Orcs Invade Lineage II Revolution: New Race as part of the October Update

Orcs Invade Lineage II Revolution: New Race...


The October update of Lineage II for which we prepared a preview article as well, was released a few days ago. There are some really impressive innovations and changes in the game but the most interesting one is the New Orc race. If you are wondering what the new Orc race is like and what features it has, keep reading. Let’s get to know this race better.



Aesthetic and Sub-Classes

The Orc Class becomes available only at Level 180, but as part of the October Update, the game actually starts at that level. Yes, you read that right!

Thus, even if you start the game for the first time, you can create an Orc. In other words, you don’t need to build up a character from scratch to unlock this race. This is quite advantageous because in this way, you get rid of a very long grind time.

Orcs are quite impressive in terms of aesthetics: They are gorgeous wild beasts. Character animations are quite fluent, and as far as we can see, they don’t have any armor clip problems. Considering that even most large-scale MMOs have problems in this regard, Netmarble seems to have done a commendable job on the new race.


The mighty Orc warrior

The Orcs have three main classes and their 1st class transfer is already completed. When you reach level 271, you can perform the 2nd class transfer. You can see all these classes and sub-classes in the table below:

Main Class 1st Class 2nd Class
Warrior Raider Destroyer
Rogue Monk Tyrant
Mystic Shaman Warcryer



Each sub-class has its own exclusive weapon: Warriors can use two-handed swords. The Rogues use Claws and the Mystics use Wand. You can see what the two-handed swords look like in the screenshot above. Other weapons look like this:




The Orcs start the game in their own region and with 500,000 combat power. The name of this region is Southern Immortal Plateau and you can continue playing here until level 199. (There is an interesting restriction: Orcs can’t use the World Chat until level 200.) The Southern Immortal Plateau is a very impressive area: We can say that it is extremely satisfactory in terms of graphics quality. Lineage II has always been a game with high-quality graphics, but somehow, it looks even better now. Moreover, you won’t be experiencing any performance problems: The screenshots below were taken on a computer with only 4 GB of RAM, i3 processor, and an in-built Intel graphics card.




Of course, the advanced architecture of BlueStacks 4 also gives you a much smoother gaming experience: We highly doubt that you can see the same graphic quality even on a Note 9. There is no change in overall gameplay – you still move to the next region by completing all the tasks in a particular area and use the auto quest system. However, we can say that the hit detection is highly successful: Whatever sub-class you choose, you really feel that when you hit an enemy. This is something that many similar ARPG games can’t offer, and shows why Lineage II is a special game.



Unfortunately, grinding is still necessary: It is quite difficult to gain levels and you need about 20 minutes of gameplay even to reach level 181. Since this time expands exponentially, we estimate that reaching level 200 will take about a week for a casual player. However, a large number of events are currently in progress and you can increase the leveling speed by taking advantage of them.



Which Orc-Subclass Is Better?

There is no definitive answer to this question because every sub-class can assume a different task. Therefore, it is best to choose according to your play style. But we can share some tips to help you. First of all, the information below is prepared according to the 1st class gameplay. No one has played the game long enough to unlock the 2nd classes yet, and therefore, some features may change. However, based on what we have seen so far, we can say:

  • Each class has three skill types, active, passive, and rare.
  • You can upgrade these skills. Some skills require the use of exclusive weapons, while others can be used with any weapon.
  • The warrior class is melee and looks like an AOE monster. It is a class that can self-buff and damage multiple enemies with almost every attack. It is a good option for beginners.



  • The rogue class is a damage dealer that specializes in single targets. If you want a DPS machine, rogue will be the most suitable option for it. However, you need to be able to use kiting mechanics because their defense points are quite low. Therefore, we cannot say that it is a very suitable class for beginners. Still, if you plan to do PvP, you should prefer rogue.



  • Mystic is the only ranged class and cannot achieve very high damage points, but it is self-sufficient. They can survive a much longer period of time because they have access to some basic healing skills. Therefore, we can say that they are the most suitable class for auto-questing.



Below is a list of passive skills that are the decisive element of each class.

Attack Aura Increases the Attack of all party members and yourself.
Toughness Increases the Critical Resistance and reduces the duration of debuffs.
Expose Weakness Has a chance to decrease the target’s Defense and Critical Resistance when attacking.



Quick Step Increases the Speed of all party members and yourself.
Boost Attack Speed Has a chance to increase Speed and Evasion on a successful hit, can stack up to 3 times.
Totem Spirit Aura Rabbit Spirit and Hawk Spirit are granted for a duration when using the Totem Spirit skill.



Death Whisper Increases the Critical Damage of all party members and yourself.
Chant of Battle Increases the Attack of all party members.
Chant of Life Has a chance to grant a Recovery buff to every party member when using a skill.



No matter which class you choose, you can be sure that they will offer enough fun and enjoyment that will last for months. Don’t forget to read our other guide detailing the other features added to the game with the October patch. Now, if you excuse us, we are going to get back to the game: There are thousands of enemies to kill and hundreds of levels to gain. See you there.

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