The hottest hero has arrived in Esperia, and his name is Framton. Framton, in a literal sense, is a flame-born Hypogean and an agility-based warrior from the faction. He was added just this month in time for the holiday season.

Previously, AFK Arena added exciting heroes with unique gameplay, such as the Dimensional Leonardo da Vincithe Mauler Thesku, and the Graveborn Treznor. The last Hypogean hero added to the game was Zikis, The Languid. You can read more about other AFK Arena heroes on our guides here.

AFK Arena Framton Guide by BlueStacks

Now let’s get down to taking a closer look at Framton.


If you are a big fan of multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) games and are familiar with Dota 2’s Monkey King, League of Legends’ Wukong, and Mobile Legends: Bang Bang’s Sun, well then you are in for a treat. AFK Arena’s Framton looks similar to these heroes, in a sense that he has pointed ears and animal-like talons. 

AFK Arena Framton Guide by BlueStacks

He doesn’t really carry a spear or a polearm, but Framton’s arms are adorned in gold jewelry just like the three.

Framton’s hair is a fiery red, with a small flame burning on his forehead.

Framton is an agility-type warrior from the Hypogean faction whose role is to produce continuous damage for the team.


As mentioned earlier, Framton is born from fire. The Hypogean Lutos pooled the inborn desire of all living things for flame, their greed projected into a single being who we now know as Framton.

AFK Arena Framton Guide by BlueStacks

All his life, Framton craved for the Solaris Flare, a legendary fire inherent exclusively to the Phoenix species. Upon finding out the home of the Phoenixes, Framton burns down and devours everyone in the village, including Talene’s mother.

Later on, Framton discovers a Phoenix Flower in the Dark Forest, which coincidentally bore the Solaris Flare he has been seeking all along.


  • Blazing Meteor – Framton throws all enemies in front of him up into the air, who come crashing down several moments later onto the nearest enemy target, dealing 410% damage to all affected enemies, also stunning them for 2 seconds. Every enemy that Framton successfully throws into the air increases his Attack Rating for 8 seconds by a value equal to 15% of each enemy’s Attack Rating, but the total value cannot exceed 30% of his own current Attack Rating. This ability does not affect bosses or control-immune enemies.

AFK Arena Framton Guide by BlueStacks

Level 81: Damage is increased to 450%.

Level 161: Stun effect lasts for 3 seconds.

  • Burning Vengeance – Framton’s Normal Attack turns into a quick flurry of successive strikes, dealing 130% damage per strike to enemies in front of him, with the final strike knocking enemies into the air, dealing 290 % damage to them in the process.

Passive: When this ability fails to deal any damage, damage is increased by 25% the following time it is used. Damage can be stacked up to 200%, but when an enemy is kicked, the stacked damage bonus is lost.

Level 21: Framton deals 140% damage to enemies in front of him each time.

Level 101: Framton’s final kick deals 320% damage.

Level 181: Stun effect lasts for 3 seconds.

  • Fists of Fire – At the start of battles, Framton teleports directly in front of the enemy located opposite him and deals 300% damage to them. If the enemy’s Attack or Defense Ratings are higher than his own, Framton raises his own to make up 50% of the difference, which persists until the end of the battle. The raised value can reach a maximum of Framton’s 50% attributes. When this ability is used against non-boss enemies, Framton shall also receive a shield that has a value equal to 25% of the enemy target’s max health, which exists for 8 seconds. When this ability is triggered, Framton is immune to control effects.

Level 121: Damage is increased to 320%.

Level 201: Framton’s shield has a value equal to 30% of the enemy target’s max health.

  • Flaming Feast – Passive. Framton accumulates Blaze Points every time one of his abilities deals damage.

Blazing Meteor: 12 Blaze Points Burning Vengeance: 2/2/2/4/4/7 Blaze Points Fists of Fire: 15 Blaze Points

Once Framton has accumulated 100 Blaze Points, he triggers this ability: Framton is temporarily immune to all damage and control effects, and deals 430% damage to all nearby enemies once, causing them to be unable to recover health for the following 5 seconds.

Level 141: Damage is increased to 480%.

Level 221: This ability cannot be dodged.

Tips for using Framton

  • In a nutshell, Framton’s abilities include a lot of knockup, health recovery prevention, and some damage and defense. Be sure to max out his abilities Blazing Meteor and Burning Vengeance if you want to stun your enemies for a bit longer.
  • Framton has decent survivability, especially when you weigh in his Signature Items and Furniture Flame Glutton. These things are crucial because it makes him viable in-game.
  • Unfortunately, his ultimate ability Blazing Meteor, holds one flaw. It does not apply to bosses which means Framton is highly suited for normal play. Don’t forget to swap him out if you’re planning to play other game modes!

Heroes that can synergize with Framton

  • Eluard – At +30 Unlocks, Eluard’s Signature Item, the Golden Visage, looks insane. It’s a straight-up 40% attack buff to the farthest forward ally, giving your team a HUGE offense advantage. 

AFK Arena Framton Guide by BlueStacks

This can be Framton who has been blessed with a Burning Vengeance ability. 

  • Skreg – You will need a damage reduction hero in your party, and Skreg is the perfect hero for this role. 

AFK Arena Framton Guide by BlueStacks

While Framton is out there dealing massive damage against enemies, Skreg will reduce the amount of damage that your team will be receiving from the enemy.

  • Morael – As long as Morael scales early in the game, she should be a good addition to your team. She mostly deals damage and some decent crowd control against enemies.

AFK Arena Framton Guide by BlueStacks

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