Com2US is ramping up the end of January with a big update on their turn-based massively multiplayer online (MMO) game Summoners War: Sky Arena! This month, we are finally getting the new multi-battle system as promised by the South Korean developers. Players will also be receiving Sub-Properties improvements on their Artifacts.

Summoners War January v.6.2.0 update - New Battle System, Artifact Improvements, and more!

Summoners War v.6.2.0 update is actually live now, but if you’ve been living under a rock (or a place without internet) for the past few days, here is what you have missed.

The new multi-battle system

Com2Us defines “multi-battle” in Summoners War as “a system that allows you to play other battle contents while the repeat battle is on through the Gateway.” This simply means you can engage yourself in different battles and multitask while another battle is on-going. The concept is very similar to BlueStacks’ Multi-Instance feature, which allows players to multi-task not just with their fights but with other tasks as well like collecting resources. With BlueStacks’ Multi-Instance feature, you can do more and play Summoners War in a more thrilling manner. To use it, simply install BlueStacks, download Summoners War, and open multiple instances from your different Summoners War accounts. It’s really simple!

Diving deeper to the new multi-battle system, it supports the four types of fighting areas in Summoners War, namely the Arena, the Guild Content, the World Map, and other types.

You can use the multi-battle system in the Arena’s Arena and World Arena respectively, especially in the Arena’s Match-Up, Rival, and Revenge Battles and in World Arena’s Ranking Battle, Goodwill Battle, and Special League Battles.

Summoners War January v.6.2.0 update - New Battle System, Artifact Improvements, and more!

Fun times are here to come as the multi-battle system can also be utilized in Guild battles, Siege Battles, and Tartarus’ Labyrinth battles. 

When it comes to the World Map, you can use multi-battle in the Trial of Ascension battles, Dimensional Rift battles, and World Boss battles.

There are also five other types of battle where you can use the new multi-battle system, namely at the Transmog skill preview, the Arena defense placement battles, the Guild Battle defense placement tests, the Siege Battle defense placement tests, and the World Arena spectate and replay.

Summoners War’s new multi-battle system comes with a repeat battle menu icon which lets you check the results of the repeat battles or run the same battles all over again with just a few clicks.

With this fresh system, players must take a mental note that monsters who are participating in repeat battles cannot be used in other battles and that the repeat battle menu icon will only appear as soon as the battle ends.

Artifact improvements

Prepare for bigger changes in the Summoners War meta as Com2Us finally rolls out sub-property improvements to artifacts. The value of the initial stats and stats that increase from power-ups of all artifacts in the game has been escalated. This includes multiple sub-properties such as increase in speed, life drain, elemental damage, and increased attack or defense. Here is the full artifact sub-property improvements:

Summoners War January v.6.2.0 update - New Battle System, Artifact Improvements, and more!

With these new changes, the following sub-properties will no longer take effect in battles:

  • CRIT Rate Increasing Effect +N%
  • SPD Under Inability +N%
  • Damage Received Under Inability -N%
  • Damage Dealt by Reflect DMG +N%
  • Crushing Hit DMG +N%

Of course there are some new sub-property artifact effects to look forward to, namely:

  • CRIT DMG+ up to N% as the enemy’s HP condition is good
  • CRIT DMG+ up to N% as the enemy’s HP condition is bad
  • Single-target skill CRIT DMG +N% on your turn

These three new sub-properties will be available from acquiring or powering up artifacts from the v6.2.0 update.

Additionally, the number of artifact slots and engraved conversion stone slots has been increased from 300 to 400.

If you are coming new to Summoners War, check out our beginner’s guide (from our previous blog posts. For PC players, BlueStacks has a special guide for you right here.