It seems like several major upgrades/optimizations are making their way to Rise of Kingdoms with the 1.0.42 update. As per the official blog post, governors can also claim free in-game rewards by downloading the update files in advance. Additionally, new in-game events (Spring Festival Events) will also be releasing in the coming weeks. In case you’re wondering, the update went live at UTC 2021/01/25. Nonetheless, let’s jump straight into the patch notes and see what’s in store for RoK governors.  

Events: Happy Spring Festival 

To welcome the New Year 2021, RoK will organize several in-game events for the governors to win some fantastic in-game rewards by participating in the events. Titled as ‘Happy Spring Festival,’ the event will offer exclusive prizes with the limited-edition theme but only for a fixed time. Here are all the events:

  1. Happy Year of the Ox
  2. Spring Festival Gifts
  3. Arms Training
  4. Strange Incidents
  5. Lanterns of Togetherness

Rise of Kingdoms – Update 1.0.42 'Happy Spring Festival' is Now Live!

All the events mentioned above will be added to the game in the coming weeks. Make sure you don’t miss out on any of these if you want to grab some cool stuff.

Optimizations to “Lost Kingdom”

Season 2 Exclusive

  1. The Lost Kingdom preparation event will get split into matchmaking and a preparation stage. As a result, governors will no longer be able to immigrate to kingdoms in the matchmaking stage.

Season of Conquest

  1. The power of “Kahar the Hidden” lowered.
  2. Upgrade time for some levels of the Crystal Mine and Crystal Research Center reduced.
  3. The Bastion window display optimized to include the Bastion’s level.
  4. Refreshing the Bastion quest no longer gives the same quests repeatedly.

All Seasons

  1. While competing in the “Eve of the Crusade” event, the gathering speed bonus given to the fourth place kingdom was +5% earlier. Now it has been changed to +15%.
  2. There will be a cooldown for donating gems in the first stage of the “Past Glory” event.
  3. When a kingdom enters “Eve of the Crusade” for Season 1, The “Resource Reserves” bundle will get exchanged with the “Bumper Harvest” bundle.

Changes to “Ark of Osiris”

Lilith Games wanted to ensure that in RoK, the governors get more room for skill expression and tactics, and for that, a lot of changes were required. Now, the Ark of the Osiris will be much more fun, thanks to the changes mentioned below:

  1. The Ark of Osiris map display is now optimized.
  2. The rate at which wounded units healed increased.
  3. Alliance score earned from the caravan visits reduced. However, it will not affect the individual core.
  4. The rules for occupying buildings and gaining Energy Points adjusted.
  5. Effects of several skills adjusted, and the ‘Divine Aid’ skill removed.