Get ready to go green and bright as a new hero arrives in Idle Heroes — we’re talking about the Fairy Queen Vesa.

Before her arrival, we got the Shadow Warrior Onkirimaru shake up the Idle Heroes meta a little bit. Onkirimaru is known as the Rancor Bearer. His heart was filled with hatred, rage, and power. In fact, he wears a demon mask and wields a sword in battle.

Now, let us get to the Fairy Queen in detail.

Fairy Queen — Vesa

Vesa is the newest Transcendence hero in Idle Heroes. She is a Forest Priest, tasked to heal and protect anyone who needs sustaining. Vesa and her magical unicorn will guide players in their journey and adventures in the game.

Here are her skills:

  • Life in Bloom (Active skill) – Fairy Queen – Vesa releases Power of Life and attacks enemies four times. For each layer of [Newborn Radiance] Vesa has, she launches one more attack to enemies. Each attack deals (1600% of Attack) damage to one random enemy. Then she restores all allies HP equal to 600% of Attack two times, adds a Shield equal to 100% of healing, and grants herself one layer of [Newborn Radiance] for eight rounds.
    • Newborn Radiance: Skill effect. Each layer of Newborn Radiance increases the healing effect by 15% and strengthens the damage effect caused by Fairy Queen – Vesa’s active skill.
  • Healing Oracle (Passive skill) – Fairy Queen – Vesa’s basic attack targets the enemy with the highest Attack, dealing (1600% of Attack) damage, and reduces All Damage Dealt by 30% for one round. Then she heals three allies with the lowest HP equal to 600% of Attack and adds a [Shield] equal to 100% of healing.
    • Shield: Skill effect. Offsets the Direct Damage and Damage Over Time received. It will disappear when the strength of the shield is zero. The shield strength caps at 100% of the owner’s HP.
  • Holy Incarnation (Passive skill) – At the beginning of each round or when the substitute heroes are in the battle, Fairy Queen – Vesa gains [Blessing of Purity] for one round.
    • Blessing of Purity – Skill effect. Heroes with Blessing of Purity have a 100% less chance to take a critical hit. Not stackable.
  • Melody of Nature (Passive skill) – During the battle, when Fairy Queen – Vesa’s HP is lower than 50% for the first time, dispels herself all debuffs, restores herself HP to 100%, and increases all allies Precision by 40% and Attack by 20% for six rounds. Whenever an ally dies, she has a 60% chance to inflict [Silence – Gag Order] to all enemies for one round.
    • Silence – Gag Order – Control effect of Silence. Heroes with Gag Order are unable to release their active skill and Crit.

Note that all these hero skills are subject to the in-game content.

With her arrival in the game, this week’s patch will center on events that will help players get Vesa.

Fairy Queen’s Blessings

Players, all you need to do is to complete quests to obtain Fairy’s Keepsakes. These Fairy’s Keepsakes can be exchanged for items at Woodland Store. Every 25 collected Fairy’s Keepsakes grants you a chance to summon a hero.

Here are the quests and their rewards:

  • Spin every ten times at Wishing Fountain – 1x Fairy’s Keepsakes (capped at 100)
  • Gain 50 VIP EXP – 1x Fairy’s Keepsakes (capped at 600)
  • Obtain a five-star hero – 1x Fairy’s Keepsakes (capped at 30)
  • Activate the five-star Vesa in the Gallery – 5x Fairy’s Keepsakes (capped at 1)
  • Activate the six-star Vesa in the Gallery – 5x Fairy’s Keepsakes (capped at 1)
  • Activate the ten-star Vesa in the Gallery – 10x Fairy’s Keepsakes (capped at 1)

Woodland Store

You can use your accumulated Fairy’s Keepsakes at the Woodland Store for the following glorious rewards:

  • 50x Fairy’s Keepsakes – Non Light/Dark 5-Star Hero Selection Chest (Limit 2)
  • 60x Fairy’s Keepsakes – Light/Dark 5-Star Hero Selection Chest (Limit 1)
  • 90x Fairy’s Keepsakes – Forest 10-Star Puppet Shards (Limit 1)
  • 100x Fairy’s Keepsakes – Staff: Punisher of Immortal
  • 200x Fairy’s Keepsakes – Mysterious Artifact Selection Chest (Limit 2)

Fairy Queen -- Vesa Arrives in Idle Heroes

The Mysterious Artifact Selection Chest includes Snow Heart.

Transcendence Fight

Complete the following quests in this event to get rich rewards. Note that the first 4 quests require either side of the battle to contain the specific heroes.

Fairy Queen -- Vesa Arrives in Idle Heroes

  • Fairy Queen Vesa and Sword Flash Xia
  • Fairy Queen Vesa and Scarlet Queen Halora
  • Fairy Queen Vesa and The Dauntless Asmodel
  • Fairy Queen Vesa and Star Wing Jahra
  • Deploy Fairy Queen Vesa to complete ten battles.

Other Idle Heroes events

Aside from Vesa’s special events, other Idle Heroes events are also now live in the game. It’s going to be one hectic week for all Idlers!

The Wishing Fountain event is back where players can get Forest Priest — Vesa for free.

Pray a certain number of times on the Wishing Fountain to gain points in exchange for rewards. Once you acquire 300 points, you will get Forest Priest — Vesa for free! Other rewards are up for grabs too, like the Super Wishing Coin which is required when you want to play a round of roulette.

Note that for this event, praying on the Super Wishing Fountain is not included and players can only get up to nine rounds of rewards. 

The Sky Labyrinth can also be played in this patch update. All you need to do is use the Mithril Pickaxe to break the tablets and get a secret treasure. 

The treasures are as follow:

  • 6-Star Non-Light/Dark Puppets (Floor 3)
  • Limited Skin Selection Chest (Floor 5)
  • Non-Light / Dark 5 Star Selection Chest (Floor 6)
  • 9-Star Puppets Selection Chest (Floor 9)
  • Light/Dark 5-Star Hero Selection Chest (Floor 10)
  • Sky Chest I (Floor 11)
  • Sky Deluxe Hero Selection Chest (Floor 12)
  • Mysterious Artifact Selection Chest (Floor 15)
  • Sky Chest II (Floor 16)
  • 9-Star Puppets Selection Chest (Floor 17)
  • Sky Deluxe Hero Selection Chest (Floor 19)
  • Sky Chest II (Floor 21)
  • Sky Chest III (Floor 24)

Are you excited for the arrival of Fairy Queen Vesa? Who is the most powerful support hero in your current lineup?