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January 5, 2018
4.5/5 ( 18,789 )
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The Best Mobile Army Simulator Is Now Live On PC and Mac

Army Battle Simulator is the greatest and most accurate military battle simulator available. See how well you can hold yourself against some of the most daring and challenging battle scenarios. Use your wits to plan and strategize how to best conquer each challenge using multiple troop types, including soldiers, air attacks, and vehicles. Upgrade your troops and equip gear and other stat-improving items to give your troops an advantage on the battlefield. Ragdoll physics effects add to the entertainment as soldiers fly all over the battlefield.

Army Battle Simulator gives you a plethora of custom levels to play through, as well as custom levels and an intense real-time multiplayer mode. Advanced matchmaking algorithms give you the best head-to-head battles of any military simulator. A new player ranking system and custom leaderboard make Army Battle Simulator a must play for all action and simulation fans.

Broadcast Your Victories To the World

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