The Past and Future Collide update in MARVEL Strike Force introduced two new members from the astonishing X-Men team: Jubilee and Bishop. Apart from these members, your Alliance is a new challenge named ‘Doom Raids.’ More interestingly, S.H.I.E.L.D’s infamous spy, Nick Fury, is making his return to the game in a legendary event titled ‘Chasing Fury.’ This update is undoubtedly full of surprises and unique in-game content. Let’s not waste any more time and jump straight into the details.

Jubilee, the Astonishing X-Men’s Legendary Controller

Member Traits: Hero, Mutant, Global, Legendary, Controller, Astonishing X-Men

Passive (Mall Rat): When an Astonishing X-Men ally’s health drops below 50%, generate an Ability Energy for allied Beast and fills the partner Beast Speed Bar by 30%.

Basic Ability (Firework Blast): Jubilee attacks the primary target for 290% damage and a 70% chance to apply Blind. (100% at raids)

Special Ability (Plasmoid Party): Attacks the primary target for 300% damage with an energy cost of 3/5. On kill, it spreads three adverse effects from primary target to secondary targets. However, the stun effect from this ability does not apply.

Ultimate (Splitting Atoms): Jubilee attacks the primary target for 400% damage alongside 50% Piercing Damage. It also reduces the Speed Bar by 25% and applies Stun. The ultimate ability requires an energy cost of 4/4.

Lucas Bishop, Member of X-Men

Member Traits: Hero, Cosmic, Blaster, Mutant, Astonishing X-Men

Passive (Energy Redirection): Bishop can charge his skills and gain additional resistances at times. 

Basic Ability (Beam Shot): Bishop attacks the primary target for 270% damage, and this attack cannot be countered.

Special Ability (Retaliation Laser): Attacks the primary target for 300% damage with an energy cost of 3/3. If Jubilee is an ally, this ability produces extra benefits for Bishop.

Ultimate (Blast from the Past): Attacks the primary and adjacent targets for 270% damage. If charged, it can attack for up to 540% damage.

A New Challenge Arises – Doom Raids!

This challenge will put your entire Alliance and team to the test. Moreover, with the Doom Raid, Ultimus Raid Keys have now been converted into a new Ultimate Raid Key. However, the Doom Raids will be made available sometime in February.

MARVEL Strike Force – The Past and Future Collide Update Introduces Two New Members and Doom Raids

Additionally, you will able to increase the power of the X-Men and Wakanda with the upcoming Blitzes. 

Look Whose Back!

Nick Fury is making his return to MARVEL Strike Force with a legendary event called ‘Chasing Fury.’ However, you’ll require a ‘Kree’ team at a minimum of 5-Stars to recruit Nick Fury. More details about the bonus events can be found on the official MARVEL Strike Force website.