An important part of many gacha games revolves around the summoning system, and on how it’s used to strengthen and diversify your team to stand up to any threat. Like many veteran players out there might know, rerolling is a popular method in the majority of these games and is used mainly for unlocking powerful characters early on.

Rerolling with BlueStacks—How to Unlock Awesome Characters Early On in Gacha Games

What is Rerolling?

The word “reroll” in gacha games refers to the process of repeating a summoning until the player is satisfied with the results. As many of you may know, the main method for obtaining new characters for your teams in these games is through summonings that usually produce random results. In most gacha games, you will obtain a random character via summoning, while in a few titles you may also receive gear or helpful items from this process.

Regardless of the game that you’re playing, all of these titles have one thing in common: the random design of the summoning system, which can’t be altered or manipulated in any way. In this sense, while there exist some games that offer a consolation prize after a number of failed summonings, the usual method for obtaining the most powerful heroes revolves around perseverance and luck. Furthermore, you will also need to work hard to obtain the materials for summoning, which are usually expensive and can only be earned by completing daily tasks.

Rerolling with BlueStacks—How to Unlock Awesome Characters Early On in Gacha Games

Rerolling with BlueStacks—How to Unlock Awesome Characters Early On in Gacha Games

Luckily, even though the results from summoning can’t be manipulated in any way, there are ways to increase your odds of receiving powerful characters by performing multiple summonings back to back, which is the principle behind the rerolling method.

How Can I Reroll?

As we mentioned above, the process of rerolling consists of performing multiple summonings until you’re satisfied with the results. However, in games like these where the summonings cost rare resources that are hard to gather in large amounts, how can we perform several summonings?

The answer lies in the initial free summonings.

Rerolling with BlueStacks—How to Unlock Awesome Characters Early On in Gacha Games

In the majority of gacha games, once you clear the tutorial, you will receive one or more materials that you can use to perform one or several free summonings. The rerolling method focuses on these free summonings and consists of resetting the game if you don’t receive the heroes that you desire. In this manner, you can redo the tutorial, reach the point where you receive the free summonings, and try until you unlock the characters you’re seeking.

The time that this process takes will vary from title to title: Games like Raid: Shadow Legends or King’s Raid have very short tutorials, and you can reach the initial summoning in a matter of minutes. However, other games have longer introductions, which will slow down the rerolling process.

Regardless of the title, this method consists of several phases:

1. Identifying the Initial Summoning

As we mentioned above, most gacha games grant you a free randomized summoning at the beginning. It’s important to distinguish between this randomized summoning and the one you perform during the tutorial, which usually yields predefined results. For example, when playing Raid: Shadow Legends, we noticed that, in the tutorial summoning, we always received the Sniper, a unit of Infrequent quality. However, the summoning that you perform after completing the tutorial with the free Mystery Shard is completely random and has a chance of granting a character of up to Rare quality.

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Most turorials are tedious and time consuming. You don’t have to do them repeatedly anymore with the BlueStacks Macros Feature. All you need to do is record the Macro for the dull tutorials just once and reap the benefits as many time you want. We at BlueStacks have even created the Macro for the tutorial for Rise of Kingdoms. You can even throw in the BlueStacks Multi-Instance Sync feature to help you with those time consuming tutorials.

Rerolling with BlueStacks—How to Unlock Awesome Characters Early On in Gacha Games

It’s important to learn the difference between the static tutorial summoning and the free randomized summoning so that you can determine the best time to reset your progress if you’re not happy with the results.

2. Identifying the Bulk Summoning Methods

In some games, the first randomized summoning has a low chance of granting a good unit. However, it’s possible in some cases to save up enough of the premium currency that you receive as a gift (or by completing certain easy tasks) to purchase a summoning pack. In this sense, you can perform summonings in bulk and exhaust your options before resetting the game.

Rerolling with BlueStacks—How to Unlock Awesome Characters Early On in Gacha Games

In Destiny Child, for example, you can complete Lisa’s Tasks, as well as explore the Night World to gather crystals that can be used to purchase 10 summonings. This process takes much more time than simply resetting after failing the initial summoning, but has a higher chance of granting awesome rewards. Similarly, in Hyper Heroes, you will unlock several characters, and receive some premium currency, by completing the first chapter. You can use these gems to purchase a premium summoning. Furthermore, if you don’t want to pay for it, you can simply wait for a few hours, after which the summoning will be made free.

3. Identifying the Reset Process

When it comes to rerolling, unless you’re extremely lucky, you will inevitably have to reset your progress at some point so that you can try again. The reset process varies per game and can get a bit complicated in some cases, as your progress is tied to your Google Play or Facebook accounts. Furthermore, some games save your progress within your device, so that you can’t reset even after reinstalling the app. It’s important to learn how to reset each game before rerolling since the success of this method hinges entirely on it.

Rerolling with BlueStacks—How to Unlock Awesome Characters Early On in Gacha Games

For example, some games like Epic Seven are known as the “reroller’s paradise” since they have built-in rerolling functions that let you easily reset your progress whenever you want. However, there are some games that actually require you to delete them from your phone and reinstall them in order to delete your progress. This process can hinder rerolling as you’ll always need to reinstall and download the game’s patches—which are sometimes as large as several gigabytes at times.

For the larger games, we recommend keeping the .apk stored elsewhere and simply reinstalling it using this file to avoid large downloads with each reroll.

Speed Up Rerolling with BlueStacks Multi-Instance

Regardless of the method that you’re using for rerolling, BlueStacks has all the tools that you’ll ever need for this process. With the instance manager, you can access a game from multiple accounts and perform several summonings simultaneously. In this sense, even though we can’t guarantee that you’ll receive the best characters, you can significantly speed up rerolling by increasing the frequency at which you can summon.

Rerolling with BlueStacks—How to Unlock Awesome Characters Early On in Gacha Games

Rerolling with BlueStacks—How to Unlock Awesome Characters Early On in Gacha Games

Once you finally receive the characters that you wanted, you can discard the other accounts, and continue playing with the one in which you managed to create a good team. Take a look at our guide to the BlueStacks Multi Instance to learn about this tool’s basic usage.

Rerolling is an important process, which will be essential for creating powerful teams in any gacha game. By properly following this method, you will obtain powerful characters to speed up your progress in the game’s initial stages—and even in some of the most advanced levels.

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