MARVEL Strike Force 5.4.0 Release Notes: What’s New?

The MARVEL Strike Force 5.4.0 patch notes were released a while ago, on June 2, 2021; the patch notes contained quite a lot of detail about everything from upcoming characters, costumes, events, bug fixes to the slight changes to the leveling system. 

The introduction of Infinity Watch in MSF has given rise to exciting new characters like Moondragon, Adam Warlock, Phyla-Vell, and an empowered Gamora effectively replacing Thanos. In addition, new Costumes for Loki, Iceman, Black Widow, and Deadpool will slowly become available as the events progress.

Iceman Costume – All-New Shade Of Ice event, get to milestone 25 by playing in arena battles (it doesn’t matter if you win or lose); the costume is available in the supply store at 25k purple flash bits. And the Deadpool X-force costume is available in the supply store for 33k credits. 

The Loki costume can be acquired through the Campaign Mischief event, which will run in parallel to “Vote For Loki.” Now don’t get confused; the Vote for Loki event begins on June 9 and offers a chance to recruit Phyla-Vell, while Campaign Mischief is an addition to it offering Loki’s costume. 

Use the energy from Vote For Loki to complete the campaign Mischief milestone, the flash bits earned from this can be used to purchase the costume, then come July 1, the flash bits will be converted to costume credits. More costumes will become available as the events get announced.

When it comes to Doom Raids, players have mixed feelings, but it’s a little bit better than the last few updates. The iso system is messed up, but Doom Raids are still worth it because the rewards are finally in balance, but it takes time to get there, so start grinding. 

MARVEL Strike Force 5.4.0 Release Notes: What’s New?

Empowered Gamora And Nebula 

The changes made to Gamora and Nebula certainly made them more useful in a battle. The updated kit has made them a great duo; they play off each other’s moves very well in sync. But of the two, Gamora is the one who got a major powerup; she is now considered overpowered by many players and considered a must-have in RTA Matchups. 

Her rework has boosted the stats, defense up, offense up, and the assists work well with other teammates. Even if you are saving up for a newer character, it’s definitely worth investing in her. You can check out her stats here on the MSF site under updates characters. She is one of those characters that will always stay in your roster so go for iso-8. 

The Latest Addition Phyla-Vell 

Phyla-Vell is the latest addition to the game, one of the original members of Adam Warlock Infinity Watch. She was genetically engineered using the DNA of a Titan Eternal and a Kree supersoldier, known as Mar-Vell, the original Captain MARVEL. Being the child of an Eternal and a Kree makes her one of the strongest characters in the Infinity Watch. In the comics, she fought alongside the Guardians of the Galaxy agonist many threats, gone up against Annihilus, and lend a hand to Moondragon in defeating the Dragon of the Moon, which ended with Phyla becoming Avatar of Oblivious (by the intervention of Maelstrom).   

In the game, her moves include barrier, drain, and defense-up, but as a protector, she lacks taunt. Her status as the Avatar of Oblivion grants her and the Infinity Watch teammates additional damage; combine that with death proof you got a solid attack plan. Her already powerful basic melee attack meteoric slash (which opens up a chain of attack up to two spaces) will become unstoppable when Moondragon is present. 

With these unique attack and defense stats, players will naturally want her on their team. With Moondragon along her side, she may very well become the new meta of MSF. If you are still unsure of the new updates, then start hoarding resources until your mind is made up. 

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