Seven Knights 2 has just released their fresh update for September 2023. The Netmarble developed and released game has been regarded as the premier Seven Knights title after its success in the Korean and Global market. Players can see a unique worldview of Rudy and his friends from a fresh narrative. The latest update brings a brand-new mythical version of the beloved hero Rachel along with a ton of fantastic events to embark upon! Seven Knights 2 is available to be downloaded and installed as a free-to-play game on both the Google Play Store and iOS App Store. Let’s check out all the new content that was added to Seven Knights 2 with the latest update.                          

Update Blog – New Mythical Rachel, Celebration Crafting Event, and More with September 2023 Update

Crimson Flame Incarnate Rachel – New Hero

Crimson Flame Incarnate Rachel is the brand-new hero coming to Seven Knights 2, and the first ever PvP-oriented Mythical rarity hero being added to the game. Embodying the spirit of the Crimson Flame Incarnate, Rachel has reborn to wield the powers of the mighty tyrant. Described as a menace on the battlefield, she is supposed to excel as a DPS in PvP game modes. Her ability to reduce the ultimate skill gauge of enemies, and high base stats, make her a perfect fit as the leading melee-DPS in any team composition.

She also can set enemies ablaze, and deals increased damage to the enemies who are inflicted with this debuff. Further, she can heal herself equal to the amount of damage she dealt, but only to enemies who are ablazed. Crimson Flame Incarnate Rachel’s ultimate ability has the potential to ignore enemy’s defense as well, making her a top-tier pick in almost every scenario. Gone are the days of shredding defense, now you can simply ignore it!

Update Blog – New Mythical Rachel, Celebration Crafting Event, and More with September 2023 Update

New & Exciting Events to Commemorate the Update!

Seven Knights 2 has enjoyed a positive reception from the community at large, and things seem to be only pushing forward with the latest update. To commemorate the arrival of Crimson Flame Incarnate Rachel, the developers are going all out by pushing new events:

  • Check-In Event: A ton of rewards are available as part of the consecutive login event, including but not limited to 10 Hero tickets. Phoenix coins, a new currency for the new event can also be gained. Mythic Runes are also available on some selected days.
  • Phoenix Coin Shop: Gamers will be able to collect and earn more of Phoenix coins through participating in in-game activities. They will be able to spend this currency on juicy goodies such as Special Outfits for Mythic Rachel, Legendary Pet Selection Ticket, and Legendary Jewel Selection Ticket in the Phoenix Coin Shop.
  • Mythical Rachel Crafting Event: A brand new event that features Sealed Rachel fragments as rewards can be seen live in-game. These fragments can be further exchanged to get Essence of Souls and Hero summon tickets In return.

Players can enjoy Seven Knights 2 even more on a bigger screen with your keyboard and mouse via BlueStacks!