Last month, we got the Dimensional hero The Prince of Persia added to AFK Arena’s hero roster. The Prince of Persia’s arrival to the game is a collaboration with game company Ubisoft. This is the second time Lilith Games and Ubisoft have teamed up for AFK Arena, with the first time being the arrival of Ezio Auditore from Assassin’s Creed.

BlueStacks' Guide to AFK Arena's Desira, the Sinister Siren

This month, we are getting a brand new undead hero hailing from the Graveborn faction. If you are building an all-Graveborn hero composition, you might want to check out our guide on the best Graveborn heroes in AFK Arena. 

The new AFK Arena hero is called Desira, the Sinister Siren. She comes with a beautiful tail, which implies that she is a gorgeous mermaid living in Esperia. Her dark skin complements her whole outfit, which we will be talking about in a while.

Since Desira’s name ends with an -Ira, a lot of players are already arguing if this new Graveborn hero could be the best -Ira in town. Previously we had the Maulers’ Ankihira and the Graveborns’ Shemira. 

Ankihira is a buffer type in AFK Arena. Her ultimate skill, Venomous Bite, deals long-lasting damage to the enemy with the highest health. She specializes in debuffing and weakening the enemies by targeting their armor rating. If you have Ankihira by your side, you can be sure to have a useful unit that inflicts harmful statuses against enemies.

Meanwhile, Shemira is arguably one of the best late-game heroes in the game. She is an insanely powerful mage thanks to her unique combination of DPS and sustain. After level 160, Shemira’s Ultimate hits level 3 and she becomes a monster. All of the damage that she deals with her Ultimate is converted into health and she doesn’t even have to wait for the cast to finish before she lifesteals. She gets 25% of the heal as she begins to cast, which saves her in many clutch situations. Meanwhile, her Silence deals massive damage to an enemy caster and prevents them from using their spells, which is great in both PvE and the PvP arena.

You can read more about Shemira on our AFK Arena late-game heroes guide here. 

And now, we have Desira as the third -Ira hero. So how does she fare against Ankihira and Shemira? Let us find out on the newest AFK Arena BlueStacks guide.


Looks-wise, Desira is as beautiful as she can get despite belonging to the undead faction.

BlueStacks' Guide to AFK Arena's Desira, the Sinister Siren

As you can see, Desira is drop-dead gorgeous. She is called a sinister siren because of her appearance, which is a half fish half human entity — in other words, a mermaid. Of course, since she belongs to the Graveborn faction, Desira has that dark teal color going on in her art. But let us dive a little bit deeper into her looks.

Like any other mermaid, Desira has long, flowy, white hair. She has bangs too to complement her small face. When you gaze deep into her eyes, you will notice this lime-green glow that looks like she is hiding something about the sea. Her skin color, which looks like a warm undertone, greatly contrasts her white hair and overall outfit.

Desira is wearing a pair of large, white clams which serves as her top. To make things more elegant, she has this pair of white puffy sleeves that are attached through some shiny pearls. Her overall look makes her stand out in the deep blue sea. 

Desira is also holding a conch shell in her right hand.

Desira is a Support hero under the Graveborn faction and Intelligence type.


Despite her beautiful appearance, Desira’s lore is actually dark and revengeful.

She was not a mermaid back then, but a human who is best friends with a girl name Laeah. Now, the two are as inseparable as the moon to the stars — they roamed the forests in Spring, swam in the oceans in Summer, rolled among the fallen leaves in Autumn and built snowmen in the Winter. “Time changes all things, but I was certain it would not change my bond with her,” said Desira in her official lore.

BlueStacks' Guide to AFK Arena's Desira, the Sinister Siren

Now that already sounded like a red flag for the two women, but things are about to get so much worse.

Desira met and fell in love with Haarman, a sailor who happened to be hanging out at the Tavern as well. You know what happens when you fall in love deeply with someone — you will do anything in your power to keep that person.

And so months passed by, Desira and Haarman’s relationship continued until one night Laeah knocked into Desira’s house which changed her life forever.

Laeah confessed to Desira that she is pregnant, and that Haarman is the father of her child.

“It’s Haarman’s…” started Laeah. “He told me not to tell you, but I thought hiding it from you would be wrong… Desira!”

“He… Haarman never loved you, but he and I, we’re really in love!!”

Things started to go down for Desira. Her best friend and the love of her life in an affair… She was devastated. Desira threw everything she could find at Laeah’s pregnant stomach. Of course, the girl fought back and even ended Desira’s life with an axe.

“No… Oh no… What have I done…” Her eyes widened in disbelief, her blood-soaked hands raised to cover her mouth, as delicate and helpless as ever. Haarman, Haarman!!” She turned and ran out of Desira’s house.

The Graveborns transformed Desira into the creature that she is now, neither living nor dead, bestowed with powers to get her revenge against Haarman and Laeah. Desira was banished to Bantus and was even welcomed by Lord Quaedam, fully supporting her plot to strike revenge against her ex-boyfriend and former best friend.

