RAID: Shadow Legends, the popular turn-based RPG game by Plarium has just published their official patch notes for the upcoming Patch 4.50. Plarium has also released the development notes and their future roadmap on their official Youtube channel for RAID: Shadow Legends.

RAID: Shadow Legends – Major Clan Improvements, Daily Login Reward Changes, and More in Patch 4.50

The essential highlights of this Patch are going to be the new Clan improvements that will be coming with this Patch. These Clan improvements include new Clan Quests, new Clan Shop, Clan Benefits, and a brand-new concept of Clan EXP which every clan member can get depending on how much they participate and complete various clan quests. New Clan Achievements will also be added in-game. Apart from the much-needed Clan improvements, Plarium also decided to tweak the Daily Login Rewards and decided to give players a confirmed legendary but after 4 months and taking something in return. Curious? Let’s get into the details of the upcoming patch.

Clan Improvements coming in RAID: Shadow Legends

Clans in RAID: Shadow Legends were essentially non-engaging as they had no serious Clan interaction needed. The only positive aspect to join Clans was the Clan Boss which gave hefty rewards and indulged players to create different teams to score higher. However, Plarium is taking a vow to increase Clan activities among players with its recent patches aimed towards Clan improvements. The first improvement came with the introduction of Clan V/S Clan tournaments which are now a staple in the community.

RAID: Shadow Legends – Major Clan Improvements, Daily Login Reward Changes, and More in Patch 4.50

Now with Patch 4.5, Plarium is introducing massive new changes to the Clan system. A new feature called “Clan Quests” is being added which entitles each Clan member to take up to 3 Clan quests per week. Plarium also states that these quests will change every week and members should discuss with their Clans which quests will suit which type of player. Once the quest is claimed by any member, it cannot be returned so players have to choose carefully the ones they are confident in completing. Every Clan Quest has one of the 3 difficulties assigned with it – Basic, Expert, and Elite difficulty. Hence, it is advised for newer players to take up Basic difficulty quests and the veterans can take the tougher Elite and Expert level quests. The progress of the quests taken each week cannot be carried over the next week and players will have to take up fresh quests every week. The number of Clan Quests available to each Clan will depend on the Clan level.

RAID: Shadow Legends – Major Clan Improvements, Daily Login Reward Changes, and More in Patch 4.50

Let’s see how this system will work in a broader sense. Plarium is introducing a Clan EXP system where every Clan can level up by collecting a certain amount of Clan EXP. This Clan EXP can be received via completing a minimum of 30 Clan quests. The clan level of every Clan will determine the amount of Clan benefits they can reap from the system. Completing Clan Quests will also give players a new currency called Clan Gold which can be used in the new Clan Shop. This Clan Shop contains different items. Some items are locked behind Clan level, just like the Bazaar. Hence, the higher the Clan Level, the better the rewards which are available in the Clan Shop.

The Clan Shop will reset every week just like the Clan Quests. The items available in the Clan Shop will be the same for all Clans of the same level, hence, no luck-based advantages. Every item in the Clan shop will be limited to a certain number of units. Players can purchase these items using their Clan Gold earned from completing Clan Quests.

RAID: Shadow Legends – Major Clan Improvements, Daily Login Reward Changes, and More in Patch 4.50

Clan Benefits are the different types of rewards that will be associated with the level of your current Clan. These benefits and rewards will increase depending on the rank of your Clan. For example, some of the current benefits included are: –

  1. Extra Multi-Battles
  2. Extra Silver Gain % from Campaign Stages
  3. More Slots in the Clan Shop
  4. The number of Clan Quests will increase

Daily Login Reward Changes

The new Patch 4.5 also states the changes coming to the Daily Login Rewards which were recently updated to be a stable one with no champion being given after 30 days. After the recent Playtime reward update in Patch 4.3, Plarium is now looking to alter the Daily Login Rewards with the next patch. This change will only come to the login rewards after 271+ days and the rewards for new players will stay the same. The 271+ days login rewards will be changed in the following aspect: –

  1. A new guaranteed legendary champion will be added to the login rewards.
  2. This new legendary champion will be given in the form of fragments which will be distributed in the login rewards and can be collected in 4 months to complete the 100 fragments required for summoning the legendary champion.
  3. The champion decided to be first available is Clepetrix, the legendary champion from the Skinwalkers faction.
  4. The Sacred Shard and Rank 5 Chicken will be taken out of the login rewards and will be replaced by these fragments.
  5. This champion rotation will change every 4 months.

RAID: Shadow Legends – Major Clan Improvements, Daily Login Reward Changes, and More in Patch 4.50

Miscellaneous Improvements

The new improvements coming with Patch 4.5 are as follows:

  1. The Arena missions in the progress bar will be changed to make them easier.
  2. Changes to the Decrease Critical Hit Damage debuff will be coming to make it more effective. Instead of flat out reducing the Critical Hit Damage, it will be changed to lower it by a quarter (25%).
  3. The champion inventory will be increased by an additional 100 slots which can be purchased by using Gems or Silver.
  4. The inbox inventory space will be increased by an additional 100 slots as well. This will be done automatically after Patch 4.5 is implemented and players do not need to pay to extend them.

RAID: Shadow Legends – Major Clan Improvements, Daily Login Reward Changes, and More in Patch 4.50

To know the full details of Patch 4.50, you can read the official patch notes. Comment down below your thoughts on this patch!

We highly recommend playing RAID: Shadow Legends on PC with BlueStacks using a keyboard and mouse.