain. The players can use these damaged replicas to enhance Shiki Taishou’s charm magic from the event page to assist the players in the battle.


Genshin Impact : Event “Labyrinth Warriors”

There is the Martial Trial which will give the players Primogems, Character Level Up Material and Mora. There is also the event shop through which the players can buy  A Crown, Primogems, Talent Level Up Material, Character Level Up Material, Mora and Weapon Enhancement Ore. Players can also get a free Xinyan in this event from the event shop after completing the quest path of the Taishou and obtaining four thousand aged tokens.