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September 5, 2016
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More than three decades has passed. The cubic world millions have come to know and love has been lying in apocalyptic ruin due to a global catastrophic event. The landscape of Earth as we know it has changed into a barren landscape of waste and despair. The large and small cities that littered the planet have been mostly demolished as looting and rioting took over. Unfortunately, this is the world you call home. Play City Craft 3: TNT Edition on Mac and PC to experience life in a cubic apocalypse. Explore multiple worlds that range from a beautiful winter scene to complete chaos and destruction. Find resources and build the right equipment, buildings, and weapons to ensure your survival. Earn special bonuses and defeat killer clowns that have taken to ravaging the outlands of Earth. Fight for your survival when you play City Craft 3: TNT Edition using the new and improved BlueStacks 4 Android emulator.