Plarium Games has recently confirmed the contents of patch 7.21.0 for their popular mobile RPG title RAID: Shadow Legends. The patch brings a ton of exciting new features to the game including tournaments, events, and more. It also terminates support for Android devices running Android 5.0.

Let’s take a look at the contents of RAID: Shadow Legends 7.21.0 update, and check out everything new that it has brought to the game.

Raid Shadow Legends 7.21.0: Patch Notes

Here are the detailed patch notes for the RAID: Shadow Legends 7.21.0 update as officially revealed by the devs:

Blessings Rebalance

  • News stats have been added for Champions with Level 6 Blessings. The SPD stat bonus on Level 6 has been increased by 50% for Legendary Blessings and by 25% for Epic and Rare Blessings.

Champion Lore

  • New Champion lore for several Champions including Queen Eva, Jetni the Giant, Candraphon and others have been added to the game. Fans can expect more Champion lore to arrive in the upcoming updates.

Events and Tournaments

  • Soulstone Rush: Earn rewards as you collect Event Points by summoning Souls from Soulstones. The amount of Points you get depends on the Soulstone type.
  • New tournaments including the Soul Chase Tournament and Turn Attack Tournaments have been added to RAID: Shadow Legends. The Turn Attack Tournaments require players to clear Stages of a certain Dungeon in as few turns as possible. The higher the Stage and the fewer turns they take to complete it, the more Tournament Points they get.

Gold Medal Chest

After upgrading all Affinity Bonuses at the Great Hall to Level 10, players will be able to exchange Gold Medals for Gold Medal Chests.

The price of each Gold Medal Chest is 1000 Gold Medals. This exchange can only be made once every 48 hours.

The Chest contains random Charms alongside Rank 5 or 6 Epic, Legendary, or Mythical Artifacts from the following Artifact sets:

– Divine Life

– Divine Offense

– Divine Critical Rate

– Divine Speed

Artifact Sets Rebalance

Several Artifact sets have been rebalanced.


  • Old – 4 Set: 35% chance to Counterattack when hit.
  • New – 2 Set: 15% chance to Counterattack when hit.


  • Old – 4 Set: 45% chance to Counterattack when hit with a Critical Hit.
  • New – 4 Set: 45% chance to Counterattack when a debuff is placed on the wearer.


  • Old – 4 Set: 75% chance to place 50% Heal Reduction debuff for 2 turns.
  • New – 4 Set: 50% chance to place Hex debuff for 2 turns.


  • Old – 4 Set: +10% Turn Meter for every 5% HP lost.
  • New – 4 Set: +5% Turn Meter for each debuff received.


  • Old – 4 Set: 20% bonus Heal.
  • New – 4 Set: 20% bonus Heal. Also restores the amount of destroyed HP equal to bonus healing.


  • Old – 4 Set: +5% Damage for every 10% HP lost. Stacks up to +25%.
  • New – 4 Set: Damage increase depends on Champion’s current HP: HP 100%-76% = +10% Damage, HP 75%-51% = +25% Damage, HP 50% or lower = +50% Damage.


  • Old – 4 Set: C. DMG +30%. 20% chance to change Weak Hit into Critical Hit.
  • New – 4 Set: C. DMG +30%. 50% chance to change Weak Hit to Critical Hit.

Besides the aforementioned changes, there are a number of bug fixes and finer changes that fans can check out in the official patch notes for the 7.21.0 update.

Players who currently own Android 5.0 devices and are finding themselves unable to play the game can simply download and play RAID: Shadow Legends on their PC through Bluestacks and enjoy seamless performance.