MARVEL Future Revolution has recently released its latest update adding Dormammu’s Dark Domain region to the game. The new update adds a ton of new content for the players to enjoy including new events, costumes, and exciting rewards to go along with it.

MARVEL Future Revolution: The Dark Domain Update

Two new locations have been added in the Dark Domain: the Twisted Border and Land of the Exiled. There is also a new blitz mode along with quite a few new challenges for the players to enjoy. The max Hero level has also been increased to Lvl 110.

New Dark Domain Regions And Changes

In Twisted Border, players will fight alongside Scarlet Witch and Nico Minoru with the aim of protecting the civilians affected by the convergence. And the Land of the Exiled is an area bordering the Netherworld where the Hell Lord Mephisto and the Lord of Chaos Dormammu are engaged in a constant battle for dominance.

  1. Hero EXP can be acquired by defeating Villains and Most Wanted Targets in the Dark Zone.
  2. Players can  acquire more Dark Zone points and Hero EXP in PvP enabled locations than in non-PvP locations
  3. The level and stats of some Villains appearing in the Dark Zone have been increased.
  4. Dark Zone Points can be acquired at a set rate by defeating Villains in the Dark Zone.
  5.  The third channel in the Dark Zone has been changed to a non-PvP channel.
  6. Three new Most Wanted Targets have been added to the Dark Zone.
  7. The Dark Zone Event time has been changed to 11:00-13:00 and 19:00-21:00.
  8. One of the rewards for defeating Prime Targets has been changed from Med-Kit to Dark Points.
  9. 37 new challenges were added and Epic Mission Squad Rank requirements were reduced
  10. The gold rewards for daily challenges have been increased by 10000 gold.

New Blitz Mode: Chains of the Abyss

“The Dark Dimension Corps, led by the Lord of Chaos, Dormammu, have exposed their plans to invade Primary Earth. Our Agents have been called up to defeat the powerful Corps and stop his evil plans.”

Players will have to battle and defeat the ruler of the Dark Dimension, Dormammu in three separate stages. In each stage, Dormammu transforms into a stronger version with a different attack pattern from the previous stage. Players need at least a level 105 Hero to take part in this new Biltz. 

MARVEL Future Revolution: The Dark Domain Update

The rewards in the blitz include; 

  1. Crystal x2,000
  2. 5★ Doctor Strange (1974) #8 x1
  3. Card Draw Ticket x5
  4. Lv.105 6★ Battle Badge Selection Box x1

There are primarily 7 new events to look out for in the new Dark Domain update- 

  1. The New Costume Festival Event 
  2. Dark Dimension Invasion Event
  3. Dark Dimension Card Festival Event
  4. Thanos’ Invasion Event
  5. Omega Pass: Season II Event
  6. Hero Level Up Event
  7. Blitz Relay Challenge Event

The New Costume Festival Event is from September 29 to October 12, the main rewards offered here are the Region Costume Dark Domain and Special Costume Eyes of Osiris. And the player will be drawing x10 with each turn which will approximately cost 1800 depending on the offer.

The Dark Dimension Invasion Event will span from September 29 to October 12. Players will be battling Dormammu in three stages at Level 39, Lvl 62, and Lvl 84 in Xandearth (City Cluster), Midgardia (Ravaged Plains), and Sakaar (Great Desert)

The Event’s prime target reward count is twice a day. The reward will differ based on contribution and the Dormammu Tokens can be exchanged for various items in Shop > Tokens > Normal Tokens > Most Wanted Token.

The rewards for the event are;

  1. [Blitz] Complete 50 timesDormammu Token x50
  2. [Raid] Clear Raid 5 times: Dormammu Token x50
  3. [Special Operations] Clear 10 times: Dormammu Token x50
  4. [Omega War] Participate 10 times: Dormammu Token x50
  5. [Dimensional Duel] Participate 30 times: Dormammu Token x50
  6. Xandearth [City Cluster] Defeat Dormammu 3 times: Dormammu Token x80
  7. Midgardia [Ravaged Plains] Defeat Dormammu 3 times: Dormammu Token x80
  8. Sakaar [Great Desert] Defeat Dormammu 3 times: Dormammu Token x80

With these Dormammu tokens players can buy 4★ Dark Dimension Omega Card Box, 1★ – 5★ Omega Card Box, 1★ – 3★ Costume Box, 1★ – 3★ Core Box, and Gold.

New Omega Cards have been added with the Dark Dimension Card Festival Event (9/29 – 10/12). Here are the new cards: 

  1. Special Omega Card: Doctor Strange (2015) #1
  2. Special Omega Card: Doctor Strange (2018) #10
  3. Rare Omega Card: War Machine (2008) #2
  4. Rare Omega Card: Invincible Iron Man (2015) #6
  5. Rare Omega Card: Doctor Strange (1974) #8
  6. Rare Omega Card: Defenders (2005) #3
  7. Rare Omega Card: New Avengers (2004) #54

Prepare for an Epic Invasion! or the Thanos Event starts from Sep 29 and offers the  4★ Dark Dimension Omega Card Box upon logging in for 14 days. Here are the daily login rewards;

  • Day 1 Check-In: 3★ Core of Power x1
  • Day 2 Check-In: Mid-grade ATK Enhancer x10
  • Day 3 Check-In: Dimension Box Ticket x1
  • Day 4 Check-In: 3★ Core of Vitality x1
  • Day 5 Check-In: Mid-grade HP Enhancer x10
  • Day 6: Dimension Box Ticket x1
  • Day 7: Costume Draw Ticket x1
  • Day 8: 3★ Core of Frenzy x1
  • Day 9: Mid-grade Critical Damage Enhancer x10
  • Day 10: Dimension Box Ticket x1
  • Day 11: 3★ Core of Intensity x1
  • Day 12: Mid-grade DEF Enhancer x10
  • Day 13: Dimension Box Ticket x1

That’s it for now, stay tuned for more gaming-related news.