Plarium has finally announced their new champion available for fusion, Roric Wyrmbane, a legendary grade Spirit affinity champion from the Barbarians Faction. Roric Wyrmbane is this month’s fusion for RAID: Shadow Legends, the popular turn-based RPG from Plarium. This fusion event will be one of the fragment fusion events where players can summon the champion upon receiving all the champion fragments. Plarium will give ways to obtain the required champion fragments in the form of Events and Tournaments. This will be an in-depth guide on the various ways available for players to obtain fragments to complete this fusion.

RAID: Shadow Legends – Roric Wyrmbane Fragment Fusion Guide

Roric Wyrmbane is a new legendary Spirit affinity champion from the Barbarians faction coming to RAID: Shadow Legends for September. Roric Wyrmbane is a great single target DPS unit that can also provide great crowd control. He also has a unique synergy with counterattacking as he will always use his 3rd skill Scale Breaker whenever he counterattacks. This, however, makes him bound to be geared towards a counterattack build to utilize his passive. He also has another additional passive that states that he is immune to Stuns. He also comes with an all-battles speed lead by 19% as his Aura. His attacks are all single targets but his 2nd skill Dragon Rage can do an AOE Stun if it meets the condition of reducing the turn meter of the selected enemy to 0. Overall, we feel it’s a great and accessible fusion champion for newer players as well as some of the veterans who might be lacking in the Barbarians department. During this Fusion event, Plarium provides Fragments for the champion in multiple Events and Tournaments.

RAID: Shadow Legends – Roric Wyrmbane Fragment Fusion Guide

Keep in mind that these events and tournaments will take a lot of your time if you’re going to manually play the game since Plarium only provides 30 instances of Auto-Battles per day. But don’t worry, you can easily bypass the hard grinding by simply using BlueStacks macro recorder to record your runs and keep re-running them. 

Roric Wyrmbane Champion Skills

Roric Wyrmbane is an Attack type legendary grade spirit affinity champion from the Barbarians faction. Being a Legendary Tier champion, his base stats are nothing to be laughed at, with a solid Attack of 1641. This is the 8th highest attack of any champion in-game so he sure packs a punch with this much attack. His Skill kit is also nothing to be laughed at as he focuses more on single target DPS and providing some crowd control for the team. His 3rd skill Scale Breaker is a single target damaging skill that ignores 50% of the defense of the target when attacking them. It also has its special passive that states Roric Wyrmbane will always use this skill when counterattacking. His 1st skill Wyrmslayer Hammer is also another single-target damaging skill that attacks 2 times with each hit having a 40% chance to Stun the target. If it does not Stun the target, then it will increase his turn-meter by 15% instead. His 2nd skill Dragon Rage is also another single-target damaging skill that has an 80% chance to deplete the target turn-meter by 75%. If this skill reduces the target’s turn-meter to 0, then it will stun all the other enemies with an 80% chance. His passive Titan’s End is his passive ability that states that Roric Wyrmbane cannot be stunned and is immune to Stuns. It also states that he will deal 15% more damage to bosses while taking 15% lesser damage from bosses. We recommend players to use Savage, Cruel, Retaliation, and Avenging Sets and with a major focus on Critical Rate, Critical Hit Damage, Attack, and Speed stats in this particular order.

RAID: Shadow Legends – Roric Wyrmbane Fragment Fusion Guide

Here is a list of his skills in detail:-

Wyrmslayer Hammer [ATK]

Attacks 1 enemy 2 times. Each hit has a 40% chance of placing a [Stun] debuff for 1 turn. Each hit will fill this Champion’s Turn meter by 15% if the target is not under a [Stun] Debuff after the hit.

Dragon Rage [ATK]

Attacks 1 enemy. Has an 80% chance of decreasing the Target’s Turn Meter by 75%. If this skill fully depletes the target’s Turn Meter, also has an 80% chance of placing a [Stun] debuff on all other enemies for 1 turn.

Scale Breaker [ATK]

Attacks 1 enemy. Will ignore 50% of the target’s DEF.

[Passive Effect]

Will always use this skill instead of the default Skill when counterattacking. This skill will not be blocked by [Block Active Skills] debuffs.

Titan’s End (Passive)

Immune to [Stun] debuffs

Deals 15% more damage to Bosses and receives 15% less damage from them.

Roric Wyrmbane Fusion Event Guide

Roric Wyrmbane is available through something called a Fragment Fusion. By Fragment fusions, we mean that Roric needs 100 of his champion fragments to be fused. These fragments can be found in various Events and Tournaments and can be achieved in reaching certain milestones in them. Pretty simple, right? It is simple; however, we will give a detailed guide on how to manage your resources to obtain enough fragments to fuse them.

RAID: Shadow Legends – Roric Wyrmbane Fragment Fusion Guide

We will now list the various events and tournaments through which you will be able to obtain these fragments.

