Idle Heroes on PC: A Comprehensive Guide to Heroes

Idle Heroes on PC: A Comprehensive Guide...

Idle Heroes offers more than 200 characters in total and shortly after you start playing, you will see that you already collected dozens of heroes. This number will keep increasing, we guarantee it. In fact, it will rise so high, even the experienced players will start to make mistakes about which hero should be used for what purpose. For beginners, this is much harder: They often make mistakes in team setup because they do not have the knowledge of the classes and “aura” of the heroes. We have prepared this guide to make it easier for you to choose heroes, and give you an idea of ​​the ideal team setup.

Tier and Stars System

All the heroes you get will start the game as “Tier 1”. But their “star levels” will be variable. You can upgrade both, but keep in mind that these systems are different. In general, 3-star and below heroes will become completely useless after level 30. For this reason, do not waste points to increase their level. We recommend that you save your points for upgrading at least 4-star heroes. The star system determines how strong the starting stats of a hero will be. There are a total of 10 stars, and the more stars the hero has, the stronger it is. Tier system, on the other hand, unlocks skills of heroes, which makes combat easier.

After raising your heroes to level 30, you can upgrade them to the next Tier. Likewise, you can increase their star level, and you can, for example, turn a 4-star hero into a 5-star one. But do not forget that this is not an ideal situation: an upgraded 5-star hero is weaker than a natural 5-star hero. For this reason, throughout the game, your aim should be to collect natural 5-star heroes and raise their Tiers as high as possible. At the end-game phase (level 70 and later), you must have at least one team of natural 5-star heroes. Between level 30 and 70, you can use 4-star heroes. 1 / 3-star heroes can be useful until level 30: After that, we recommend you to disassemble them directly in Altar.

How to Get 5 Star Heroes

Naturally, collecting 5-star heroes will be a quite long and challenging process. For this reason, you should initially set up a team of 4-star heroes and upgrade some of them to 5 stars. But do not be greedy: You do not have to raise the star level of all your heroes. Each upgrade costs a lot of resources, and for that reason, you should only upgrade the heroes you want to bring with you to the end-game phase.

You can get natural 5-star heroes in one of these ways:

  • Heroic summons
  • Prophet Tree summons

  • Through the casino wheel (by turning the wheel or purchasing them directly with casino coins)
  • In exchange for Guild Coins (some natural 5-star heroes can only be obtained while in a guild)

  • Via the Daily Login awards (you get a natural 5-star hero every 30 days)
  • Through VIP levels (some natural 5-star heroes are only available to VIP players)

In theory, it is also possible to get a natural 5-star hero via basic and friendship summons, but your odds will be very low.

The All-Star List

In the tables below, you can see all 4 and 5-star heroes according to their Aura categories. We have not included 6 and 10-star heroes on these tables because they are only available in the end-game phase, and most casual players will not even see them. Heroes of 3 stars and below are useless after level 30, so they do not have to be listed separately. Simply put, if you are an average player, you will play Idle Heroes with the following heroes:

Disciple, Fegan, Divine Spirit
Gerke, Asmodel, Michelle, Faith Blade

Darkness Fanella, Logan, Dark Spirit
Dark Athindol, Sleepless, Das Moge, Arnuvor, Mihm

Wind Walker, Chief, Ent Elder, Headstriker, Thale, Kargath, Zekkis
Demon Hunter, Dragon Slayer, Faceless, Starlight, Groo, Eddga, Malassa

Rogge, Destroyer, Tanner, Akasha, Lemegeton, Aleria, Norma, Immolatus

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Dantalian, Margaret, Barea, Queen, Lord Balrog, Fat Mu, Gusta, Karim

Time Mage, Storm Hudde, Roy, Sierra, Liquor, LM-02, Iron Bambi, Kristian
Emily, Ormus, Honor Guard, Flame Strike, Ice Blink, Bleecker, Mirage, Miki

Grumpy, Gbagbo, Bonecarver, Glen, Nightmare Knight, Bone General, Deathsworm
Kharma, Blood Blade, Dominator, Lutz, Field, Baade, Aidan, Walter, Kamath, Lamb

Keep in mind that with every update, new heroes are added to the game, and some are removed. So these lists may change in the future.

The Aura System and Ideal Team Setup

If the heroes in your team have the same Aura, you get some buffs during the battles. Each team can have 6 heroes. If all of these heroes have the same Aura, you get the following benefits:

  • Shadow Aura Buff: 20% armor break, 20% health buff
  • Abyss Aura Buff: 15% attack power, 20% health buff
  • Dark Aura Buff: 30% immune to control effects, 20% health buff
  • Forest Aura Buff: 5% critical, 20% health buff
  • Fortress Aura Buff: 5% dodge, 20% health buff
  • Light Aura Buff: 30% immune to control effects, 20% health buff


That’s not all: It is possible to achieve various advantages by creating mixed Aura setups. Most players value the aura buffs much more than necessary and determine their team setups accordingly. The aura buffs, however, do not provide a lot of advantage after level 70. For this reason, you should aim for creating a synergistic team instead of trying to match all Auras: If your heroes have skills that support each other, you can easily win all battles.

So, how are you going to do that? You can start by not paying attention to the heroes’ aura, and looking at their classes and abilities. You need to build your team like in an MMORPG game: At least one tank, one healer, and 4 DD/CC (damage dealer/crowd controller) must be found in each team. There are a total of 6 slots you can use, and the heroes you place in the first two will be attacked primarily. For this reason, you should place warrior or ranger heroes with high HP points in both slots – they will be the tanks. Heroes with skills that get triggered when attacked will be a good choice.

Heroes placed in the remaining slots will be attacked less often. However, they will be the ones who provide the highest damage. Make sure you use at least one healer: After level 30, you cannot win any battle if your team does not have a healer. Reserve the remaining slots for DDs: one ranged, one melee. We recommend that you place a CC hero in the last slot. With this arrangement, you can win even the toughest battles.

You can see a sample setup below:

  • First 2 slots (Tank): Corpse Demon, Dominator, Honor Guard (pick 2)
  • Healer: Thale, Zekkis, Ormus (pick 1)
  • Melee DD: Margaret, Walter, Miki (pick 1)
  • Ranged DD: Ice Blink, OD-1, Aidan (pick 1)
  • Crowd Control: Bleeker, Demon Hunter, Kharma (pick 1)

If you choose heroes with complementary abilities, you can progress very quickly to the end-game phase. For example, Margaret procs poison damage when attacked, so you can add another hero that causes more damage to poisoned enemies. Check the skills of your heroes and learn what they can do.

Idle Heroes may have more than 200 characters, but you only need 6 of them. Now you know what to look for when choosing among the heroes: You can enter the battlefield more confidently. Do not forget to read our other Idle Heroes guides and good luck with the game!

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