Are you looking for something to do on a regular weeknight? Why don’t you try playing Idle Heroes’ latest update which will feature the Romantic Lantern Night Event?

What is the Idle Heroes Romantic Lantern Night Event?

This event is under the Qixi Special events called the Wish Lantern. Players need to light up lanterns to make wishes.

Idle Heroes: August Update - The Romantic Lantern Night Event is Now Open

There are two types of lanterns — the Cloud-weaving lanterns and Gold-embedded lanterns which are both essential in getting mysterious and exciting gifts.

How to get Idle Heroes Lanterns?

There are multiple ways to get Lanterns during this event.

Cloud-weaving Lanterns can be obtained in the daily mail and the Imp’s Adventure Goal rewards while Gold-embedded Lanterns can be claimed from value packages and lighting up Cloud-weaving Lanterns.

The Mysterious Artifact Selection Chest includes Snow Heart.

Aside from the Lantern event, there are two other Qixi Special events that you can participate in.

Matchmaking Day

Is it Valentine’s Day or what? During the Matchmaking Day event, activate the specific couple heroes in the Gallery to get those sweet rewards. Activating 5-, 6-, or 10-star heroes works on this one. 

Idle Heroes: August Update - The Romantic Lantern Night Event is Now Open

If you match all couples in the gallery you will get 200M gold and 770 blue gems.

Magpie Bridge

Tired of having the same old skins in your inventory? Fret not, because the Magpie Bridge event will let you replace your owned skins with a random different skin of the same rarity. 

Idle Heroes: August Update - The Romantic Lantern Night Event is Now Open

Ace skins (just like Tix’s new skin) can be used for replacement, but cannot be replaced with.

Note that the Qixi Festival Limited skin Starry Bride cannot be replaced with during this event.

Here are the gems that you will need for each skin rarity:

  • Festival Legendary Skin Replacement – 500 gems
  • Legendary Skin Replacement – 400 gems
  • Festival Limited Skin Replacement – 250 gems
  • Limited Skin Replacement – 200 gems

Other Idle Heroes Events

Of course, Imp’s Adventure is present in this update. Roll your dice and your Imp will move according to the number of your roll. Each visit will trigger a different effect.

As mentioned above, you can get Cloud-weaving Lanterns via the Imp’s Adventure Goal rewards.

Here are the other prizes you can get:

  • 10x Heroic Summon Scroll (80 stars)
  • Elite 5-star Hero Shard (110 stars)
  • Limited skin selection chest (140 stars)
  • Non-Light/Dark 6-star Puppet Selection Chest (170 stars)
  • Non-Light/Dark 5-star Hero Selection Chest (200 stars)
  • Material Selection Chest (230 stars)
  • Light/Dark 5-Star Hero Selection Chest (260 stars)
  • 9-star Puppet Selection Chest (300 stars)

Shelter Mission

In this event, you can complete different missions to get generous rewards. The missions will depend on Idle Heroes’ faction auras. Read all about Idle Heroes’ faction auras here.

On the day of the Qixi Festival, August 14, Lutz will give out Qixi gifts via in-game mail.