Here is the list: –

  • Dungeon Divers Event Part 1 (6th – 9th September)
  • Spider Tournament (6th – 10th September)
  • Artifact Enhancement Event Part 1(7th – 10th September)
  • Champion Training Tournament Part 1 (9th – 12th September)
  • Summon Rush Event (10th – 13th September)
  • Classic Arena Takedown Tournament Part 1 (10th – 13th September)
  • Dragon Tournament (11th – 14th September)
  • Dungeon Divers Event Part 2 (12th – 15th September)
  • Fire Knight Tournament (13th – 16th September)
  • Champion Training Event Part 1 (14th – 19th September)
  • Artifact Enhancement Event Part 2 (14th – 17th September)
  • Dungeon Divers Event Part 3 (16th – 21st September)
  • Ice Golem Tournament (16th – 19th September)
  • Champion Chase Tournament (17th – 20th September)
  • Classic Arena Takedown Tournament Part 2 (17th – 20th September)

Preparation for these Events and Tournaments

As we can see from the timings of these Events and Tournaments presented by the Plarium that many of these collide with each other. If you are confused by what some of the terms mean or where some of the locations of the dungeons and events are, here is a helpful guide.  Now doing every event and tournament 1 by 1 will drain your resources very quickly, and you will be left with insufficient fragments to fuse Roric. You might need to spend gems to refill energy for completing the remaining events and tournaments. 

RAID: Shadow Legends – Roric Wyrmbane Fragment Fusion Guide

This is where efficient planning and using your resources judiciously comes in. Energy and Silver will be your 2 biggest resources, and if you have enough of these saved up, things will go more smoothly for you. But if you don’t have them stored don’t fret, we are here for you! Take a look at our preparation process for Roric Wyrmbane Fragment Fusion here:-

6th – 20th September –

  • Dungeon Divers Event Part 1: 5 Roric Wyrmbane Fragments (Obtained at 2500 Points)
  • Spider Tournament: 5 Roric Wyrmbane Fragments (Obtained at 1800 Points) 

These 2 events and tournaments, luckily are very easy and can be completed at the same time by just farming the Spiders dungeon. The point requirement for the Dungeon Divers is a bit higher so you can farm the campaign mode or any other dungeon to complete the rest of the event. Farm the highest possible stage in Spiders Den as you can and you will be easily able to complete both for 10 total Fragments.

RAID: Shadow Legends – Roric Wyrmbane Fragment Fusion Guide

  • Artifact Enhancement Event Part 1: 5 Roric Wyrmbane Fragments (Obtained at 2625 Points)

This event is again very straightforward but can drain a lot of your silver reserves. If you were not prepared, then you might have to spend your precious energy to farm silver coins for upgrading your equipment. Here are a few tips to achieve those 2625 points:-

  1. You can pre-roll your artifacts till Lvl 7/11/15 and then simply spend silver to upgrade to the next level as you get points only after upgrading artifacts to LVL 4,8,12 and 16 with the highest points being given at 6-star LVL 16 artifact upgrade.
  2. You can level up 3 6-Star artifacts to level 16 to easily complete this event in a go
  3. Save up to roughly 6 million silver per artifact enhancement even, as this amount is roughly what it takes to complete these events.

However, if you have enough silver or artifacts upgraded to a certain level, then feel free to use it to complete this event. It also takes a lot of time because the general upgrading speed for artifacts is very slow, and it fails many times as well. However, if you use BlueStacks Eco mode, you can significantly speed up this process and save so much time!

  • Champion Training Tournament Part 1: 10 Roric Wyrmbane Fragments (Obtained at 2125/4200 Points)

For champion training tournaments, make sure to have lots of resources like potions, fodder for ranking up champions as well as energy/brews for leveling up champions. This event is extremely grindy and can take a lot of time if you were not prepared beforehand. Champion Training tournament can be completed by farming the campaign mode! It will also help you in completing the Dungeon diver’s event which will be opening the next day. Champion leveling, promotion, and ascension all count towards points for the champion training tournament. If you have some brews saved up, this is the perfect time to use them to level up your champions. We recommend to farm food and 6-Star some of the champions that you have been wanting to kill 2 birds with 1 stone. Also, remember to level up the chickens with brews for extra points before using them for promoting champions.

RAID: Shadow Legends – Roric Wyrmbane Fragment Fusion Guide

  • Summon Rush Event: 20 Roric Wyrmbane Fragments (Obtained at 540/1750/3500 Points)

This event is very straightforward as well, the more you summon the more points you get. The quality of shards also hampers the number of points you get. The quality of champions, however, does not affect the number of points obtained in this event. Here are the points received depending on the shard:-

Mystery Shard: 1 Point

Ancient Shard: 20 Points

Void Shard: 100 Points

Sacred Shard: 500 Points

This summon rush also lines up with the 10X champion summoning event. This is just a bonus but not as exciting as a 2X event but at least you can get some points for the quality of shards and not the quality of summons. We always recommend going for Summon Rush as it is a guaranteed way to get points without relying on RNG in the Champion Chase Tournament. Use all the shards possible to reach at least the 1750 point mark to get the 10 fragments for Roric Wyrmbane.

