Ahoy, brave adventurers! Prepare to set sail on a treacherous journey through Misty Continent: Cursed Island, the mobile strategy conquest game that has captivated the hearts of daring souls worldwide. In this thrilling world of base building, formidable armies, and enigmatic technologies, you’ll forge alliances, engage in fierce PvP battles, and explore ancient ruins filled with untold treasures. As you navigate through mazes, solve mind-twisting puzzles, and battle deadly creatures, your wit and courage will be put to the ultimate test. But fear not, for fortune favors the bold!

Misty Continent's Cursed Island Unleashes Thrilling Updates In Version 10.9.0

To enjoy the best gaming experience in Misty Continent, we strongly suggest downloading and installing this game on PC with BlueStacks . With the enhanced graphics and features offered by our Android app player, you can focus more on developing your settlement and dominating the competition, without struggling with small screen sizes, clunky controls, and subpar performance, to name a few. 

But with this preamble out of the way, let’s go ahead and take a look at what the newest update to Misty Continent, Atlantean Ascension Unleashed, has in store for all of us.

New Update: Atlantean Ascension Unleashed!

Version 10.9.0 brings a tidal wave of exhilarating changes to Misty Continent: Cursed Island. The Pinnacle of Kings has undergone a remarkable transformation, ascending to Atlantis Clash! As an intrepid adventurer, your mission is to seize control of the Atlantean Citadel and its four Blessed Turrets, all while vying for the illustrious Crown of Destiny to claim the title of the new King! But that’s not all; the Sharpen Yer Swords event awaits you after each battle stage, offering a chance to resurrect fallen troops lost in the heat of the Atlantean Ascension.

Misty Continent's Cursed Island Unleashes Thrilling Updates In Version 10.9.0

Hero Adjustments

Beyond the kingdom’s boundaries, the heroes of Misty Continent have honed their skills to perfection. Upon updating, you will experience the optimized art and exciting adjustments in Hero Skills for beloved characters like Peggy, Rozabela, Tamir, Phoebus, and more. 

More specifically, update 10.9.0 brings the following adjustment to these heroes in the Siege Breaker mode:

  • Tamir: Unleash devastating Sand Tornadoes that sweep through enemies, inflicting damage on all foes caught in their path.
  • Phoebus: Exhibit precision and skill as he throws multiple Medals upward, causing them to rain down upon enemies upon contact, dealing significant damage.
  • Conrad: Master the art of rapid fire as he fires Bullets in all directions, creating explosions upon first contact with enemies (Evolved Skill).
  • Rozabela: Summon Viper Swords to attack enemies in AoE, dealing area damage that leaves foes trembling.
  • Francette: Display finesse in combat by throwing Roses at enemies, which travel a distance and hover momentarily before inflicting damage on all enemies in their path.

Misty Continent's Cursed Island Unleashes Thrilling Updates In Version 10.9.0

Quality of Life and Experience Adjustments

But that’s not all that’s improved. The experience has been further enhanced with optimizations in battle-related Divination Quest rewards, offering valuable EXP items for the mighty War Behemoth. Additionally, the game’s interface has been polished for better clarity, making navigation a breeze, especially when it comes to the following features:


  • Pop-up Display Enhancements: Enjoy a more seamless gaming experience with optimized pop-up windows and navigation bars, providing enhanced clarity and smoother interactions.
  • Notification Badge Improvements: Say goodbye to clutter! This update improves the display mechanism of notification badges on Skins and Leaderboards entrance icons, minimizing unnecessary distractions.
  • Inbox and Mail Upgrades: Managing your mails is now easier than ever. The notification badge will no longer show the number of new Reports, streamlining your communication hub for a cleaner interface.

Misty Continent's Cursed Island Unleashes Thrilling Updates In Version 10.9.0

And speaking of enhancements, the Honor Challenge now provides a max-level preview function, allowing you to plan your strategies more effectively. Plus, the War Aid Center’s Subscription feature introduces a time-saving Rewards Auto Claim function, making your conquests even more efficient.

With the Misty Continent: Cursed Island’s latest update, a new era of conquest begins. So ready your crews, summon your courage, and chart a course for victory in the realm of Atlantean Ascension! Let’s unravel the mysteries, conquer the challenges, and carve our names in the annals of history!