“My fury is my greatest weapon. I have been here in the Screaming Gulf ever since, obeying Lord Quaedam’s orders and protecting the territory from unwelcome ocean-borne guests. I summon a sinister fog and scream into it, bringing any would-be invaders to a halt.”

Desira found Haarman, threatened and spared him to live the tale of what she has become to the rest of Esperia. 

Be wary, especially if you are approaching the Graveborn seas — Desira might be waiting for you.

“My sisters, I will take revenge!”


  • Siren’s Call – Desira uses her conch to heal all allies and herself for a value of health equal to 130% of her Attack Rating, and records their health value after healing. If any ally’s (including Desira’s) health falls below the recorded value 5 seconds after healing, their health will be restored to the recorded health value, but the total restoration value will not exceed 280% of Desira’s Attack Rating. If an ally is dealt with damage that causes their health to drop below 30% of the recorded health value within the specified timeframe, the damage will be ignored, and the restoring effect will be triggered in advance.

BlueStacks' Guide to AFK Arena's Desira, the Sinister Siren

  • Hatred’s Mark – Desira deals 130% AoE damage to enemies in front of her, also cursing them with a “Mark of Hatred” for 12 seconds. Every time a “Mark of Hatreď” is stacked upon an enemy, their Attack Rating is reduced by 8%, and they lose 15 Accuracy points Once 3 “Marks of Hatred” have been stacked on an enemy, all marks will disappear and the enemy target becomes terrified for 3.5 seconds.
  • Oceanic Shield – Desira creates a protective bubble around the most injured ally which gradually restores 18% worth of Desira’s max health over 5 seconds. If the target is dealt damage that exceeds 50% of their current health while the protective bubble exists, the bubble will disappear, and the damage shall be completely ignored, allowing the target to instantly recover 1.5 times the amount of remaining health that they have yet to recover.
  • Oceanic Mist – Desira summons the Oceanic Mist that spreads from behind the allied side’s backline towards the enemies’ backline, which will then cover the whole battlefield. Any allies within the mist shall recover an amount of health equal to 15% of Desira’s Attack Rating every 0.5 seconds. The Oceanic Mist will stay on the battlefield for a maximum of 12 seconds, and shall also disappear if Desira dies.

Tips for using Desira

  • Since Desira sustains your team composition, protect her at all costs. You can place her on the backline to ensure she is safe from any attacks.
  • Desira’s ultimate, Siren’s Call, is a good counter against Ainz Ooal Gown’s ultimate ability. Siren’s Call heals all allies and restores their health for a value of health equal to 130% of her Attack Rating. To use this against Ainz Ooal Gown, just be sure to cast Siren’s Call before the Dimensional hero casts his ultimate. Time it perfectly!
  • Desira comes with plenty of skills that could counter one-shot mechanics from other AFK Arena heroes. Utilize this by playing her in the Campaign Mode and Tower Mode.

Heroes that can synergize with Desira

  • Izold – If you love double healing comps, the Izold and Desira pairing is for you. Since Izold’s Toxic Transfusion can heal himself and also give him some buffs, having Desira by his side to sustain him is even better and you will have a really tanky hero.

BlueStacks' Guide to AFK Arena's Desira, the Sinister Siren

  • Eironn – While he may look very similar to The Lord of the Rings Trilogy’s most popular elf, Legolas, Eironn is AFK Arena’s very own blonde hero who wields dual blades instead of the former’s classic bow and arrow. The blades both harness the powers of ice and wind, and when combined summons a deadly ice tornado that can freeze, slow, knock back, and most importantly deal AoE damage. With his crowd control kit, he might as well be called the CC King!

BlueStacks' Guide to AFK Arena's Desira, the Sinister Siren

  • Silas – Silas is not the only Graveborn healer around town anymore with the arrival of Desira in AFK Arena. As we have mentioned above, we absolutely LOVE having a double healer composition in our party which is why we think Silas is a perfect match with Desira. 

BlueStacks' Guide to AFK Arena's Desira, the Sinister Siren

While Desira heals all your heroes, Silas’s Stimulated Rage will take care of your weakest ally and restore their health. Now you do not have to worry about your heroes fainting!

How do I get better summons in AFK Arena?

The answer to this is totally up to the RNG gods and your luck, to be honest. But you can be more efficient with your gacha pulls by playing AFK Arena on PC with BlueStacks.

BlueStacks' Guide to AFK Arena's Desira, the Sinister Siren

BlueStacks has this feature called Multi-Instance which allows you to use multiple accounts and perform summons all at the same time with just a few clicks. This way you can speed up the rerolling process by having multiple tabs opened and controlling them under the same device. Additionally, you can use Multi-Instance Sync to replicate the rerolling mechanism.

AFK Arena is all about being idle, playing the game effortlessly — with BlueStacks, your gacha game just got a whole lot easier!

Now that you’ve learned more about Desira, you’re now ready to play AFK Arena! Check out this step-by-step guide on installing BlueStacks on your PC to start your journey in Esperia.