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October 6, 2016
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Play Pac-Man 256 on PC 24

The Original Ghost Buster is Back!

Sometime in the early '80s, the world was taken over by a great, yellow guy named Pac-Man. The addictive gameplay and fun ghost hunting made this arcade game an instant classic. Well, now you can say hello to the newest game in the Pac-Man family. Pac-Man 256 is the newest version of this classic arcade game, completely updated for a modern audience and today's intense gamers. In this newest version, you can take our yellow hero on an endless maze adventure full of pac-dots, ghosts, and power pellets. Watch out, though. Am evil has been lurking just behind the scenes of Pac-Man games since the beginning – the Glitch!

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A Classic Has Returned to the World's Arcade

The arcades of yesterday may be long gone for the most part, but in today's increasingly mobile and wireless world, there is a new world's arcade to enjoy. is the social gaming community that is set up to allow gamers from all over the world to watch live gaming broadcasts featuring games across all platforms and genres. Join this new arcade of the world and broadcast Pac-Man 256 on to show why the classics are still the best around. Use the new BlueStacks 3 to stream Pac-Man 256 with easy to learn, one-click controls.