RAID: Shadow Legends – Roric Wyrmbane Fragment Fusion Guide

  • Classic Arena Takedown Tournament Part 1: 5 Roric Wyrmbane Fragments (Obtained at 330 Points)

Classic Arena Takedown is just about winning in the Arena. You will get points per win according to the tier you are currently fighting in the Arena. For example, in Bronze 1 you will get 1 point per win and in Silver 1, you will get 4 points per win in the tournament. The number of points required for the milestone will also change depending on the league you are currently in. Make sure to use all your Arena tokens as well as the daily refreshes from the quests and playtime rewards. You can easily achieve the requirement for 330 points in the given timeframe of 3 days given by just using the daily arena tokens and refreshes.

  • Dragon Tournament: 5 Roric Wyrmbane Fragments (Obtained at 2250 Points)

This tournament asks you to spend energy and farm the Dragons Den dungeon multiple times. 2250 Points means roughly 140 runs of Dragon’s Den stage 20. This should cost you around 2300 energy which is achievable through daily energy refreshes and advance quest gifts. Make sure to farm this on the next day of this tournament as Dungeon Divers Part 2 will be starting on that day as well so you can get points for both the tournaments and events.

RAID: Shadow Legends – Roric Wyrmbane Fragment Fusion Guide

  • Dungeon Divers Event Part 2: 5 Roric Wyrmbane Fragments (Obtained at 1850 Points)

This Dungeon Divers part 2 event is going to be starting at a time when the Dragon tournament is already in effect and full swing. We recommend players to take advantage of this and farm Dragon’s dungeon for getting points for both the event and tournament. The requirement of 1850 points is easily achievable just by going through the daily energy refills and recharge.

  • Fire Knight Tournament: 5 Roric Wyrmbane Fragments (Obtained at X Points)

Players can farm Fire Knights dungeon at the highest stage possible for points in both the event and tournament as Fire Knight counts as a dungeon. We do not know the milestone yet as the tournament exists in the future as of writing but comparing it to the previous one’s this one should be around 2000-2200 points requirement for the 5 Roric Fragments. This is easily achievable through the daily energy recharged and refills as well as the energy saved by farming for both the Dungeon Divers event as well as the Fire Knight tournament.

RAID: Shadow Legends – Roric Wyrmbane Fragment Fusion Guide

  • Champion Training Event Part 1: 15 Roric Wyrmbane Fragments (Obtained at X Points)
  • Artifact Enhancement Event Part 2: 15 Roric Wyrmbane Fragments (Obtained at X Points)

Champion Training tournament can be completed by leveling up, promoting, and ascending your champions. Making your champions stronger by enhancing them in the Tavern. For this, you need a lot of Brews, Chickens/Fodder, and Potions. It helps if you already had some saved up but if you were not prepared then you would need a lot of Energy to farm these resources and get points. However, depending on the requirement/milestone it might be very easy or moderate in terms of difficulty.

Artifact Enhancement Events are just another name for upgrading your gear event. We already listed some of the tips and tricks to complete this event efficiently by providing some helpful examples in the first iteration of this event. Overall, this will be a major silver coin check. Do not worry as you will have farmed enough silver coins during the rest of the missions like Dragon’s tournament, Fire Knights Tournament, etc to get more silver.

  • Dungeon Divers Event Part 3: 10 Roric Wyrmbane Fragments (Obtained at X Points)
  • Ice Golem Tournament: 5 Roric Wyrmbane Fragments (Obtained at X Points) 

This is the third iteration of the Dungeon Divers Event during this fusion. Luckily, again this one will also fall in line with another tournament being the Ice Golem Tournament. You can farm Ice Golem Stage 20 to get points for both the event as well as the tournament. The requirements are still unknown but if we look at the past requirements for points, it should be easily accessible at an estimate of 2000-2200 points. This is considering the energy you save by just farming the Ice Golem Dungeon to get points for both the tournament and event.

RAID: Shadow Legends – Roric Wyrmbane Fragment Fusion Guide

  • Champion Chase Tournament: 15 Roric Wyrmbane Fragments (Obtained at X Points)
  • Classic Arena Takedown Tournament Part 2: 5 Roric Wyrmbane Fragments (Obtained at 1375 Points)

A champion chase tournament can put a big hole in your resource pocket and you should not go for it if you have already completed the summon rush event. There is a speculation of a 10x event along with this tournament but it does not provide any boosted chances to get a better-quality champion. We highly recommend skipping this tournament unless having an abundance of shards to summon.

Classic Arena Takedown is all about playing the Arena as much as you can. Collect and use all your Arena Tokens.

RAID: Shadow Legends – Roric Wyrmbane Fragment Fusion Guide

That is it from our site for everything you need to know about the September fusion for Roric Wyrmbane, the spirit affinity legendary champion from the Barbarian faction! To read more such guides, check out our blog section where we cover the latest happenings at RSL for our lovely community.

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