The patch notes for the version 10.7.0 update of Misty Continent: Cursed Island has been unveiled by FunPlus. The patch aims to bring a bunch of new content to the strategy game ranging from new events and appearances to store and experience optimizations.

In case you haven’t heard of this title yet, Misty Continent: Cursed Island is a popular strategy game that requires players to explore a lost continent and look for treasures while battling off foes that reside there from a stronghold that they build from scratch. Players have to utilize their wits to complete various puzzles and finish out the mazes and dungeons that the game has to offer. Misty Continent: Cursed Island features a total of 120+ stages alongside challenging bosses to keep players engaged.

Misty Continent Cursed Island Version 10.7.0 Patch Notes: New Events, Appearances & Optimizations

Let’s take a look at the detailed patch notes of the Misty Continent: Cursed Island Version 10.7.0 update, and check out everything new that it has brought to the game.

Misty Continent Cursed Island Version 10.7.0 Patch Notes


  • The event is about to launch. Compete to rank high on the leaderboards and win exquisite Appearances.
  • Brand new battlefield gameplay: ! The event will kick off with a pioneer experience in certain kingdoms. Stay tuned for the future release schedule via in-game announcements.


  • The Dragon Boat Festival-themed Frame and Nametag is about to be released during the festival-themed events.
  • Brand new Taurus-theme Appearance Set.

Store Optimizations

  • Adjusted the order of the and tab under the category.
  • Optimized certain text descriptions under the tab.

Experience Optimizations

  • Optimized the Hero Star Up process. When your remaining Hero Fragments can be synthesized into enough Hero items for the Star Up, you will be able to conduct Hero Synthesis directly at the Star Up interface.
  • Optimized the interactive experience for the search feature on the Kingdom Map. The type and level of your last search will be automatically recorded.
  • Optimized certain text descriptions for the Ghost Captain gameplay.

Misty Continent Cursed Island Version 10.7.0 Patch Notes: New Events, Appearances & Optimizations

That’s everything you need to know about the latest Misty Continent: Cursed Island update. If you’re willing to give the game a try, feel free to check out the title on Bluestacks to download and play it on your PC right away.