The MU Origin 2 patch 4.0, AKA the Elemental Update, has just gone live, bringing a couple of new systems that will change how damage is calculated, and therefore how you play the game, as well as new combat challenges that rely heavily on these new systems. In this brief overview, we’ll be taking a look at everything that’s new in the most recent MU ORIGIN 2 patch.

MU ORIGIN 2 Elemental Update - New Elemental Combat and Pet Upgrade Systems

The New Elemental System

True to the name of the patch, one of the highlights in the Elemental Update is a new elemental system. This new mechanic allows players to level up in five different elements, attuning their attacks and defenses to the said elements, increasing the damage they do to certain enemies, as well as reducing damage received, depending on their elemental attunements.

MU ORIGIN 2 Elemental Update - New Elemental Combat and Pet Upgrade Systems

The 5 elements in the game correspond to fire, water, lightning, earth, and wind, and players can equip different Elemental Guardians to enhance both their ATK and DEF against certain enemies. They can also equip multiple Soul Gems to their ATK and DEF slots to increase the damage and defense bonuses against these enemies. To unlock the new Elemental Guardian/Soul Gem system, players must first reach level 431.

Both your Elemental Guardians and Soul Gems can be enhanced to increase their power by investing special materials. These upgrade resources can be obtained either by the new Oracle feature, or by disassembling unused Soul Gems and Elemental Guardians.

MU ORIGIN 2 Elemental Update - New Elemental Combat and Pet Upgrade Systems

Soul of Elements

Upon reaching level 440, you will unlock the Soul of Elements features, allowing you to further increase your elemental powers by upgrading 5 different Souls of Elements, each corresponding to a specific element.

You can use Soul Sparks to enhance these Souls, and Soul Diamonds to upgrade them. Depending on the Soul Elements you upgrade, you’ll receive increasing bonuses to the ATK and DEF of specific elements. Furthermore, by upgrading the King of Soul, you will receive passive bonuses to all your elements.

MU ORIGIN 2 Elemental Update - New Elemental Combat and Pet Upgrade Systems

Try to upgrade all your Souls of Elements, as well as your King of Soul to unleash all your elemental prowess!

Guardian Pet Awakening

Your pets can also awaken to their elemental affinities in the new patch. This feature unlocks at level 411 and allows pets to awaken to unique elemental properties, which vary according to the pet in question, and that can increase their power and defense against certain enemies. Of course, in practice, this translates to your equipped pet giving your character more power against these enemies. In this sense, equipping and awakening the right pet can make it much easier to defeat certain bosses and enemies.

MU ORIGIN 2 Elemental Update - New Elemental Combat and Pet Upgrade Systems

Before unlocking their elemental properties, however, pets must be at certain levels. Rare pets must be at least Star 1 level 50, and unique pets need to be Star 1 level 100 to awaken. Once they fulfill this base requirement, you can use Pet Unlock Stones to awaken the pet. Moreover, every subsequent stage of awakening requires more materials to reach. There are a total of 5 awakening stages for every pet in the game.

The Oracle Board

As a way of giving players the ability to farm upgrade materials, as well as other useful goodies, the devs implemented the new Oracle Board. This system functions similar to a gacha game, in the sense that you must roll a die and receive prizes depending on the spots where you land on the board. All players receive a free roll every day, though they can also purchase more rolls by spending diamonds. Moreover, it’s also possible to spend diamonds for resetting the board.

Players can choose to roll either once, or up to 10 times at a moment, if they have enough diamonds. The rewards from the Oracle system are automatically deposited to the Oracle storage. Keep in mind that all items that you receive from your free rolls are automatically bound to your character, while those you get from the premium diamond rolls are unbound, which opens up the possibility to use them for other purposes.

MU ORIGIN 2 Elemental Update - New Elemental Combat and Pet Upgrade Systems

Zodiac Guardians

Upon reaching level 340, players will be able to discover new Zodiac Guardians, in the form of constellations in the sky, which they can equip and enhance, to increase their CP. There are 12 different Guardians that you can unlock, with each corresponding to a sign of the Zodiac. Once you activate all of them, you’ll receive a nice boost to your stats. Moreover, after you upgrade each of them to a certain level, you will unlock a new stage in the Zodiac Guardian system, allowing you to reach new heights of power.

One of the ways to enhance the power of your Zodiac Guardians is through the Trace of Star system, which unlocks at level 400. Once you activate any of these Guardians, their corresponding Trace of Star slot will unlock, in which you can equip one of these upgrade items to improve their power. Just like your Guardians, these Trace of Stars can also be upgraded to improve their stats once equipped. Moreover, you can also refine new Trace of Stars by using Sand of Starlight, which gives them new randomized properties.

MU ORIGIN 2 Elemental Update - New Elemental Combat and Pet Upgrade Systems

Lastly, the Zodiac Fortune mechanic is another system that can affect the power of your Zodiac Guardians. This is a randomized system of bonuses that refresh every day, and that can randomly reduce or enhance certain elemental properties. You can always view the current Zodiac Fortune of the day in the Trace of Star menu, by clicking on the “Fortune” options. And in case you’re not happy with the Fortune of the day, you can use diamonds to manually reset it at any moment.

Elemental Challenge

The idea of the Elemental system is that you eventually become strong enough to take on the new Elemental Challenges, which are dungeons with infinitely respawning enemies and tough bosses, which rewards players according to their performance. These enemies are, of course, elementally-attuned, which means that you’ll need to attune yourself to the correct elements in order to get the upper hand. This also implies that, before even thinking of entering this challenge, you’ll need to enhance your Elemental Guardians, Souls of Elements, King of Souls, and Zodiac Guardians, as well awaken your pets in order to stand a chance.

MU ORIGIN 2 Elemental Update - New Elemental Combat and Pet Upgrade Systems

Those who have been enjoying MU ORIGIN 2 until now just got a new reason to keep on playing and grinding thanks to the Elemental Update. Do you have what it takes to awaken the elements, and complete the Elemental Challenge?