MARVEL Future Revolution has recently introduced a new update to the Alliance Omega War game mode. The update improved a bit on the old formula with new content and now offers two new limited-time events as part of the beta.

MARVEL Future Revolution: The Alliance Omega War Game Mode & Events

The Alliance Omega War events started a few days back on November 27 and are set to end on December 8. For those who don’t know the details of the new game mode, here is a quick rundown;

  • Alliance Omega War is a PvP content in which an Alliance goes against another Alliance to fight and claim supremacy for being the strongest Alliance.
  • After each round, the Alliance with the higher score will be declared the winner, and the rewards received will help each Alliance member grow, and the score will be tallied and added to the Alliance contribution score.
  • Alliance Omega War can be played twice every Saturday / Sunday on a weekly basis, and each Alliance needs at least 10 members, and at most 15 members per Alliance to participate, which makes up a total of 30 users going against each other in a 15 vs 15 battle.
  • The Alliance must be Lv. 5 or higher to participate in this mode & each Alliance should have at least 10 participating members or more.
  • The Omega War will not be held during the Alliance Omega War period.
  • Only the Alliance Leader or the Alliance Deputy can apply for participation in the Alliance Omega War.
  • Alliance Omega War will be run as a beta service until further notice.
  • Points earned in Alliance Omega Wars are reflected in the Alliance Contribution, which can contribute to the advancement of the Alliance Ranking.
  • These points are accumulated on a weekly basis and are accumulated separately from regular Omega War points.

How To Play In Alliance Omega War

  • The playing method is the same as the Omega War.
  • You can steal 50% of the opponent’s score by defeating them. If you are defeated, you will lose 50% of your points.
  • Acquiring fragments by destroying the objects that spawn at set times during battle will help you claim additional points and health.
  • The battle ends when the time runs out or when all of the members of a team leave.
  • The victory/defeat/draw will be determined based on the points accumulated by both Alliances after the battle has ended.
  • Tap “BATTLE DETAILS” to check the points acquired by each team member and their ranking information.

MARVEL Future Revolution: The Alliance Omega War Game Mode & Events

The Alliance Omega War Participation Events

The new game mode is accompanied by two events where players can earn rewards and rare items.

Alliance Omega War Weekend Event

This is a participation-based event meaning any agents who have participated in the Alliance Omega War at least once or more during the event period will receive the reward.

And players will receive the reward, a Companion Summon Ticket, on December 10 in sequential order. Also, keep in mind that the reward can only be claimed once regardless of the number of Alliance Omega War participation.

Alliance Omega War Screenshot Event

Just by posting a screenshot, players can receive Companion Summon Ticket x1; follow the steps below.

  • Participate and screenshot the Alliance Omega War result screen.
  • Verify your participation by posting a screenshot of the Alliance Omega War result screen on the Alliance Omega War Screenshot Event board in the forum.
  • Be sure to write the region and server names in the title of the post correctly, along with the screenshot.
  • Make sure to write the correct region/server(including the number) in the title.
  • Entries with incorrect formats will not be counted.

How To Find The Region and Server Information

  • Tap the server selection button in the title screen, look under “MY SERVER” to see your info.
  • For example, if you have the New Stark City 1 server and AMERICA(EAST) as the region, then write it as AMERICA(EAST)/New Stark City 1.

All Agents who participated in Alliance Omega War and posted a screenshot to verify it will receive the reward on December 10. 

Things To Keep In Mind 

  • The event rewards can only be claimed once, according to the first post made, even if the Agent has participated in the Event more than once.
  • Alliance Omega War Screenshot Event rewards will be distributed based on the account ID used to post the screenshot. If the account ID does not match, the reward cannot be sent.
  • Use of another Agent’s screenshot will result in being disqualified from the Event.
  • Claimed items will automatically be added to the Inventory of the current Super Hero.
  • The Event reward can only be claimed once per Squad.
  • The schedule of the Event may be revised or end early depending on the situation.

That’s it for now; stay tuned for more gaming-related content.