Players will now have the ability to view the Rune engraving statistics of Monsters that they are using. You can see this new feature in the Monster tab. New rules are also added to the Siege Battle tournament season 7.

Summoners War Version 6.5.0 is Adding a New Feature to the Rune System

Summoners War’s 8th-year anniversary coin collecting event is still going on, and players can get rewards by collecting 8-year coins every day during the duration of that event. You can read more details about the eighth year anniversary here.

New Rune Features

  • Rune Statistics – clicking the Rune Statistics in the monster info will now show you a detailed bar graph of the stats your monster has.
  • Rune Auto Engrave – you can now automate the engraving process. Just select the auto engrave button in the monster tab.
  • Save or  Load Runes of all Monsters – you can now save the rune info currently engraved on all of your monsters and load the saved rune info at any time. You can do it in the monster tab and select manage rune. You cannot use this feature in the world arena but you can use it during repeat battles.

New Siege Battle Rules

Special rules have been added to the test battle. You can try out the rules of siege battle tournament season 7 in advance via test battle.

  • Attribute State Change – Increases the attack power of water monsters by 20% and decreases the HP of Wind Monsters by 30%.
  • Unrevivable – Monsters defeated during the battle cannot be revived.
  • Monster Use Limit – Unicorns type monsters cannot be used in this battle.

New Battle Functions

The functions and user interference on some of the battle arenas have been updated. 

Summoners War Version 6.5.0 is Adding a New Feature to the Rune System

  • Attack Ban Mark Added to Attack Mark Function – a new function to specify an attack ban mark is added to the right side of the UI that specifies the existing attack marks. The mark can be used without limits, and the guild master/ vice guild masters/ senior guild members can mark the bases
  •  Guild Member Login Record – the guild member user interference list has been improved so you can view the login status and last login time of the members.

 Monster Purchase Improvement 

You can now purchase Devilmon, Rainbowmon, Super Angelmon, or Angelmon random summons at the arena or guild shop even if you exceed the max amount of monsters you can possess. 

  • Monster Auto Select Function – a function that lets you select monsters that can be added to the summoned monster sealed shrine at once has been added.

Arena Interserver Battle Improvement

A new user interference menu that lets you view the Hall of fame and your season record has been added to the interserver battle arena.

Shop Improvement

You can now purchase daily packs all at once after the period of daily packs purchased individually ends.

Quality of Life Improvements 

  • A new improvement on the icon design of exclusive summon shop that shows when you can exclusive summon in the summonhenge.
  • All monsters that are capable of leveling up will be leveled up at once when you tap a monster that can be leveled up from the exp buildings.
  • The Temple of Wishes now has a pop up that shows you the rewards.
  • A question mark button has been added to the right of the beneficial and harmful effect on the Monster search screen.
  • A guide text at the bottom of the input field has been improved to be more clear when creating a summoner name.

Bug Fixes

There are plenty of bug fixes in this update for all players to enjoy.

The issue of the Light Vampire’s Immortality (Passive) activating even if it’s not the moment of death under certain situations has been fixed as well as the issue of the Light Sky Surfer’s [Quantum Explosion] decreasing HP of bosses.

The issue of the Cyborg Hero transmogrified Sniper Mk.I (Fire/Wind/Dark) reviving with [Hidden Aim] pose when they die due to the enemy’s reflected damage while they were on [Hidden Aim] pose has also been fixed.

Visual issues such as the display of some incorrect texts appearing when Beast Rider receives damage and dismounts her beast and the issue of Warbear (Water) showing up from the search results of [Beneficial Effect > Counterattack] in Monster Search has been fixed.

Here are other bugs and issues that have been fixed in this Summoners War patch:

  •  The text (HP 60% to 40%) for Water Mage’s [Harvest Soul (Passive)] that is displayed in [Battle Screen > Option > Battlefield Effect] has been corrected.
  • The issue where the no. of Dimensional Crystals obtained from reward acquisition info UI was displayed incorrectly when claiming Dimensional Crystals through the Challenge [Start of the Day] while having 8 or 9 Dimensional Crystals has been fixed.
  • The issue where enemies defeated by Barbaric King’s (Fire/Dark) [Axe of Punishment] skill while the Barbaric King was under [Berserk] status were able to be revived in battle has been fixed.
  •  The issue of Lightning Emperor (Wind) [Legacy of Knowledge (Passive) not attacking with an advantageous attribute while having 5 knowledge has been fixed.
  •  the skill visual effect to be more natural when transmogrified Heavy Metal Chimera (Dark) is attacking has been modified.

Summoners War Version 6.5.0 is Adding a New Feature to the Rune System

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