Are ya ready to walk the plank, matey? The newest Graveborn hero in AFK Arena is here, and his name is Hodgkin!

While his name sounds adorable (since it rhymes with pumpkin and munchkin), Hodgkin is a pretty decent and solid Graveborn hero. He is known as the Reviled Captain and is the most notorious captain in all of Esperia.

AFK Arena Hodgkin Hero Guide by BlueStacks

The last Graveborn hero we had was Desira, and we all know how her backstory went down. You can read our AFK Arena Desira guide on our previous blog posts. 

If you are building an all-Graveborn hero composition, you might want to check out our guide on the best Graveborn heroes in AFK Arena. Remember that getting a full, five-man Graveborn team or any of your chosen faction (except for the Hypogeans) will grant a bonus +25% attack, +25% HP to all units. Of course, it’s only possible to collect five Graveborns through AFK Arena’s gacha system.

Now, let us dive into Hodgkin — his appearance, lore, abilities, tips, and heroes that go well with him.


Hodgkin looks quite modern for a pirate. He wears a black pirate hat but he also has a pair of black and teal horns to stress out the fact that he is, in fact, a Graveborn. His headpiece perfectly matches his white hair and beard.

AFK Arena Hodgkin Hero Guide by BlueStacks

On top of that, Hodgkin wears almost nothing but a black kilt, a large silver belt, and a fluffy black jacket. Looking at his weapons, his left and right arms have been equipped with cannons that can blast an opponent off to the seven seas. Once you see his big, mighty cannons, you might even volunteer to walk the plank yourself.

Hodgkin is also wearing heavy chains around his body which keeps everything in his outfit intact.


Hodgkin’s official lore has been told from the eyes of another seafarer — Porter. Porter and Horwich had been at the Rustport in Esperia when they heard the arrival of the most notorious pirate in the land.

AFK Arena Hodgkin Hero Guide by BlueStacks

His ship is named “The Immortal” and has a large crew of criminals and other men who are not afraid to commit acts of evil. And when Hodgkin needed some space for his new recruits, he would slaughter his former crew just to welcome the new ones.

In fact, Hodgkin invented walking the plank as a form of execution to the poor population of Esperia.

AFK Arena Hodgkin Hero Guide by BlueStacks

His biggest secret? A huge sum of loot and treasure that only he has access to.


  • The Immortal – Hodgkin summons a ghost ship that crashes into the most concentrated area of enemies, dealing 330% AoE damage to enemies, simultaneously siphoning the souls of all enemies on the battlefield for 7 seconds.

Enemies that have their souls siphoned also have their damage and healing efficiency reduced by 25%.

AFK Arena Hodgkin Hero Guide by BlueStacks

Lvl 2: Enemies are additionally terrified for 3.5 seconds.

Lvl 3: Damage is increased to 360%.

  • Soul Devourer – Hodgkin raises both of his Soul Devourer cannons and deals 240% damage on his target, also siphoning their soul in the process.

The effect of the soul siphoning is the same as “The Immortal”.

This ability has an additional 35% Life Leech effect when damage is dealt.

Lvl 2: Damage is increased to 260%

Lvl 3: If an enemy has already had their soul siphoned, they will be additionally stunned for 3 seconds.

Level 4: Damage is increased to 280%

  • Jolly Roger – Hodgkin summons down a Jolly Roger flag that deals 230% AoE damage to nearby enemies.

Allied heroes that are within the range have their Defense and Attack Ratings increased by 20% for the following 10 seconds.

If an enemy within the range has had their soul siphoned, the flag shall be strengthened, with its duration being extended to 3 seconds.

After the flag has been strengthened, any allied heroes within range shall have their Haste additionally increased by 35 points.

Lvl 2: Damage is increased to 260%

Lvl 3: Allied heroes within the range have their Defense Ratings increased by 30% and Attack Rating increased by 30%

  • Reviler’s Defiance – Hodgkin starts blocking frontal damage and is immune to control effects for up to 3 seconds, or until the blocks an amount of damage equal to 25% of his max health.

After Hodgkin finishes blocking damage, he immediately retaliates against the attacker, dealing up to 15% of the attacker’s max health as damage.

The amount of damage dealt is determined by the duration of time Hodgkin blocks damage for, but shall not exceed 550% of Hodgkin’s own Attack Rating.

Lvl 2: Damage equal to 35% of Hodgkin’s max health can be blocked.

Lvl 3: Deals damage up to 20% of the target’s max health.

Tips for using Hodgkin

  • Hodgkin can be used as a tank especially because of his ability, Reviler’s Defiance. Put him on the frontlines and he can become a decent, tank Graveborn hero.
  • Players can use Hodgkin to counter enemies with high recovery abilities. His Soul Devourer can be very effective against these heroes because of its additional 35% Life Leech effect when damage is dealt.
  • Hodgkin is considered as an S-tier Graveborn, having almost everything in his kit — a high damage reduction, abilities that protect the team, can self-sustain, and has one of the best fears in the game. He can be used as an endgame hero too.

Heroes that can synergize with Hodgkin

  • Ferael – pair Hodgkin with another Graveborn hero, Ferael. His summoned spirits have the power to dramatically deduct the enemy’s energy points, delaying their ultimate and buying more time for your team to execute its plans. 

AFK Arena Hodgkin Hero Guide by BlueStacks

In turn, Hodgkin can just swoop in with his The Immortal and deal AoE damage to Ferael’s targeted enemies.

  • Silas – complete your Graveborn hero party with Silas, a support healer hero. 

AFK Arena Hodgkin Hero Guide by BlueStacks

Silas’s Stimulated Rage will take care of your weakest ally and restore their health while Hodgkin goes into the frontline to deal with the rest of the enemy party.

  • Desira – earlier, we mentioned Desira as the last Graveborn hero to be released before Hodgkin. If you are one of the lucky players who acquired her last time, then you can definitely include her in a party with Hodgkin in it. She can sustain your allies as well as counter the popular Ainz Ooal Gown composition. 

AFK Arena Hodgkin Hero Guide by BlueStacks

Her ultimate, Siren’s Call, heals all allies and restores their health for a value of health equal to 130% of her Attack Rating. To use this against Ainz Ooal Gown, just be sure to cast Siren’s Call before the Dimensional hero casts his ultimate.

Tips and tricks on how to get better at gacha summons

While the answer to this is totally dependent on the game’s random numbers game (RNG) and on your own luck, you can become more efficient with your summons by using BlueStacks.

BlueStacks has this feature called Multi-Instance which allows you to use multiple accounts and perform summons all at the same time with just a few clicks. This way you can speed up the rerolling process by having multiple tabs opened and controlling them under the same device. Additionally, you can use Multi-Instance Sync to replicate the rerolling mechanism.

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