Look out for the SWC2021 live stream which is going to be held on November 12th to get a chance to get an exclusive SWC2021 Special Costume. A special event will happen too, during the tournament so make sure not to miss it.

A special SWC2021 pack will also be available to be purchased after the 6.4.5 update until the 30th of November. If you want to avail just go shopping – Efficient – Special Pack and the packs 1 and 2 should already be there.

The Pack contains a special item that will only be available exclusively for that pack called SWC2021 Scroll. The SWC2021 Scroll will let you choose any of the attributes of Fire, Water, or Wind monsters that can be 4 to 5 star however you want it. It’s good if you want a specific monster from a specific attribute if you want a guaranteed result. You will be able to select 12 Monsters, six of which are default 5-star monsters, and another six are default 4-star monsters. The 12 of them will also have no restrictions among the three attributes of Fire, Water, and Wind. If you want to change the summoning list, just go to the SummonHenge and you should be able to change them anytime you want.

Tartarus’ Labyrinth Improvements

  • An Immemorial Box has been added to the list of rewards to the Hell Difficulty, time limit stage (wave 16-20). You can obtain Immemorial Gem or Grindstone rare to legend from the Immemorial Box.
  • In the Difficulties Normal, Hard, and Hell, the drop rate of lower grade Runes, Grindstones, and Gems are going to be decreased, and the drop rate of higher grade Runes, Grindstones, and Gems are going to be increased.
  • The drop rate of higher grade rewards like Immemorial Gem or Immemorial Grindstone will also be increased.

Summoners War: Tartarus’ Labyrinth will be Updated in the Game’s Version 6.4.5

The grade of drop rewards for the Normal and Hard difficulty like Runes, Grindstones, and Gems are increased as follows:

  • The battle-type Stage with the normal difficulty in the waves 6 to 10 that has a chance of dropping Runes, Grindstones, and Gems are going to increase from 5 stars rare – a legend to 5-star hero – legend and magic – a legend to rare – legend.
  • The battle type Guardian of Labyrinth with the normal difficulty that has a chance of dropping Runes, Grindstones and Gems are going to increase from 5-star rare-legend to 5-star hero – legend, magic – legend to rare – legend and with the hard difficulty from 6 star – legend to 5-star hero – legend.
  • The battle type Ruler of Labyrinth with the normal difficulty that has a chance of dropping Gem or Grindstone is going to increase from magic – a legend to rare – legend

Quality Of Life Improvements

  • You can now see the skills of the monsters in the collection tab even if you don’t own that monster. This is by far the best addition to the game because you can test a monster’s ability even without owning them. It will not only allow you to see the skills but also allow you to use the monster as if you are using it in a real battle.
  • The World Arena will now let you register a total amount of 40 monsters instead of the previous max amount of 30 monsters in the favorite slots.
  • You can now check the monsters registered as Favorites by your teammate at the battle preparation pop-up.
  • A notification effect has been added to the chat icon so that it’s easier to recognize when a repeat battle has ended.
  • The chat within the power-up screen has been improved so that the notification that you are going to receive is going to be viewed the same way as in the existing chat menu where you can view them in one line.
  • When you turn on the auto-accept secret dungeon, the requests sent to you by other summoners of the same chat channel are going to be accepted automatically.
  • Requests sent by summoners that are not in your friends’ list are going to be declined automatically if you turn the decline 2v2 invite on.

If you are interested in playing Summoners War straight to your PC you can follow our tutorial on how to play the game using BlueStacks here.

Despite being one of the old mobile games that’s still relevant to this day, Many improvements can still be made to the game.

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